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Discord: WaveWalnut#3884
Mastodon: @wavewalnut
Kbin: @wave_walnut
Pixelfed: @wave_walnut

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Game developer and artist.

Spoken languages: Hu, En, some Jp

Programming languages: C, C++, D, C#, Java

Mastodon: @ZILtoid1991


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Hi, I'm Reuben, the Ringmaster of Mobile Atom Media and Code ( Symfony Station ( is my latest venture. I moderate the Symfony magazine here ( and created the Symfony Universe Collection. (

A graduate of the Univ. of Georgia and an MA graduate of Georgia State, I live in Orlando. My full-stack developer certification is from the Univ. of Central Florida.

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Neural Times is an AI-powered news site that autonomously selects topics, researches, writes, and publishes news. Drawing equal amounts of information from left, right, and center sources in each story, we aim to counteract political bias and polarization.

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I am Lal Sahab Yadav. I work at Immutable Devs. We offer Web and Mobile App Development Services in India. It has a free **Online Interview Questions**Tutorial Sites.

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Building web stuff for fun and living since 2000s. Blogger, sometimes translator, book author in hiatus, former teacher, overly curious mind.

This is my account on Kbin, a link aggregating service similar to Lemmy. I use it to post links I find interesting for various reasons. Not always endorsing things I post here.

I'm also there:

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Just a guy, bout to get my PhD in experimental particle physics. I like hockey, basketball, DND, science, and audio equipment.

Go Nuggets! Go Avs!

Until current site stability, federation sync issues, and front-page spam in kbin are resolved, I have migrated to Account Page

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Reddit refugee I guess? You might know me from a certain daily chat thread in certain subreddit (that is now private). Profile picture is a dark elf just like the last time, but instead of a snoo, it's an actual dark elf from Skyrim :p

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Programmer and Airplane Enthusiast.

"You just don't know how AI works" earns you a block.

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🎲 a random fact generator

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Kudos Mash

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A programmer with an interest in transit, making music, and building things of all types.

I have dysgraphia which makes writing difficult for me. I hope you can figure out what I mean despite my issues.

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aka @JWBananas
aka @JWBananas

I will go slightly out of my way to step on that crunchy looking leaf.

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Also known as @VeeSilverball

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[He/Him, Nosist, Touch typist, Enthusiast, Superuser impostorist, keen-eyed humorist, endeavourOS shillist, kotlin useist, wonderful bastard, professinal pedant miser]
Stuped person says stuped things, people boom
Maybe migrating to

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For Amusement Purposes Only.

Changeling poet, musician and writer, born on the 13th floor. Left of counter-clockwise and right of the white rabbit, all twilight and sunrises, forever the inside outsider.

Seeks out and follows creative and brilliant minds. And crows. Occasional shadow librarian.


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An Indonesian Gemini Girl, 21y. I like memes, money, relationship, friendship, n more. Currently working on a contract with a shift system (changing hours and positions) as: a Shop Waiter, a Cafe Resto Waiter, and Hotel Room Service at one of the local business owned by the entrepreneur.

I usually post in Indonesian Language, but i post here using english with the help of google translate.

Service :
👙🍕🍩 Booking Soraya

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Just an anonymous llama 🦙🦙🦙

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Tales from the Terrordrome

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Fresh IT news from a variety of sources. Public service by @emanuel avatar


I co-created and, because I believe in building tools that foster discourse on the open web.

Knowledge management is my second name. I am a software developer, turned entrepreneur, educator, and writer. Between #java (#quarkus) and #golang avatar


Highlights, bits and pieces of software development and Unix wisdom, mixed with some humor.

By | web: avatar


Leanpub is a unique platform for writing & publishing, with a bookstore that helps readers discover new books & authors every day! Follow us for news & deals! avatar


• anime & manga • strong copyleft • privacy
• linux • functional programming • tech

No Freedom exists without Privacy.

Currently #scala software developer.
Half-shit posting around. Check at your own risk. avatar

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  • Author of:
    • "Out of Time"
    • "The Singular Case of the Three Witches"
    • "Scavenger Hunt"
    • "Last Call"
    • "The Roland Targus Series"

  • iOS dev, thought provoker, ideaist, paronomasiac, etc. avatar


Dad³. #PHP #CSS #JavaScript #WordPress #BuddyPress Developer.

I run WPCharitable (a WP plugin for #nonprofit organizations to build campaigns and get donations), owned by Awesome Motive.

Toots and ⭐ are my own. avatar

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I love exploring free and open source technologies and how to use them to build a dynamic and more inclusive Space Age.

#FOSS #Space #Spacecraft #LMDE #Debian #Linux #Vegan #Books avatar


Me grok write code. Python, Rust, Typescript, JavaScript. Created: Morepath, lxml. Also: gardener, science & history fan, living life fan. Husband & father.

I post a lot about programming as well as gardening pictures. If you come for just the gardening pictures the programming talk may baffle you. If you're a programmer, I invite you to enjoy the flowers! avatar


Just another desperate #Objectivist #Perl hacker. Lately into #cosplay and #dance, sometimes simultaneously.

Sorry libertarians, you can’t have #AynRand:

Other interests: #music, #Commodore #RetroComputing, #GuineaPigs (a/k/a domestic #cavies), #DoctorWho, #drag

No reposts:




General { Ronin (#ronin); Programmer (#developer); ChatGPT (#ai); } Development { C# (#csharp); Java (#java); Python (#python); Retro:C64/BBC/ZX (#retrocomputing #retrogaming); PICO8 (#pico8); } InfoSec { Blue Team (#blueteam); OSINT (#osint); Linux (#linux #ubuntu #debian); Windows (#windows #microsoft); BSD (#bsd #freebsd #netbsd); } Fun { Swords (#swords #hema); Dogs (#dogs #dogsofmastodon); Fitness (#fitness); Camping (#camping #wildcamping); Car Camping (#vanlife); Star Trek (#picard #startrek #StrangeNewWorlds); Star Wars (#mandalorian #starwars); } Grief { #grief Half of my wife lives on in me; The pieces don’t fit as well as they used to; } avatar


🧙‍♂️ | Herding bits and cats
🧠 | Actually Autistic
🕹️ | Retrogaming
🐧 | Opensource
🎮 | Gamedev
😺 | Cats
🛸 | SciFi
🇵🇾 🇧🇷 🇵🇸 🇺🇦 avatar


Public Interest Technologist at . Core team member of and Core developer of #Python. Fellow and Treasurer at Python Software Foundation. Fedora developer :fedora: , digital security trainer helping out journalists/activists/whistleblowers. #Stockholm #Sweden #ProtectYourSources avatar


Tech Princess 👸🏻 Feminist Politicker 💁🏻‍♀️ Fashionable Woman 💋 Tooling Witch 🛠
🚀 Founder of
Pro-Unions 💪🏻 Trans & Queer 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

I currently work on Moderation and Trust & Safety tooling for the Fediverse.

Contributor to Mastodon & Pixelfed.
You've probably used code I’ve written.

Advisor to IFTAS ( avatar


I make small things.

My posts are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (

🍉🌻 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️

#SmallWeb #SmallTech #web #tech #privacy #humanRights #personhood #democracy #aral #fedi22 #searchable avatar


«Les idées non satisfaites reviennent».
Captain Nemo of the @VerneMQ Mission.
Not the first and not the last time betting on the BEAM.

#Erlang #BEAM #LFE #VerneMQ #MQTT #Lisp #OpenSource #ClassicalMusic #Guitar #WalkTheWalk & more

#Peace #Freedom #Democracy #Prosperity #Sustainability
All rights to my content are reserved. ChatGPT use is prohibited.


If I were to describe myself in two sentences: 1) I'm a #cat (the 3 cats I adopted can confirm), 2) given N choices, I'll choose (N+1)th option.

#Gentoo developer, est. 2010. Maintaining #Python packages, #LLVM, #Xfce. #OpenSource enthusiast and developer.

#CarFree person. Enjoying #rail travels and #nature, frequent visitor everywhere around #Poznań, #Leszno, #Głogów and #Wrocław.

#AntiCapitalism. Expect random rants and silly humor. avatar


I am an ordinary man. So, I am unique up to isomorphism.
🇺🇸 JD ⊥ MSCS Ω BSEE 🇺🇦
Washington, DC avatar


Hi, I’m Gregor Niehl, a tech enthusiast from Germany born in 2007. I am generally interested in all things #Linux and #OpenSource.

I write apps for the #GNOME desktop, and am part of the GNOME Foundation and the GNOME Circle Committee. avatar


👨‍💻 CTO at 20tab
🐍 #Python developer
🦄 #Django contributor
🗣 Conference speaker
🐧 #GNU / #Linux user
🥑 #FreeSoftware advocate
🧩 #PSF / #DSF / #PythonItalia member
🇮🇹 #PyCon Italia co-organizer
🐬 Python #Pescara founder

© 2019 Paolo Melchiorre
⚖️ Creative Commons BY‐SA 4.0 (some rights reserved) avatar


Senior Developer at ★ High Energy Physics PhD from Uni Oslo and CERN ★ Linux ★ Python ★ Open Source ★ Unicode Unicorn ★ ISO 8601 Enthusiast ★ Consumer of Sci-Fi ★ Hobby Writer ★ Born at 336 ppm CO₂ ★ she/they, Dr.

Open Source:,

(Banner image from Wallpaper Access) avatar


Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Anything worth doing well is worth teaching others to do well.

Author of Thinking Functionally in PHP, now on LeanPub:



Who am i?

Am i a #programmer? Am i a #pentester? Am i an #Artist? Am i a #DevOps engineer? Am I a #ML researcher? Am i human?

I was nothing a few decades ago and i will be nothing a few decades after.

But i am a small part of this universe and making my small contribution to the universe.

#infosec #programming avatar


🯁🯂🯃🮲🮳 ← If you can see this, you are cool.

Tech nerd with social capabilities. Enjoys simulation games, pen and paper roleplaying, drinking beer and messing with technology while listening to Hatsune Miku.

Engine programmer of We Are Football at

#flightsim #aviation #penandpaper #pathfinder #tabletop #ttrpg #linux #steamdeck #selfhosting #postmarketos #cplusplus #cpp #opengl #simd #hatsunemiku #vocaloid #anime #archlinux
searchable #fedi22 avatar


(ey/em) Xennial Chaotic Neutral INFP

Oregon <- California <- Arkansas

Web Developer HTML JavaScript CSS Web Components Custom Elements Progressive Web Apps PWAs Service Workers ShadowDOM ReactJS Lit GraphQL Cypress Playwright

Classic Cars Air-Cooled Volkswagens EVs Bicycles eBikes

Video Games Retro Gaming Emulation Anbernic Handhelds VR Unreal Sega

Serverless AWS ActivityPub FOSS Open Source Linux

Coffee Mushrooms Gardening Pumpkins avatar


Enjoy #Linux, #macOS, #FreeBSD & #Unix like systems? #Opensource software & #programming? Enjoy #Sysadmin & #DevOps work? Follow us to make the most of your geeky IT career. #ActuallyHuman (e/human) avatar


Open Source Enthusiast | Software Engineer | Golang | Frontend | Backend | TypeScript | Node avatar


Loves 🚀🧠 🥑 : #jetbrains #jetbrainsRider #Resharper devrel. #OSS supporter. #dotnet developer. He/Him. Living the simulation lifestyle.

searchable avatar


I make bad games avatar


Man about the world; Expatriated Tasmanian living in California; conference organiser:, previously and; #python fan; serves on the Board & Grants WG; queer; frequently toots about @josh. 🇦🇺🏳️‍🌈 avatar


Wife of .

The foxgirl that haunts your dreams. :blobfoxevil:

Also known as The Archivist:

Telegram: Ask


(If you don't have any posts on your home instance, it's an automatic follow rejection.)

#cycling #motorcycle #linux #pchardware


Building a hobby 2D game engine in Scala, among other things...


Software Developer, Creator, Maintainer, Bikepacker, Dad.

Maintainer of Mill build tool, Scala, OSGi, Open Source, OpenStreetMap avatar


R - install.packages("healthyverse") | #SQL | some Python | Data Scientist | opinions are mine | | #rstats | Mainly though my wife and kids :) | Advisor to DoTadda - All posts delete in 12 months. avatar


Do you use your powers for good or for awesome?

Senior #DevOps Engineer at a major research institution (views/opinions my own) and a severe #Linux and #opensource enthusiast. Also into #retrocomputing, #fountainpens, #Volkswagen, #music, and #cooking. #fedi22

Hoosier currently living in California.

Firefish: avatar


Neoficiální korektor pro Ministerstvo zdravotnictví. 🇺🇸🇸🇮🇨🇿

Senior Technical Writer @ USU, open source Mac programmer in my spare time.

Previously translator at 

Author of

#swift #SwiftUI #writing avatar


Astronomy, space, Android, retrocomputing, Lisp, coding.

No stock photos, SEO, marketing, clickbait, ads, or calls to action. I Just enjoy sharing my geeky interests. avatar


Security/Devops engineer. Moved from Chicago to Denmark. I’m an expert on nothing but I’m trying. avatar


FreeBSD developer, consultant.


crypto means cryptography.

tech is inherently political.

Do your part, encrypt the Net!

Add alt text to images.

All alt text posts are CC BY-NC-SA 4.0:

For commercial use, license available upon request, $75/post (i.e. if the alt text takes 3 posts, it'll cost $225 to license), just send me a message w/ where I can send the invoice. avatar


Python core developer, PSF Fellow, open-source maintainer, PEP editor, NaNoGenMo organiser, winter bicycler avatar


Functional programmer. Open source, open web. Never daunted.

#Typelevel #Emacs #Nix #Indieweb avatar


Nerd. Freelance Software Dev. Relationship Anarchist. Sometimes lives in a van. Queer white cis dude, promotes anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, intersectional feminism, the fight against climate change, and thoughtful, ethical behavior in general.

Toots in English or German about software development (mainly Python, JavaScript, Shell), Linux, Vim, electronics/µCs, van life, politics, sex, (inter)personal & emotional things, music, Star Trek, beverages.

May contain awful puns. avatar


Random dude from Germany learning how to code..


Scala :scala: / Java :java: / Python :python: Engineer based in San Francisco Bay Area. Interests in NixOS :nixos: , Functional Programming , Haskell, Swift Lang. Life long fan of all things unix, linux and FOSS. ex- C Programmer. As controversial as it is I am also a big Apple fanboy.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Originally from London, England! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

My posts are licensed CC-BY-NC-ND - see avatar


tech/science nerd interested in #linux, #spaceexploration, #electronics, #code and #engineering

I boost a lot of cat pictures


Software Engineer with an incredible thirst for knowledge, who shares that knowledge with others, so that they can become their best selfs.

Interested in #Rust, #WebAssembly, #TypeScript, #OpenSource, #WebDev, #WebDesign and a lot of other interesting stuff.

Let's have some deep conversations about interesting topics. 🙂

I'm open-minded, but also hold strong opinions.

Dare to think for yourself.

Be kind.

Strive for excellence.

(moved from - on Mastodon since Feb 2019) avatar


Full stack web developer currently working mostly with #PHP / #Laravel, Vanilla #Javascript and #SCSS. Love learning more about (almost) anything, but particularly #MySQL and #InfoSec. Husband, father of two boys, Christian. avatar


Father, husband, some sort of hacker, occasional computer scientist.

I love programming, fonts, computing esoterica, and learning languages (even if I’m not very good at it).

(He/him, BLM, LGBT+ and reproductive rights are human rights, left==labor, we only have one Earth.)

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