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Safety Engineer, Dad, Husband, Musician, Pilot. Not necessarily in that order.

Moderator of the German-language flying community on lemmy: !flying

I toot and boost whatever tickles my fancy, mostly about flying and aviation and music.

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chrismarquardt, to random
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Wo bin ich?

Auflösung: Alte Keksfabrik Hannover, Podbielskistraße.

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Uh, Bahlsen Headquarters.

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@AdeptVeritatis @stodarahodan @chrismarquardt Aber "Leibniz-Keks" im Toreingang? Das musste Hannover sein.

Volksverpetzer, to random German
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Aus Vovchansk erreichen uns Berichte über weitere russische Kriegsverbrechen und Tote. So sieht es aus, wenn Putin bekommt, was er will. Ist das der „Frieden“ den AfD, BSW & Co. wollen? https://www.volksverpetzer.de/aktuelles/vovchansk-der-frieden-den-afd-wagenknecht-wollen/?utm_source=mstdn

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Wie immer danke für eure klaren und mit Fakten hinterlegten Artikel!

Nur die Frage, warum ihr vorrangig die englischen Transkriptionen der Städtenamen verwendet, und nur in Klammern die deutschen? Beide bleiben unvollständige Übertragungen der ukrainischen Namen, also warum nicht vorrangig die übliche deutsche Variante?

thelinuxEXP, to linux
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I'm doing another one of my little surveys, this time to see which parts of using on the desktop are the most problematic, and the various issues people are having.

I'll make a video on these results next week, and depending on the answers, maybe I'll make more videos on specific issues, either to explain these topics, or to see how we could improve.

So, here is the form, feel free to fill it out and share it around, so we have as many answers as possible!


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@thelinuxEXP I wonder how many non-Linux nerds would know what to make of "tiling WM"? How does adding "/ tiling WM" in any way improve the understandability of "Desktop"?

There are several other cases of jargon use that make me think this was done with quite a narrow nerd's-eye-view.

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@thelinuxEXP I could understand "window manager", but what makes specifically a tiling WM so special?

eigengott, to random German
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Reminder: die Naturgesetze gelten, auch wenn man sie nicht kennt oder ihre Folgen ablehnt.

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Gebot: du sollst nicht

Gesetz: du darfst nicht

Naturgesetz: du kannst nicht.

Hypx, to Hydrogen
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Hydrogen-powered aircraft in development by Australian company AMSL Aero aims for net zero aviation


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@Hypx Another announcement of a project for investors into funding some more . Wonderful.
And I say that as a big fan of both renewable energy and aviation. But this won't work on so many levels.
"Traditional" aren't great, either, but still vastly more practical, and, at least mid-term, a lot greener than typical hydrogen, and compared to actual "green" hydrogen, dirt cheap.

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@Hypx You are telling me this is a practical aircraft that can reliably carry goods or passengers 1000 km and be turned around (i. e. refueled with hydrogen) quickly? What is flying (perhaps, see below) is a technology demonstrator.

This is like saying the Boom supersonic airliner is already flying, when in reality only a tiny technology demonstrator has been flown. Once, at low speeds and with the gear down. The Boom Overture supersonic airliner is, and remains, vaporware. It is telling that most pictures of the AMSL Aero are CGI, and I cannot find any video of a flight.

EDIT: the only picture showing "flight testing" is a still image showing a tethered hover. I'm not impressed.

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@Hypx I'm not saying it's impossible. But hydrogen will remain highly impractical and very expensive for a long time. Maybe forever. Sure, demonstrators will work to lure in investors. But that's where it will end.

jensclasen, to random German
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The German prefix "ur-" is a time machine. Unfortunately, it only has one setting: to WAY back. A few examples:

alt = old
uralt = very old, ancient

Wald = forest
Urwald = primeval forest, jungle

Zustand = condition
Urzustand = original condition

Großmutter = grandmother
Urgroßmutter = great-grandmother
(here, each added "ur-" will make you jump back one more generation)

Funny: "Uhr" means "clock", so the "Ur-Uhr" would be the first clock ever - if someone finds it.

Enjoy ur-language!

@hopfgeist@digitalcourage.social avatar

@jensclasen Also "Urkunde", with "Kunde", while also meaning "customer", is an archaic word for tale, or a piece of news, means an original or official document, or a certificate, the forging of which is a crime ("Urkundenfälschung").

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@b_age @jensclasen In some cases that's used in Germany, e. g. "urkomisch".

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@b_age @jensclasen Was anderes als urkomisch fällt mir gerade gar nicht ein, aber das würde ich auch hier in Westfalen für relativ normal halten, wenn auch vielleicht etwas altmodisch.

infobeautiful, to random
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@infobeautiful Which just proves my point that it's a bad idea to let people choose their own PIN. Getting assigned a number randomly is a bit safer. (Although Chip+4-digit-PIN isn't great in the first place: https://murdoch.is/papers/oakland10chipbroken.pdf).

jensclasen, to random German
@jensclasen@mastodon.social avatar

Some German nouns are used completely out of context:

Bock = goat
Ich habe keinen Bock (I have no goat) = I don't want to

Wurst = sausage
Das ist mir Wurst (That's sausage to me) = I don't care

Besen = broom
Ich fress einen Besen (I eat a broom) = I don't believe this

Keks = cookie
Du gehst mir auf den Keks (You go on my cookie) = You're annoying me

Bahnhof = train station
Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof (I understand only train station) = I don't understand anything


Enjoy our language!

@hopfgeist@digitalcourage.social avatar

@jensclasen To translate "Bock" as "goat" seems a rather narrow special case. It is more appropriately translated as buck (which is specifically a male goat, or the male in any of several other species). Goat in general is "Ziege".

I mostly enjoy these language special uses, but would enjoy them more if they were more accurate.

ned, to random

"What is happening at Boeing is happening in every industry. A general trend toward financialisation & hedge fund culture that sees only numbers, not peoples lives or wellbeing. It's just that aviation has a way of making the corruption impossible to hide. It's the dead canary." - Ben King

@hopfgeist@digitalcourage.social avatar

@woo @ned Aviation regulation has largely been able to escape enshitification. Oversight works astonishingly well. Some high-profile accidents notwithstanding, commercial aviation is still mindbogglingly safe, because by and large, shortcust aren't tolerated. The way accident investigations and many airlines work, you can make it know when you made a mistake (via ombudspersons if necessary) so everyone can lern. Blaming the individual does happen, and people need to take responsibility for their actions and cannot be reckless, but the industry as a whole has learned that a no-blame Just Culture is the safer (and, ultimately, also more profitable) way to do things.

"If you think safety is expensive, wait till you have an accident."

echo_pbreyer, to random German
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Urteil: EU-Verordnung zur Fingerabdruckpflicht in Personalausweisen ist mit Wirkung ab 2027 ungültig! Ein Etappensieg - danke @digitalcourage !

Auch wenn der Gerichtshof die Abnahme der Fingerabdrücke der gesamten Bevölkerung leider nicht in der Sache beanstandete, hat der Fingerabdruckzwang nur bei Einstimmigkeit und Einigkeit aller EU-Regierungen eine Zukunft.

Ich appelliere an die Ampelparteien, diese Überwachungsaltlast der GroKo auslaufen zu lassen! Der gesamten Bevölkerung wie sonst nur Tatverdächtigen zwangsweise die Fingerabdrücke abzunehmen, ist durch allenfalls minimale Sicherheitsgewinne nicht zu rechtfertigen und erinnert an dunkle Zeiten unserer Geschichte. In Großbritannien gibt es bis heute überhaupt keine Personalausweise, zumal längst nicht jeder ins Ausland verreist.

Pressemitteilung des Gerichtshofs: https://curia.europa.eu/jcms/upload/docs/application/pdf/2024-03/cp240050de.pdf

@hopfgeist@digitalcourage.social avatar

@echo_pbreyer @digitalcourage Das ist aber leider sehr schönfärberisch dargestellt. Wenn ich das richtig verstehe, bleibt die Verordnung bis Ende 2026 in Kraft. Und wenn sich alle EU-Mitgliedsstaaten bis Ende 2026 einigen, wird es eine Folgeverordnung geben.

Das als Sieg hinzustellen ist schon gewagt. Der EuGH hat eigentlich nur Verfahrensfehler gerügt, findet Fingerabdrücke im Personalausweis aber grundsätzlich wichtig und richtig:
Schon die Überschrift des verlinkten Artikels lautet: "Die Verpflichtung zur Aufnahme von zwei Fingerabdrücken im
Personalausweis ist mit den Grundrechten auf Achtung des Privatlebens
und auf Schutz personenbezogener Daten vereinbar". ☹️

chrismarquardt, to random
@chrismarquardt@chaos.social avatar

Hear me out.. Rotorblätter von Windkraftanlagen sind doch eigentlich auch nur Flugzeugtragflächen. Könnte man die da nicht einfach außen anbringen?!

@hopfgeist@digitalcourage.social avatar

@vampirdaddy @chrismarquardt Außerdem ist das Profil auch für einen An-/Auftriebsrotor genau falsch herum. Turbinen sind keine Propeller. (Es gibt Elektroflugzeuge mit Energierückgewinnung, die opfern einen kleinen Teil der Propeller-Effizienz, damit die Turbinen-Effizienz nicht so abgrundtief schlecht ist, für ein Gesamt-Optimum im Platztrunden-Trainings-Betrieb.)

@hopfgeist@digitalcourage.social avatar

@vampirdaddy @chrismarquardt Der Rotor beim Tragschrauber ist beides: innen Turbine und außen Tragfläche. Die einfachsten Designs haben fast symmetrische Profile, das macht es einfacher, und ist oft "gut genug". Gyrocopter sind ja keine Hochleistungsfluggeräte

Kermit Weeks erklärt das ganz gut, bzw. lässt es sich erklären:

Volksverpetzer, to random German
@Volksverpetzer@digitalcourage.social avatar

Zweiter Verhandlungstag in vor dem . gegen den und der Frage, ob die AfD als Gesamtpartei ein rechtsextremer Verdachtsfall ist. Heute könnte es die Entscheidung geben. Wir sind wieder dabei mit einem Thread. 👇

@hopfgeist@digitalcourage.social avatar

@Volksverpetzer Ich hab in einem Radiokommentar heute morgen gehört, selbst die Anwälte der AfD hätten gesagt, dass sie für ihre Anträge nochmal mindestens 25 Stunden bräuchten. Aber "das hat nichts mit Prozessverschleppung zu tun!"

Volksverpetzer, to random German
@Volksverpetzer@digitalcourage.social avatar

In einer AfD-Gruppe wird ein Beitrag vom Postillon geteilt über die fiktive Verschwörungserzählung von Chemtrails. Sie hoffen, dass die AfD an die Macht kommt, damit ein fiktiver Pilot einen fiktiven Job zurückbekommt. AfD-Fans glauben einfach alles und sei es noch so absurd. https://www.volksverpetzer.de/aktuelles/afd-feiern-chemtrail-postillon/?utm_source=mstdn

@hopfgeist@digitalcourage.social avatar

@Volksverpetzer Was nicht ganz stimmt, ist, dass moderne Triebwerke "mehr Wasserdampf ausstoßen". Wasser ist ein normales Verbrennungsprodukt von Kohlenwasserstoffen, und moderne Triebwerke verbrauchen weniger, und machen damit auch weniger Wasserdampf.

touaregtweet, to random
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And still the list is not complete.
(But it would be nice if the media played this clip every day)


@hopfgeist@digitalcourage.social avatar

@JonChevreau @touaregtweet I have seen interviews with MAGA-Republicans saying they would vote for him even if he had murdered someone, because "Trump is the only one who loves this country." 😮 🤮

drahardja, to technology
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published an AWESOME video about the very unlikely invention of the blue LED. It’s an incredible story and you really should view it. It also contains the best visualization of semiconductors I’ve ever seen.

I witnessed the drama of the blue LED live in the 1990s. I watched tech magazines show dim blue prototypes for years until Nichia suddenly burst on the scenes with a bright blue LED and it changed the world. I watched as they created their first white LEDs ($1 apiece) which I gawked at in person. I was at Honeywell when they finally made white LEDs in surface-mount format (still $1 apiece). We used 50 of them as the backlight in the aviation GPS navigator I worked on (at $50 the backlight was one of the most expensive components in the whole system). They were so hot (100 mW each for a total of 5 W) we used them as heaters when the unit was below operating temperatures.

When I read about how Nakamura got screwed by Nichia, I was livid.


@hopfgeist@digitalcourage.social avatar

@drahardja I think we have one of those in our C172. Are there still database updates for it?

gfkdsgn, to Aviation German
@gfkdsgn@burma.social avatar

While he started three years prior, Otto Lilienthal took the invented glider on his first successful flight in 1894. It wasn't much more than 7 Seconds, but his achievement changed the world of aviation forever. Even the Wright brothers been well aware of the "flying man" from Berlin, but the TNYT missed to mention the pioneers like Lilienthal and Gustav Whitehead, five years after the very first motor flight, in their front page report about the Wright apparatus 1906.

However, in 2024 we can celebrate the 130th anniversary of this historic event and share our portrait with you.

"FIRST IN FLIGHT" doc film

@art work Made with @inkscape , not or

@hopfgeist@digitalcourage.social avatar

@gfkdsgn @art @inkscape Neglecting is unforgivable, but (or Weißkopf) has only extremely weak to nonexistent evidence to back up any claims of prior flights. Somewhat better than Karl Jatho, whose machines didn't have the slightest chance of flying, Whitehead's apparatus was reasonably designed, but all flying replicas had had substantial changes made to them to bring them into the air. Among other things, at the beginning of the 20th century, only the Wrights had efficient propellers, which were absolutely necessary to achieve enough thrust with the weak and heavy engines of the time. It is doubtful that Whitehead made contributions of any consequence to the development of powered flight.

clive, to random
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The "world's ugliest airplane" ...

... is the AirTruk

Designed in New Zealand for cropdusting, its ungainly appearance is due to the interesting specs the designer was handed

Trivia: It appeared in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Item #4 in my latest Linkfest newsletter, free to read here and subscribe or hey even support if you can: https://buttondown.email/clivethompson/archive/linkfest-17-medieval-fighting-snails-loud/

@hopfgeist@digitalcourage.social avatar

@bgrinter @clive I'm surprised any of these are still flying. It certainly rivals the Belphegor for ugliest plane ever built. But, unlike the Polish abomination from Soviet times, the design premises for the Airtruk were sound.

stfn, to Aviation
@stfn@fosstodon.org avatar

Morning rush hour over the Atlantic. Most aircraft are flying on "tracks", a set of routes defined daily to safely separate traffic in areas where there is no radar coverage.

@hopfgeist@digitalcourage.social avatar

@stfn Specifically, these are the "North Atlantic Tracks". There are also "Pacific Tracks".

An important factor in the daily redefinition is for eastbound flights to take advantage of jet streams, and for westbound flights to more easily avoid them. The eastbound tracks are therefore sometimes quite a bit south of the geometrically shortest great-circle routes.

If the intent was only separation, this wouldn't be necessary.

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