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Rockcliff is so fucked. He can't deal with the Greens and Lambie hates his guts. He's toast. Probably Abetz will take over and swing the party harder to the right, thus dooming any future electoral success.

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It is almost as if the is telling us a morbid joke: we will kill you if you resist and kill you if you hide, and if you refuse, and if you concede, and we will devour your land and gulp your oceans and kill you with hunger and thirst.
The massacres will be televised, broadcast in broad daylight. Our judges will legalize them.

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38 years I've been today on this floating rock circulating the and still hasn't rid the of fascism... fucking disgrace!

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i know "every deserves compassion and regardless of their circumstances prior to becoming homeless" etc. etc. but it really is crazy hearing from who were like, or otherwise people who had One (1) misfortune happen that caused them to become homeless. like that "you are one away from " thing is terrifyingly

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Tasmania Embraces Chaos: 2024 Election Tallyboard And Summary

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Well this is going to be fun. Rockliff is claiming victory despite not have a majority, and neither Labor or the Libs could agree to a coalition with the Greens. I predict the first Liberal/Labor coalition government in Australia. They are so close to each other in policy that it is the only thing that either of them can do to get power.

And how the hell did Abetz get in? What the actual fuck.

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Has anyone informed the Liberal Party that they are the complete antithesis of the word liberal

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So you force to give up their nukes, you don't follow up with your "security assurances" when first attacked. It's 2 years after the full scale invasion, and the aid for Ukraine is paused, and now you have the audacity to tell Ukraine to not attack russian refineries because "think of the oil 🥺"


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The fascist mentality is a mentality of the subjugated "little man" who craves authority and rebels against it at the same time.

— Wilhelm Reich

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