A Community Resource for Disability & Accesibility

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Supporting the #financial needs of this #disabled #bipolar man living in #poverty, is an act of compassion that will enable the procurement of sustainable nourishment, and will help to stabilize an often turbulent existence by offering a means to cover the daily costs of life, while reducing the stress load, allowing for a calmer mind, and over all healthier existence so please support now via https://www.paypal.com/donate?campaign_id=5BN5MB5BVQL22

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URGENT! please help Tasia with basic necessities like food and healthcare! she is disabled and has struggled with housing. she hasnt gotten any donations for a while and is losing hope. she needs your support. anything helps!


paypal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/ourinsatiabesouls

GFM: https://gofund.me/94da7e76

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Alright. Here's how it is. Once you appoint yourself as gatekeeper, you become part of the problem. We as people have precious few allies as it is, without actively alienating the ones we have. You can stand up and offer to help, stand up and provide constructive feedback on how to improve, stand up and show appreciation, or just sit your ungrateful self down. Just stop. Thanks @stefan for raising awareness of . https://stefanbohacek.online/@stefan/112451222240570433

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@JEkis Again, thank you so much for your words of support, it means a lot!


@stefan It occurrs to me that the #AltText hall of fame is not run by a #Blind or #VisionImpaired person because in the decades that alt text has been a thing, nobody from within this community has stopped to think that demonstrating how to do it well might be helpful for our cause. When an ally does it, we treat them like an intruder. Whatever. Enjoy your internet full of suboptimal alt text.

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I am a disabled, nonbinary, neurodivergent individual raising funds to cover bills/pet stuff/basic needs not covered by EBT while I am going through the disability application process.

$400 goal


@mutualaid @MutualAidVisibility

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-last Thurs 9:30am
-17yo boy killed at work down the road from me
-driving payloader boss said too slow
-replaced with guy told WORK FASTER then ran over boy

-me, 10y ago, 33yo
-boss repeatedly WORK FASTER
-back injury,
-33yo - ? everyday constant pain

boss says WORK FASTER you say fuck you I'm following safety protocol

abridged to finally fit 500max

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Throwing this out into the ether on the off-chance:

I have a Green Power Electric Boot Scooter BH220. I need to remove the battery. Green Power won't tell me how as they want to charge for an engineer to come out.

It has a handle and I'm meant to be able to take it inside to charge it. I was shown how to remove it when I first got it, but I can't remember. I can lift w/handle, but it feels stuck at the front end. How do I release it? #Mobility #disabled #MobilityScooter #Repair

Full image of a Green Power Electric Boot Scooter against a white background.

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URGENT! please help Tasia with basic necessities and healthcare! is disabled and has struggled with housing. she hasnt gotten any donations for a while and is losing hope. she needs your support.


paypal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/ourinsatiabesouls

GFM: https://gofund.me/94da7e76

@mutualaid @mutual_aid

#disabled #disability #mutualAid #MutualAidRequest #BlackMutualAid #DisabilityCrowdfund #crowdfund #Fundraiser #autism #actuallyAutistic #neuroDivergent #queer #LGBTQIA

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@smote @mutualaid @mutual_aid wish could sadly we've bills fm hubs cancer I'll boost

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@AutisticMumTo3 @Lazarou I’m incredibly lucky that I have two friends that work for Citizens Advice. Last time I went for a review could tell that the interviewer was rubbing his hands together to cut my benefits.
Then my friend opened her backpack and got out all the rule books for them. Never seen someone’s face drop so quickly.

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UK Government Open Consultation
“Modernising support for independent living: the health & disability green paper”

Article with links

The government has published a series of documents including a Green paper & evidence pack

@disability @disabilityjustice
@chronicillness @spoonies


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There is consultation questionnaire about whether assessment for PIP should be based more on a diagnosed condition or on its functional impact; about the need for assessment and review for awarding PIP, and how to assess fluctuating conditions.

@disability @disabilityjustice @chronicillness @spoonies

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Sure would be nice if people had the compassion to actually step up and help this man living in to raise the money he desperately needs, so that I can buy to eat, a new bed to sleep on, personal hygiene products to clean myself, cleaning supplies to clean my tiny home, but no people rather sit back and watch people like me suffer and struggle and go without the basic necessities in life. https://www.paypal.com/donate?campaign_id=5BN5MB5BVQL22

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I would love some fresh fruits and veggies, you can help this man living in today to obtain them by sharing your love via https://www.paypal.com/donate?campaign_id=5BN5MB5BVQL22

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People this man living in desperately needs your support this I am desperately needing financial support, from , to personal hygiene to cleaning supplies for my tiny home, to a few bills and maybe a new bed to sleep in, it would really help my and calm my rapid cycling if I can raise the money I need to live, your support will truly be a blessing for my , so please help me today via https://www.paypal.com/donate?campaign_id=5BN5MB5BVQL22

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When Driving Is Not An Option. Steering Away From Car Dependency by @Nondriver Anna Zivarts talks with @activetowns

Anna Zivarts is a non-driver, creative activist, brilliant thinker. Great discussion!

At least 30% of us. People too young, too old, , or too poor to drive

Make that's frequent, reliable, and safe to & to.



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I'm a no-filter person.

If I post something offensive, let me know. But don't be mean, I'm broken.

I'm isolated. Was isolated for the first 17 years of my life.
Also the last 7 years.

I don't watch American TV.

I learn by listening to my own words. And books.

The brain cannot form alone. It needs input and output.

I apologise for the inconvenience.

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How can I get people to consider me as a ? What can I do?

People will live with strangers who advertise on Gumtree but I’m too…? I not going to kill your pets or steal anything.

Is there anywhere for / to advertise?



@disability @disabilityjustice @chronicillness

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@monnie @mutualaid @chronicillness @disability @disabilityjustice @socialwork @neisvoid

Yeah they do and yes it is. They all seem to be, that’s why I don’t know how to go about this.

Was the place ok though? Those sites tend to not care who you are. It’s just a place to advertise and it’s up to you to figure out of their psychopaths. Usually too late.

I’m posting what I can offer on social media and am asking around but nothing really seems safe.


@halcionandon @mutualaid @chronicillness @disability @disabilityjustice @socialwork @neisvoid He took the first offer he got that fit his criteria since he couldn't afford much. It was smaller than he expected and is shared with a family. They're not the nicest people ever but they havennt done anything too egregious. I think he mostly got lucky on it though since he said other people he talked to out of his price range were pretty crappy

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How can I get people to consider me as a ? What can I do?

People will live with strangers who advertise on Gumtree but I’m too…? I not going to kill your pets or steal anything.



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contender brags about shooting her 14-mnth-old puppy 2 death: “I hated that dog...It had 2 b done”

Replace "her 14-mnth-old puppy" w/ " person" & you get:

Trump VP contender Kristi Noem brags about shooting disabled person 2 death: “I hated that disabled person...It had 2 b done”

Or w/ " man":

Trump VP contender Kristi Noem brags about shooting Black man 2 death: “I hated that Black man...It had 2 b done”

And she might be VP!? 🤬

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