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Morning all. It’s Saturday. Hope your weekend is as sharp as a razorbill. xx

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'Boiling not warming': Marine life suffers as Thai temperatures hit record
The once vibrant and colourful , about five metres (16 feet) underwater, have turned white in a phenomenon known as , a sign that their health was deteriorating, due to higher water temperatures, scientists say.

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I send thanks to the buyer from South Carolina who purchased a greeting card of

Tea by the Sea -- https://2-steve-henderson.pixels.com/featured/tea-by-the-sea-steve-henderson.html?product=greeting-card

May the artwork bring to both you and the person to whom you send the card a moment of calmness and peace, a celebration of tranquility that we enjoy when we take time out to enjoy the many treasures in our lives.

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Here's one from the archives for . It was taken in lovely, grainy Ektachrome, in Matala, on Crete, in May 1974, which makes it exactly 50 years old.
It was a blowy morning, and the sand was being whipped into a bit of a haze. The fishermen had finished their day's business and hauled their boat up onto the beach. I still wonder what the chap with the walking stick was looking for in his bag though...

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En Méditerranée, l’amélioration du traitement des eaux usées semble profiter aux posidonies

Chargée du suivi annuel des herbiers de posidonies en Méditerranée française, Andromède Océanologie a constaté des reprises de croissance dans certaines zones d’Occitanie, probablement en lien avec les progrès dans le traitement des eaux usées en France. Une bonne nouvelle pour cet écosystème soumis à de nombreuses pressions.


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View toward Morro Rock.

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LisaSBaker, to art
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Path to nowhere.

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Scotland’s vulnerable marine life not properly protected, campaigners warn


They cite the government’s own seabed surveys and expert evidence about the damage from trawlers such as scallop dredgers fishing inside marine protection areas (MPAs) that Scotland designated in 2014.

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An Andaman Sweetlips cruising a reef at the Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea. Your #sealife #photooftheday

#fish #Sunday #SundayFunday
📸 @sonyalpha
🐠 @nauticamhousings
🔦 @inon_japan #sea #ocean #marinelife #animals #nature #wild #wildlife #outdoors #explore #environment #earth #water #underwater #scuba #climatechange #reef #photo #photography #pictureoftheday #picture #Indianocean #AndamanSea #thailand

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n°138 : Le Krysuvikur-Maelifell (228 m alt), au sud du système volcanique de Krysuvik, le 1er mai 2023. Randonnée accessible via la piste 427.

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Watch the world's first artificial energy island being built
will be an electricity grid at connecting to mainland and also serve as a hub for future interconnectors with and . Belgian transmission system operator is project’s developer. Princess Elisabeth Island is part Zone, a future 3.5GW offshore in the , around 45 km (28mi) off the Belgian coast

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🛶 Artist: / # in City: Irchelpark, Campus Switzerland 🇨🇭05/2024 - Title: "Helle Träume" ("Bright dreams") -

gyokusai, to spain
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Faro de la Mola — Formentera, Spain. September 2016, iPhone 5s.

#vintagestyle #formentera #spain #sea #coast #lighthouse

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