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🇨🇦Artist, Intersectional Feminist, Spiritual, Nerdy. #art #portraits
Masks are visible expressions of solidarity, truth, & love.
Mottos: Love all, take shit from none.
Don't become what you hate.

She/Her #Neuroqueer #ActuallyAutistic #cPTSD #MeToo #Whistleblower

No racists, misogynists, TERFS, AI, Blockchain #nobot

Header: #Painting of a still life of KN95 mask, books, hourglass, lilacs & more.
Profile painting: white woman with red hair, wearing emergency blanket, Kilim behind. (Not me).

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JoBlakely, to tech
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Was just remembering Minitel. The internet before there was an internet. Made in France. A friend of mine had one of these. Back in 1985.


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@LinuxAndYarn it was a real novelty and exciting back then. I don’t remember what it did, my friend seemed enthusiastic though. I didn’t realize they were all being given out free though until I read this article.

dangillmor, (edited ) to random
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Google without all the latest enshittification: https://udm14.com


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@dangillmor it works great, too!

tzimmer_history, to random
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The Anti-Liberal Left Has a Fascism Problem

Prominent leftwing intellectuals are allowing their singular, disdain-driven focus on (neo-) liberalism to completely distort their perspective on the Right.

New piece:


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You should read this and reconsider if you have assessed the situation correctly and maybe try to understand why we say these things.


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@tzimmer_history a lot of bs to unpack here.
Fascists use might makes right and are funded by capitalist class. Neo liberals say wealth makes the rules & are funded by/are the capitalist class. Tech AI/Surveillance, weapons manufacturing, fossil fuels…all capitalists destroying EVERYTHING.
But we who are fighting its root cause are the problem? Not those profiteering & preventing change for the better?
You focus on semantics, labels. It’s about truth, people, & survival of the planet.

JoBlakely, to art
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Framed my most recent finished piece, a small still life that is about healing, fighting back, protecting. It’s such a lovely piece.
It is available. Do message me if interested.

8x10 oil on board. Available framed or unframed.

JoBlakely, to random
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“ When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.”

– Audre Lorde

billyjoebowers, to random
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Google rebranding as "Ask a 5 Year Old"

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@billyjoebowers wild I just posted a Google rebrand not having seen yours.
I wrote Google is now Garble.

JoBlakely, to random
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AI is like clippy but insane.

AI is like, I see you want to destroy the world, let me help you with that…

GottaLaff, to random
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Via Kyle Griffin:

In light of the second Alito flag report, Senate Judiciary Chair Dick Durbin is calling for Samuel to recuse himself "immediately" from cases related to the 2020 election and the Jan. 6 insurrection "for the good of the country."

He adds: "The Chief Justice must see how this is damaging the Court and immediately enact an enforceable code of conduct."

@JoBlakely@mastodon.social avatar

@GottaLaff he is completely going against the constitution and all hard fought for and won progress. It should not even be possible or allowed. He should not even be on the court. He should be impeached.
Just ridiculous system.

JoBlakely, to random
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America is all ‘stand your ground’, & protecting own right to self defence, & free speech, but they manufacture an enemy on the regular & are the aggressor usurper terrorists abusing power, weapons, wealth gained from previous abuses of power & violence & deny their victims the same right of self defence or standing their ground, or asking even to just stop. Instead, they are to turn the other cheek forever, be silent, accept white male wealth supremacy or be threatened with worse suffering.

JoBlakely, to random
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It’s no coincidence that there are a ton of pro FBI, Homeland Security, Law and Order, Superhero, Apocalyptic, Police, Court, crime, shows, movies...

And all the wealthy housewives, reality shows…glamorizing criminals and frivolity and ignorance…

The production and consumption of it is police & oppression propaganda to validate in fake life what they cannot in real life and confuse you to think they are the same.
To get respect they don’t earn.

Don’t watch.

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With the superhero it’s a secret military type org at the center mostly pretending to fight evil…without ever addressing the actual problem of evil ever.

Where are real superheroes building sustainable communities, preventing a pipeline, protesting climate change, genocide, peacemakers blocking police & tanks, or whistleblowing & confronted & hampered by evil of capitalist police state daily. Why is it one or a few evil guys they conquer, & not the systems & see what villainy lurks there?

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They glamorize criminals and put them on tv as they criminalize the poor.

lzg, to random
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i’ve realized i have about 5 scripted things i say to neighbors on morning walks, but they are all slightly odd and maybe need a little workshopping

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@lzg I’ve said that when they are a convenient petting height and I don’t have to crouch!

StillIRise1963, to random
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Is TicketMaster the most important monopoly the government could bust up right now.🙄

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@StillIRise1963 @maddad America is really shit at triage.

nixCraft, to random
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DuckDuckGo, Microsoft Copilot, ChatGPT's web search, Ecosia, and Qwant all stopped working this morning because of Bing API. 😂 And they want Microsoft Copilot deeply integrated with Windows OS. Imagine someone is unable to book emergency medical appointments because Microsoft Copilot is down or you can't withdraw money or transfer funds through netbanking because AI and screenshot services are down. This is a good example of why we must not trust someone like Microsoft for anything serious.

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@nixCraft all those different platforms are like a horcrux of MS and we need antitrust laws to protect us. The illusion of choice is NOT AN OPTION.

JoBlakely, to random
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The patriarchy and church was fascism 101.

Treating humans as though less than other humans. As property. Possessions.

Possession of people is the work of evil. People are possessed through apathy and submission to evil. They become ‘human resources’ made to work for evil, be controlled by evil, justify evil…at any time they could give voice to the pain & injustice, take the fetters off that stifle their growth, but they don’t…

@JoBlakely@mastodon.social avatar

They choose to oppress instead of fighting oppression. They couldn’t or wouldn’t beat ‘em, so most joined them in beating others without even trying to live with equality. That’s how they lived their apparent one life. Their supremacy so important to them, they didn’t have one mustard seed of faith…

@JoBlakely@mastodon.social avatar

… They were silent with the oppressor, often aiding & abetting injustice. They use the name of God to uplift themselves & their own authority but refused to follow in God’s ways with any courage, or faith in righteousness and mercy.
It is not present even in themselves so they do not see it.
They are quick to have mercy for the oppressor, but slow to have mercy for the victims…

@JoBlakely@mastodon.social avatar

They do not even acknowledge victims unless it interferes with their ability to exercise their authority and manage a ‘genteel’ perception to their abomination of love.

@JoBlakely@mastodon.social avatar

Re: joining the oppressor,mI am not speaking of the fetters and violence of slavery. That was not willing. That was choice denied. There is a difference.

I am speaking of people who submit willingly, CHOOSING OF THEIR FREE WILL the world they want to build and work for. Who do not even try. Only take and take.
The church & patriarchy could have fulfilled all of Jesus’s and Gods foundational requests, they did none…

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They chose oppression. Genocide. Silence. Domestic Violence. Rape. Today. They are feckless leaders. Their money would better used to feed house clothe and care for the poor. Like it was supposed to do.

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Churches and most congregations are at best a community center of largely misogynists and maintainers of status quo who in some way are supremacists wishing to use God to justify inequality, abuse, barbaric acts of violence. Male Supremacy, white supremacy, class supremacy, knowledge supremacy all violence.
All fascist…

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Of course the church sided with Nazis doing the Nazis work.
Of course the church covered for pedophiles. Made a haven for them. Of course the church does nothing to end poverty. It works to not upset capitalist class bc the capitalist class funds them. The aristocracy always has.

The church steals from the poor, supports the capitalists by doing nothing to help the poor, but gives them cold comfort & a ‘wait for Jesus.’ Denying them, & not doing the work asked. What kind of teacher is this?

@JoBlakely@mastodon.social avatar

They build a temple like a shroud to cover for their corrupted lives on supremacist heaps all insisting they are at the top of the hierarchy & pretend obedience to a higher power.

The should have built something that would feed, clothe, house, create real community in the way of God instead of that putrid mount shit covered in gold on hoarded land, sterile of justice or solutions and not built with any integrity.

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