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Formerly https://im-in.space/@Chip_Unicorn . A perpetual student, here to read from more knowledgeable people more than to write. Software engineer, furry. Icon created by https://mastodon.art/@rowyn

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RickiTarr, to random
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What is the thing(s) that attracts you to a person romantically or otherwise?

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A sense of humor.

jeffjarvis, to random
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Germany now calls the United States the land of forbidden books. Think about that for ten seconds, please.

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skinnylatte, to food
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LA food diary.

Some of you know I’m a big fan of LA food. I think that dollar for dollar you get a tremendous amount of cuisines, varieties of foods, in this melting pot which feels to me like it has far more immigrant and working class food than the Bay Area. Even the density and quality of ‘fancy food’ is high!

I’m keeping a record of my LA 2024 discoveries.

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@skinnylatte grins You're in my part of Los Angeles, just a few miles away. waves!

molly0xfff, (edited ) to random
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“Crypto researcher Molly White skewered [Chris Dixon’s Read Write Own] with the delight of Pete Wells after downing an Almond Joy cocktail at Guy Fieri’s Flavortown.”


https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2024-05-06/silicon-valley-crypto-investor-chris-dixon-wants-to-overhaul-the-industry (paywall)
https://archive.ph/BDP2I (archive)

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If you see @molly0xfff around, then it's already too late.

evan, (edited ) to random
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Which major change would a time traveler from 1974 notice most about cities today?

#EvanPoll #poll

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That would definitely impress someone from 1950.

But in the 1970s, microwave ovens were becoming popular. Source: https://www.whirlpool.com/blog/kitchen/history-of-microwave.html

alttexthalloffame, to accessibility
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A few extra seconds of your time it takes to add a good image description can really improve someone's day.

"To a totally blind person like me it means a lot to have a picture in my mind of your images, especially the animal pics."

"I don't know what it is, but as a blind user it's making me emotional to be able to actually interact with content."


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@alttexthalloffame @thepoliticalcat

looks left

looks right


I'm a little face blind. I appreciate knowing who is in the pictures.

SallyStrange, to scifi
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10 authors, of whose books I've read at least five:

Ursula Le Guin
Kim Stanley Robinson
Octavia Butler
N. K. Jemisin
Becky Chambers
Iain M. Banks
Martha Wells
M. R. Carey
Lois McMaster Bujold
Vonda McIntyre


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@SallyStrange @bookstodon You have EXCELLENT taste in authors!

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Here is my list of

Terry Pratchett
T. Kingfisher / Ursula Vernon
Mary E. Loud
Jane Lindskold
Paru Itagaki (Manga counts!)
Naomi Novik
Seanan McGuire / Mira Grant / A. Deborah Baker
C. L. Polk
Stanislav Lem
Ferrett Steinmetz
N. K. Jemisin
Mary Roach

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@SallyStrange @bookstodon Absolutely reasonable!

dannotdaniel, to random
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you guys will never guess what these 2 mallards just finished doing

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drcaberry, to random
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Get a well overdue update on my writing journey as we look for to hit the stores in July 2024.

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@drcaberry I didn't know about Breaking Point: Chandler's Choice until just now. Immediate purchase!

christianp, to random
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Email asking for participants in a study of disabled people.

All the information in an attached JPG flyer.

With no text alternative. 😵

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Did the flyer specify what kind of disabilities are wanted?

Chip_Unicorn, to random
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reay, to animals
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May I formally introduce the newest member of our family, Radar…

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@reay Hello, Radar!

Take very good care of Reay! Make sure that you tave Reay out for lots of walks, and lick Reay lots and lots.

Chip_Unicorn, to LosAngeles
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At , I saw something both simple and revolutionary:

A skateboarder had a thick pole with rubber on one end. He propelled himself like a gondolier.

NorcalGma2, to baking
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Summer's pal has a birthday soon.
He requested white cake with fudge frosting cupcakes. I added chocolate sprinkles to six of them because sometimes you feel like a sprinkle, and sometimes you don't.
He wants to celebrate for the rest of the month because 75 is a milestone birthday. I think cupcakes are just the beginning...
I heard him plotting with Summer to talk me into donuts next.
Oh my.

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Send Summer's pal a "happy birthday" from me!

Chip_Unicorn, to random
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Last night, I had a mildly annoying problem: a muscle started twitching automatically.

It was my left butt cheek.



Rumba, rumba, rumba, rumba.

While the rest of me tried to sleep. my left cheek was dancing and shaking.

Does anyone want a left butt cheek who wants to party? I'm willing to trade...

[FYI: I've had this before: it means that I'm not getting enough potassium in my diet. I've taken some potassium, and my butt is better. But the image of a dancing butt cheek was too funny NOT to share.]

Chip_Unicorn, to LosAngeles
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Last night, I got turned around in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

You know those scenes in movies where the director emphasizes alienness by showing an area with no English words and non-English music?

Yeah. It looked like that for a moment. But the feeling of alienness rather quickly gets spoiled when the music in alien languages is... K-pop boy bands. And, even if you can't read the signs, you can smell delicious, spicy meat being grilled and rich broths simmering in the restaurants.

In short, not alien at all.

mentallyalex, to random
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All the people who are "proving" they are tough, smart, and cooler than us will all act surprised and upset when the fascist don't care about their righteousness.

Your clever hashtags, snarky bios, and creative realities wont save you.

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@mentallyalex Yeah. Because I've read history, I know what's coming next.

Orange County, CA is filled with conservatives -- people who deeply believe in capitalism, in hard work, in family, and in God. They are deeply patriotic Americans who vote straight-ballot Republican every election.

And they would be shoved against the wall and shot by MAGA folk, because they came from Vietnam, Iran, or South America.

futurebird, to random
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Bad Credit?
No Credit?
No Problem!

Don't get cranky, call Don Hankey!

He's gone crazy and is giving out loans like there's no tomorrow!

Have people maliciously accused you of trying to steal a government?

Don't get cranky, call Don Hankey!

"Call today before I come to my senses!" -Hankey in straight jacket


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Yeah -- Crazy Eddie wasn't just crazy. He was a crook...


mcc, to random
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I have been for some time frustrated with a project which practically speaking must use .cargo/config.toml, a Rust "feature of last resort" that the Rust devs seem to almost be leaving intentionally poorly supported to disusade you from using it. Just now I found a way to solve a serious and fundamental problem .cargo/config.toml normally causes, and I'm split between feeling very satisfied and really annoyed because oh my god this solution is so ugly


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Congratulations on finding a bug in the Rust compiler!

Chip_Unicorn, to random
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For everyone who celebrates it, Happy Easter!

If you don't celebrate that, Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

If you don't celebrate that, since you're on the Fediverse... Happy World Backup Day! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Backup_Day

18+ inquiline, (edited ) to random
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Small handful of times I've had to fly have been SO awful--everything terrible abt airports/flying plus everything new--that I learned that the only way I can get thru it is to before going thru security take OTC painkiller for ensuing joint & jaw pain, plus mild sedative, chug tons of water; put on respirator. which TSA insists on x-raying sometimes so have another respirator handy in carry-on bag

There were always symptomatic people close to me, in my row or right behind

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Chip_Unicorn, to random
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An example of AI's weakness in generating news stories: https://lanewscenter.com/local-news/unidentified-man-in-coma-with-mysterious-tattoos-hospital-seeks-publics-help/

The language is flowery, poetic, and useless. Here's an example:

Physical attributes offer a tantalizing glimpse into the man’s enigmatic persona. Of Hispanic descent and approximately 39 years of age, he stands tall with a robust build, his height estimated at 5’9″ and his weight at 240 pounds. His dark hair and brown eyes add a touch of solemn intrigue to his otherwise unknown features.

I admit this is more fun to read than a list of attributes, but "his otherwise unknown features" implies that no one can know anything else about the man's features. They must be covered in smoke!

Thank goodness, you can compare the original article before AI transmogrified it. https://ktla.com/news/local-news/l-a-area-hospital-looking-for-help-to-id-unconscious-patient/

Chip_Unicorn, to random
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I am at MUD/WTR, the most California spot in all of Santa Monica. Mushroom drinks, candles, sound baths, huge artwork of a naked lady, hippies, and beanbag chairs.

They promise that mushrooms will save the world.

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