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#Jellyfin 10.9.6 seems to have Jellyfin stable now. Props out to the devs who have worked non-stop the past month to react to bugs as they come in, some catastrophic.

After nearly a month of checking on my logs periodically in real time after the 10.9.* upgrade and the 5 patch releases to fix bugs, I think it is safe to close out my live log refreshing.

I'm going to manually run all scheduled tasks, one by one. There might be a task that hasn't run due to its schedule that may cause problem.🤓

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10.9.5. upgraders

If you have an issue with a locked database and media scanning failing, Set Dashboard -> General -> Performance -> Set "Parallel library scan tasks limit" and "Parallel image encoding limit" both to 1

That worked for me.


This Github thread also has a dev request for a Docker tester for a fix:

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#Jellyfin 10.9.4 is a mess. Images gone, skins mixed up (black text on dark grey), home buttons hidden behind hamburgers. Yeah!

> after some testing I found the issues persist with JS up and/or skins on/off.

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No diss to devs, but 10.9.* has been a disaster of a release across all platforms. Now up to 10.9.4 with more coming soon. The newest is shows disappearing, scan failures, etc.

I hope at some point a release autopsy is done to figure out what went wrong

My guess is not enough non-dev beta testers across different platforms & devs working only with the platform of their preference–things getting merged not fully tested across platforms

To their credit, Jellyfin is on many platforms

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2/ Another 10.9.* release. This time 10.9.5 that fixes an error where media files were getting deleted when only metadata should have been

Jellyfin should have sent out an urgent warning as soon as they discovered and confirmed that 10.9.4 introduced a bug that was deleting media files.

The question now is, do we upgrade, downgrade to a really safe version, or do something else altogether...

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Jeff Geerling posted a video a couple of days ago about using a Pi 5 with LibreELEC. I just tried it out with Jellycon which is an official Jellyfin add-on to browse Jellyfin libraries and start playback in Kodi. The JellyCon UI's a little clunky, but direct playback of my 1080p and 4K HEVC content is solid on the Pi 5.

The one bummer is there's no hardware decode for AV1 on the Pi 5, but apparently 1080p content plays ok on it anyway. Geerling wrote up a longer blog post with more detail.

#Jellyfin #RaspberryPi #LibreELEC

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Nachdem der Bug in mehr oder weniger alles zerschossen hat, hab ich die letzte Woche angefangen alternativen auszuprobieren, insbesondere für meine digitale Musikbibliothek.

  • gonic (sehr performant, unterstützt aber keine embedded albumcover)
    -swingmx (Sehr schick und schnell, aber keine API für externe clients, wird aber evtl. bald implementiert)
    -ampache (unterstützt angeblich alles, aber sehr langsam)
    -airsonic-advanced (config-albtraum, langsam)

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I think I've accidentally gone down a giant rabbit hole with setting up a on .

So far I've made zero progress in migrating and the suite over, but I've learned a lot of other neat stuff with virtualization.

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#Jellyfin ist ne coole Sache und ich mag das Projekt.

Trotzdem hat es so seine Macken. Und die sind nicht ohne: Beispielsweise fängt die offizielle App beim Musikplayback an, zu stottern. Nämlich dann, wenn sie nicht mehr im Hintergrund läuft.

Das Problem ist bekannt und liegt wohl daran, dass die App in Grunde nur ein Webbrowser ist, der dann von Android schlafen gelegt wird.

Aber trotzdem. Das ist doch eine absolut grundlegende Funktion. Dass das so schlecht funktioniert, frustriert.

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Und natürlich kann man den Entwicklern nicht wirklich einen Vorwurf machen. Denn die machen das in ihrer Freizeit.

Jetzt überlege ich aber ernsthaft, nicht auf Plex zu wechseln, der Firma 100 € in den Rachen zu werfen und dann etwas zu haben, das hoffentlich besser funktioniert.

Ist das denn so? Dass besser funktioniert als ? Hat da jemand den direkten Vergleich?

anianimalsmoe, to Anime avatar

Anyone using #Jellyfin for #anime or other stuff know what setting I need to prevent the stupid thing from re-titling all my files?

I've already set prefer embedded titles and disabled all the metadata downloaders, and it still insists on cleaning up the titles but without keeping episode numbers. :neocat_angry:

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Nachdem ZFS (zfsutils-linux) unter Armbian immer noch nicht installierbar ist wegen nicht auflösbarer Paketkonflikte und ich relativ schnell eine funktionierende Lösung brauche, habe ich gestern mal mit etwas Aufwand auf BTRFS umgestellt und sehe mir das nun mal an.

Ist eh überfällig, mich damit mal genauer auseinandersetzen.

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@thomas Dann eher Intel. QSV funktioniert ganz gut.

Ansonsten irgendwas mit RK3588 bzw RK3588S. HW transcoding via rkmpp funktioniert mit 6.1.y vendor Kernel und hat es auch in geschafft. Mainline support macht gute Fortschritte dank .

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One of my favourite small quality of life features of is it showing what time the video will end.

paul, to random avatar

We get zero OTA TV signals

Tonight was the first night it hurt after stopped support in our area and cut our card off. We had several finales going on. I'm not paying for their dvr service. I've recorded over the air or via cablecard for +30 years

The tv season is about up and by the next, we will have a remote DVR/PVR setup

We're putting a TV tuner in my brother's system, he has A+ OTA sig & he has fiber

will run it there and we will m3u tuner it into

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Mein Jellyfin Server auf einem Rock64 hat jetzt tatsächlich fast 10 Minuten gebraucht, bis er nach einem Kaltstart wieder verfügbar war. Das ist mir zu lang.

Auf der anderen Seite - wenn er mal läuft, dann reicht der Rock64 für Musikstreaming leistungsmäßig völlig aus.

Will aber eigentlich gerade kein Geld für neues Spielzeug ausgeben :S

Also bleibt's wohl erst mal dabei ;-)

platypus, to random German avatar

Irgendein Bug im letzten -Update (10.9.2) macht Sperenzchen, so dass Clients nur noch eingeschränkt bzw. gar nicht mehr funktionieren/connecten. 😩 Halben Tag alles mögliche versucht und jetzt geb ich einfach auf und warte auf einen (hoffentlich baldigen) hotfix.

wagesj45, to homelab avatar

This backup is gonna take a while. And this is only part of one folder.

thomas, to random avatar

There are 258 albums on my Jellyfin instance. What about your digital music collections?

thomas, to random avatar

Updating my Jellyfin instance 🚧


KinoGhoul, to random avatar

Did the new Jellyfin update break compatibility for the Jellyfin Media Player for anyone else?

It is not showing anything when I open up but if I open Jellyfin through the browser it works fine (aside form format issues it has always had due to browser compatibility of course)


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TIL: #WinAmp still exists 🤯

schenklklopfer, avatar

But it seems to be broken on iOS... #WinAmp

Die Beschreibung sagt was ziemlich unspezifisch von "lokaler Musik", also hatte ich eigentlich einen Player für diese ganzen self-hosted Musik Server wie #Subsonic API oder #Jellyfin erwartet.

Aber mit "lokal" ist wohl wirklich lokale Musik gemeint.
Welches Handy ist denn groß genug für TBs an Musik?

Naja, dann halt nicht.

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Hey! This is my on ! 🦈

I'm a pharmacist doing IT work at a large hospital, hoping that the Russians don't decide to abandonware us into oblivion next.

I like and . I run lots of nerdy stuff in my basement like , , , , and . Oh, and I made the theme that was cool like 10 years ago.

I also roll on : @RxBrad

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Okay, I grudgingly bought a #Sonos system years ago because it was just convenient.
The latest update is terrible and breaks all local features - no library, no local services, all search goes to their servers. (Even though they explicitly stated ~2 months ago that v1 search would remain.)
Whatever their business model is it doesn't seem to include customers.

Now what do I replace it with?

larsmb, avatar

@ujay68 I've got the streaming bits covered (both and work great for me, still trying to pick one, and they also have mobile clients).

What I need replacements for is the actual multi-room + TV speaker setups, which Plex doesn't have.

(Addendum: prior to Sonos's new version from hell, with I could even easily connect my library with that platform.)

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#Jellyfin 10.9 Media Server Brings Tons of Improvements

stux, to web avatar

Also tired of endless streaming subscriptions? Take back control and self-host!

Are you tired of shelling out money for multiple streaming subscriptions every month? It seems like every media company now has its own platform

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