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🇮🇪 Ireland is a stable and prosperous independent country. It has used the powers of independence to build a strong and diverse economy.

🔎 Independence Lessons: How Ireland built a strong economy:



I want to know why parts of Svalbard are coloured in too. Has Eire quietly annexed a bit of Norway and not told anyone? (-:

@Archie8 @TerribleMaps

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Man dies after falling from 600m-high 'Mission Impossible cliff' in Norway

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"Norway’s chief of defense Eirik Kristoffersen has warned that faces a narrow window of just two to three years to reinforce its military readiness before rebuilds the capability to carry out conventional attacks....potentially allowing to reconstitute its forces for warfare against the North Atlantic alliance sooner than some Western officials have estimated

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#Norway’s chief of defense said the #NATO alliance has a window of two to three years to prepare before #Russia has rebuilt the ability to carry out a conventional attack.

“At one point someone said it’ll take 10 years but I think we’re back to less than 10 years because of the industrial base that is now running in Russia,” General Eirik #Kristoffersen, 55, said in an interview


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The green party wants ( ) temporarily banned in over their plan to use private photos to train their machine learning algorithms. 👏

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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
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"Together with the Prime Minister of Norway, Jonas Har Stere, we signed the Agreement on cooperation in the field of security and long-term support - already the 15th for our country.

This year, Norway will provide almost 1.2 billion euros in military aid to Ukraine.

Thank you to Norway for supporting Ukraine in our struggle for freedom and a just peace."


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Norway's court rules against Indigenous control over northern territory

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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
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Ireland, Norway and Spain recognise Palestine as a state--A cynical gesture to conceal support for genocide

#norway #politics

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"Three More Nations Roll Out the Red Carpet to Hamas | Opinion"

"Welcome to the State of Denial. You've arrived in an alternative reality where terrorists have become heroes valiantly battling oppressors, genocidal slogans are triumphant calls for freedom, and the natural response to a terror group that slaughtered 1,200 people and took another 250 hostages is to offer them a state."

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Spain, Norway and Ireland recognise Palestinian state

#european #norway

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Spain, Ireland And Norway Formally Recognize A Palestinian State. Here's Why It Matters.

#norway #state

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I hope they’re filming a Norwegian version of Hunted. 🤞

A video of a camera crew filming what look like security guards

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We had a lovely weekend break to Oslo. Kayaking, walking, and enjoying the city. It’s so easy to get out into nature there. (Made a complete fuss of getting into the cold water but was totally worth it)
#Oslo #Norway #travel

Joint selfie after taking a dip in a cold river
Reflections of trees on the lake surface

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Today we did a 20 mile ride out to a beach on Oslofjord.

I really need to stop and take more photos as it's hard to put into words how much more pleasant biking is in Norway than the US.

The bike infrastructure is better than Seattle but most importantly the car drivers are far more aware of bikes and I almost never feel like I'm in a dangerous situation.

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Norway hands over papers for diplomatic recognition to the Palestinian prime minister


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💖 La Norvège 🇳🇴, l'Irlande🇮🇪 et l'Espagne 🇪🇸 reconnaissent la Palestine 🇵🇸 comme étant un État.

"Les trois pays ont annoncé ce mercredi leur reconnaissance d’un Etat palestinien."

Et quoi, la Belgique?

#Norway #Ireland #Spain #Palestine

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