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'Full accountability': Colorado Republican apologizes after leaving loaded gun in restroom

#accountability #colorado


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Oh hell yeah.

Via Kyle Griffin:

A proposed amendment that would formally enshrine access to in 's constitution is all but certain to appear on the November ballot after a coalition of reproductive rights advocates said they have collected the required number of signatures.

In fact, the groups collected 100,000 more signatures than necessary.


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I never had a chance to sign on but this one should pass with no problem.

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STAT+: Colorado lawmakers revise effort to exempt rare disease drugs from state cost caps


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Apple will allow reuse of iPhone parts for repairs, with a notable catch


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Colorado state Rep. Don Wilson (R) “left a loaded, semiautomatic handgun in a bathroom at the Colorado Capitol on Tuesday night, an incident that comes as Democrats are trying to ban firearm possession in the building — and the GOP is fighting them,” the Colorado Sun reports.

“The Colorado State Patrol said the gun, a 9mm Glock, was left on a shelf inside a single occupancy, unisex restroom.”

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"House Republicans are trying to impeach me for saying the undeniable truth. Trump is an oath-breaking insurrectionist. He is a danger to our country and our democracy."

"They allege that I have an opinion and that that opinion should not be heard, and to that I say, you will not silence me. I will not be stopped by this proceeding from doing my job and protecting our constitution and our democracy." Secretary of State Jena Griswold.

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Devils' Jack Hughes Is Latest Sports Star to Visit Renowned Surgeon


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👏🏻Via Kyle Griffin:

#Colorado Democrats have defeated a Republican-backed effort to impeach Secretary of State Jena Griswold for her support of the effort to remove #Trump from the 2024 ballot.

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As the morning light began to clear the ridge above the Florida River valley in late October, it illuminated the tops of these gorgeous cottonwood trees. This is among my favorite images from the 2023 autumn season.

#photo #photography #landscape #nature #autumn #colorado #nikon #outdoors

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'It's definitely gonna cost you in the long run': Mechanics reveal the most common maintenance mistakes car owners make


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Colorado's MAGA GOP chair gloats over kicking 'fake journalist' out of event


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Did you use a colander to see or take pics of the eclipse? I know we laugh at it, but I seriously enjoy seeing others’ colander pics. In such a divided time, at least we all have colanders in common! Anyone remember Hands Across America? This is like that, but with colanders 🤣 Please post your pics and use the hashtag (and maybe ?). Here’s mine, from :

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Front Range Passenger - Greater Denver Transit

How often should trains run, six a day, or more? Survey linked.

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Hey uh something is up with the sun

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As seen by our solar panels:

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@katie being a cutie and practicing safe eclipse viewing (while out gardening!)

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The full day’s solar generation. We hit the usual peak of 6 kW around 11 AM until 11:55 AM, and then it dropped to 2.3 kW by 12:50 PM. By 1:55 PM it was back up to 6 kW. Around 2:30 PM it started the usual drop to 0 kW by 7:25 PM.

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