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frescosecco, to random avatar

Wait, did you say there's a 1200-page book about keyboards?


@frescosecco I was in Korea and spent all week waiting to leave my wedding troupe to sneak a look at a Korean typewriter.

I got lost on the metro and the museum wouldnt let me in despite pleading.

The staff were probably a little confused to find a westerner crying at not being able to glance at such a device.


oldladyplays, to random avatar

I was scheduled to give a talk on Nazi history, but thanks to a typo from someone who was getting the program info over the phone, I'm now going to be talking about a dog.

Yes, that's right, the Beer-Hall Pooch.

liaizon, (edited ) to random avatar

Meta/Threads/Facebook/Instagram has made their own symbol for the fediverse, so we better have a good argument for why this is not representative of us because we are quickly gonna see a lot of this icon...


@liaizon It mercantilist dribble, with two guards protecting a walled enclosure.

indieterminacy, to random
strypey, to fediverse avatar

Imagine the had a hashtag dictionary, based on the existing folksonomy, that app makers could easily implement. One that did things like merge legalisation and legalization into one tagspace, searching on either as a tag gives you results from both. Or respected capitalisation, so apps didn't into .


@strypey Ah shit, what you need is a prefix with folksonomic properties.

This is infact what my annotations are supposed to provide.

That way you have both the prefix and the tag with their own behaviours of semantic divergence. Increasing the layers adds one type of complexity but ameliorates another kind.

indieterminacy, (edited )

@strypey Heres how I approached the problem domain of folksonomies 15 years ago, it should give you some ideas.

indieterminacy, to random

For any in doubt about the paramount importance of secure communications,
here is an example of how MI5 was used to glean encapsulated financial records of UK unions,
which had significant effects during a pivital phase in UK politics:

Its worth pointing out that during this period of time Thatcher was buying masses of coal from Soviet states to undermine the local strikers.
Politics, eh?

indieterminacy, to random

Interesting lecture covering the historu of satirical cartoons:

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EU Parliament: Members and staff in the subcommittee on security and defense had their phones hit with intrusive surveillance software tools

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Who spends £3bn to maintain a NUCLEAR weapon that has a dysfunctional guidance system? Yep, you've guessed it - the Westminster government. With an
accuracy of ±3000 miles, they have no idea where it will come down.
A remnant of England's post imperial sense that they are a global player.


@Hadenuff Tories are so used to shooting themselves in the foot that its no wonder that direction and accuracy are not high priorities to them.

Dysfunctional governance is the type of deterrence that makes people and investment stay away from the UK.

Glencoe, to random avatar

Can we gather up everyone who wants wars, stick them all on a remote island, armed to the teeth, and just let them get on with it.


@Glencoe Is it wrong that this song came to mind? :/

tallship, to random wrote the following post Sun, 21 Jan 2024 04:51:16 +0000

Hey there friends :)

Um... if you take this Pepsie challenge, I promise I will never give you a Harrier JumpJet no matter how many Pepsi points you think you've earned. And I'm really only looking for a couple (two) names, Any other backstories are a total bonus.

If you're wondering, well... I'm wondering just how much we lose in the generational abstractions that occlude truths as facts or popular fictions as the years pass.

For example, I really have no grasp of why boys the age of my grandpa wanted to fuck Gracie Allen so badly - I did see a lot of George Burns' later movies, and I got to thinkin' many years ago when my dad sat me down and made me both listen and contemplate the song, "I Wish I was 18 again" by her widower.

Don't be obtuse! Of course I dismissed it, but even then as an 18 or so year old boi, I realized that at some point in my life I would realize that what my father was subjecting me to was so fucking significant (and fleeting), that I would eventually come to understand what he was conveying to me.

And now we have a clueless population of snot-nosed children yet again, for the innumerable time since time began, that is incapable of comprehending a simple paradigm - NO asshole - Not of Burns and Allen. Geez! But if you need to start there then okay, please do that.

It's like one of those little maze puzzles you penciled in the escape route for when your parents took you to one of those stupid restaraunts that had the foresight to keep the kids quiet by occupying their interests while their dinners were cooking. The alternative was others enduring the wailing lamentations of snot nosed brats who wouldn't wait patiently on their favorite dish to be plated and delivered to their table.

Well, whatev. Most folks are cowards, and your likely amongst them - but if your'e not, please feel free to accept this challenge to give me just two names - unrelated personnas that have left indellible marks upon the subtext of everyday everythings that you may not even know you invoke and stand upon the shoulders of each and everyday.

The hints are there, you can be distracted, sidelined, and offer up something other than what I'm actually looking for and even that would be most excellent!!! I'm merely hoping to help you excercise your mind, recollections, and ability to research things that are buried deep within the Dark Abcesses of your Mind.

Wanna play? I'll continue to engage you if you like, if you miss the mark, or even better, bring out aspects that I've not thought of myself as to how these things became and remain so significant to me even to this very day.

"Jim, your mission, if you choose to accept this, is..." Don't let that fucking tape self-destruct in five seconds!

Regardless, peace be with you all my friends.

#tallship #humanity #social_science #literature #history #aspirations #disappointment #levity




Does this work?:
> Derek Bailey and John Cage allowed me to do informatics without the paradigms that IT and social systems foster on our respective communities.
> I infact got to meet Derek as a young student, shortly before he died.
> He was forgiving of a naive youth asking him why there had been so much attention to him in the preceding months.

thisismissem, (edited ) to trustandsafety avatar

What should we call a group of fediverse servers working together in moderation & community practices?

I've been using Bloc in quotes, because I'm not sure if that's the right or most correct word for it.


@thisismissem I always liked the word coterie but the German word has negative connotations.

Brave enough to use Parliament? :)

JamesBaker, to random avatar

I’m glad the Post Office scandal is getting attention but society seems broken it requires a docudrama about an issue before any action is taken.


Remember this?:
> ... "Death on the Rock" as part of a decade of "unprecedented conflict between government and broadcasters over ... investigative documentaries".[93] Margaret Thatcher "utterly rejected" the findings of the Windlesham–Rampton report. After the reforms brought in by the Broadcasting Act 1990, the process of bidding for ITV franchises was overhauled in an attempt to introduce greater competition. In the subsequent auction, Thames Television lost its contract;

mro, to random German avatar

@mro @fosdem @NGIZero @nlnetlabs Oh, you like Zettelkastens, cool!

I can send you some info on my knowledge-management talks in my matrix room, xq_icebreaker if such topics interest you.

XavCC, to random avatar

Upcoming edition Offdem O₄ with CfP here (Call for Presence)

What are we concerned with?
Demilitarisation: a free/libre concern?


Local Organization

Don’t look up! What is here and around directly contributing and benefiting to the military industry?

Look around, what are the points of weakness

Safer places, where and how do we take care of each others around frontlines

Protecting life essentials: water and air

Collective Data Sovereignty

Removing functionality: serene minimalism to save energy

Joining forces to compose programs that work well together

How do we bring together useful information and data

Interoperability & Power Relations

Right to connect: surviving internet shutdowns

Public interoperability poisons and remedies

Internet from the military to a public digital infrastructure, what public agency?

Where? An undocumented citizen occupation in Brussels

When? First weekend of February

Some fedifolks / fedizens I'd really like to see there
@calafou @alper @openrightsgroup @rrrrroseazerty @ddosecrets @theluddite @tmpout @superrr



I tried emailing my reaffirmation to volunteer DJing but I got a bounceback.

Im happy to help as neeeded.


@XavCC I emailed

> Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 530 Authentication required


@XavCC I received this:
> We're sorry, but your email message to [""] (titled Volunteering for DJing) didn't work.
> Your account does not have the privileges to post new topics in that category. If you believe this is an error, contact a staff member.

I should point out my domain I am emailing from is - you like libre shurely? :S

... Ill repost it on the forum.


@natacha @XavCC Id like to propose something but Im already committed to doing a talk at a minor coding meetup at the ULB during the same weekend.

In any case, I will definitely be be at OFFDEM in any case.

TBH, Im particularly worried by triggers given the consequence of extensive gaslighting prior to Feb 2023 - by those I had previously trusted . Should I survive volunteering with my devrooms (Guix Days; Minimalist and Declarative Programming); and DJing with you lot that will be a big win.

smallcircles, to fediverse avatar

For the question of "Why use ?" has never been answered. There should be clear merits to wade through all the complexity that this choice brings, right?

Yes, its ultra flexible, and you can define your own semantic , and theoretically it could provide a robust extension mechanism to AP protocol. Except that right now it doesn't.

What's the vision of a Linked Data ? What great innovative would it bring, that makes it worthwhile?


@steve @smallcircles @evan Personally I resent the need to interact with GitHubs world (and by symmetry empathize with others needing keys to numerous other git forges to participate).

I consider it a positive thing that SocialHub emerged and would like to think that things intersect in nicer ways than the silos which repos can easily become.

Also, I dont think there is a need to be dependent on SH but would encourage cross posting (working across fediverse tools and instances is the pinnacle)

indieterminacy, to random

What was the most distressing thing about today?

Trying to sign up for newsletter, to then realize that this necessitated the use of Google's captcha service.


indieterminacy, to random

Oh good my talk for Fosdem was accepted:

> For Want of Anneal: Examining The Unseen Changes Concerning Changes To VCS Assets and The Need For More Graph Centric Approaches


Now I have x2 months to work out what the foobar that means...

[thats my third talk in that devroom, what an honour!]

avandeursen, to random avatar

Very interesting long read on “value capture” — when measurements like grades, citation counts, or step counts take over the true values (learning, writing, health) you actually care about. Also related to “stop the numbers game” by David Parnas (“Counting papers slows the rate of scientific progress”).

Via @smallcircles, @aredridel


@gnramires @smallcircles @avandeursen @jesper and its no accident that gyms are profitable based upon under-consuming (ie spending less time getting healthy than envisaged):

glennf, to random avatar

Did you love Yahoo! Pipes and miss it? I sure did. I wrote this history of the graphical web-based processing tool that sure seemed like the future when it was introduced! I interviewed the core team and several other folks so we could finally have a definitive history. (And forget my words, even—the illustrations are amazing!)

This is part of a series at Retool, a visual programming tools company, that decided to make sure the past wasn’t forgotten.

The Pipes 404 error “Something has gotten into our Pipes!”
Caricatures of the Yahoo! Pipes team and managers (Bradley, Ed, Jonathan, Catrina, Pasha, Kevin, Daniel)
The word “Pipes” in cement, a bit of minor product vandalism at a Yahoo! building


@glennf You may appreciate this history I made, which combined YahooPipes with Delicious for doing monitoring work:

blueghost, to privacy avatar

OpenStreetMap supports mapping surveillance cameras.

Cameras can be identified by location and type, the area being observed can be disclosed.

Surveillance under Surveillance/ is an OpenStreetMap instance focused on surveillance cameras, it uses data that is not visualized on the instance.

Mastodon: @openstreetmap


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