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Fighting fire with beavers: How dam-building rodents are deployed to prevent megafires, restore scorched wildlands

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🥥Leave it to the beavers! 🥥
, . 🥥

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The beavers are hard at work! It's a little sad to see them taking down big trees, but they're making a nice wetland.

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Thou shall not pass, said the . Hold our beer, said .

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Pietruszka cosplaying a #beaver. No, she did not gnaw those branches clean, real #beavers did it.

#IdaPsięta #DogsOfMastodon #wetlands

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Increasing diversity and resilience, not to mention creating wetlands, are just some of the impacts beavers can have on their surroundings. What does this mean for the wider environment?

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Today is International Beaver Day, so there is no better time to tell you about my upcoming paper "Beaver: Practical Partial Snapshots for Distributed Cloud Services"... using pictures of cute beavers.

This project was led by Liangcheng Yu, along with his advisor Vincent Liu and other colleagues at UPenn. (1/6)

(photo from

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Hug A Beaver:
Beavers' work can help stop wildfires: More places in California are embracing them

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In Forest now up to 45% of ' diet is . Our domesticated wolves just want to use the results of beavers' hard work as toys.

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Our latest video, not specifically project related this time, is on beavers

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busy on the bay this morning, and for once the light was great. Probably the last pics to be taken with this tele, new one on the way. Bittersweet, as cheap as this one is, it’s given me some memorable critter images over the last 15 or so years.

Medium sized tan-brown beaver sitting in the shallow water of a lake with its hands to its mouth, chewing on something.
Beaver swimming in by a lake, the fur behind its head is bristly.

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Beavers have been busy in our wetland. What was once a small stream is now a series of ponds at varying levels of water. With the tall grasses flattened down by the recent snow, details of their activity become visible: The edge of the pond is lined with a low but very long dam of mud and grass clots, raising the waterline by half a foot above the adjacent meadow.

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Tired: Groundhog predictions 🥱

Wired: Beaver predictions! 😁

‘Stumptown Fil’ (short for Filbert) predicts an early spring

Includes a cute video!

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The St. Mary's river is flooded over from all the melted and . I wonder where all the playful that live in its banks go when their homes are drowned in muddy waters? A warm day in a cold hearted town where nothing ever seems to work out.

Wish I'd never heard of .

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It's great to see where I didn't see some for years. This part of the forest suffered extremely from last years droughts. Many large trees died. Their small descendants will thrive for the time being. And tomorrow I'll tell you how I verified that we indeed have !

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"For decades, beavers were considered pests – trapped & shot on sight. Now the attitude towards nature's best engineers is changing, & farmers are working to bring them back.
are vital to , as their dam building habits spread water through parched landscapes. This can not only help to regulate the flow of water, it provides another important service – keeping fires under control. Beavers are nature's firefighters.
In northern New Mexico, Darr has seen farmers "drastically" change their perception of beavers. "They were pretty hesitant, but they saw first-hand how the beavers provided sustained, reliable sources throughout the year, even during the hot dry summer we had. To see it is to believe it. We just have to show people what beavers can do for other wildlife, & humans."

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This Wikipedia page has a good overview of species.

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For decades, beavers were considered pests – trapped & shot on sight. Now the attitude towards nature's best engineers is changing, & farmers are working to bring them back

🦫 are vital to 💦

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Once upon a time there were, in all the Countries, upland drainages, at many levels, filled with meandering streams, above the plains, , homes to a multitude of species. "Progress" drained, degraded, & occupied the uplands, the in-betweens, & even the places in the flats that were supposed to flood. [Duh. You know, where all the toxins & poor people are stored. end rant>].
If I were Leader of the World I employ billions in the restoration of Earth life-support systems by redirecting the militaries (+lots of their $) & volunteers (+paid) in peaceful actions, where the primary tools are shovels, rakes, machetes, & low-energy tech directed toward , , while animals like would be deployed extensively.
Pinch me. I'm dreaming.

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Vicious cycle: leads to beavers 🦫 moving north, where beaver ponds thaw the permafrost and release methane, leading to greater warming.

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@davidho Seems like a new headline "Beavers cause global warming"

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"The [satellite's] algorithm’s most promising application might be in . The Golden State has a tortured relationship with : For decades, the state generally denied that the species was native, the byproduct of an industrial-scale fur trade that wiped beavers from the West Coast before biologists could properly survey them. Although recent historical research proved that beavers belong virtually everywhere in California, many water managers & farmers still perceive them as nuisances, and frequently have them killed for plugging up road culverts & meddling with irrigation infrastructure.

Yet those deeply entrenched attitudes are changing. After all, no state is in more dire need of beavers’ services than flammable, drought-stricken, -prone California. In recent years, thanks to tireless lobbying by a campaign called Bring Back the Beaver, the California Department of Fish & Wildlife has begun to overhaul its outdated beaver policies."

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How watching beavers from space can help drought-ridden areas bounce back - Enlarge / Where beavers set up home, the dams they build profoundly cha... -

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Sink, sank, sunk.
When we ignore , infiltration, , & runoff management, we create the conditions for .
I say, let it be lake & again.

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@Pollinators Before he died, my friend / colleague Toby Hemenway wrote this wonderful story about (we published it in the magazine, too).
"As Bill Mollison has observed, everything gardens. The beaver, however, goes far beyond simple to feats of complex transformation. Beaver don’t merely build dams that create . They control the flow of vast amounts of energy and material. With tough incisors and instinct, beavers create a shifting mosaic of moist and dry meadows, wet forests, , , streams, and open water that change the climate, nutrient flow, vegetation, wildlife, , and even of entire ."

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