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So this makes sense, and many of you will probably know this, but that the "print screen" button on our keyboards used to print the actual screen.

"In essence, whatever is currently on the screen when the key is pressed will be printed."

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Some of my first memories with , kind of inspired by @kev and @robb's posts on the matter!

This is day 50 of and day 18 of

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- Did you know that used to build a 486 into their Macintosh ?

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From the ar(t)chive…

Stylized 2D illustration for a 2009 business report, about the importance of establishing solid tech for a company, before looking ahead.

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Will I buy the magazine full back issue plus the lifetime subscription?


[ 12 / 31 ]

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Experts have long warned about the threat posed by artificial intelligence going rogue — but a new research paper suggests it's already happening. #worldnews #sciencehealth #ai #computers #studies

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A team of Japanese researchers using the supercomputer Fugaku have announced the development of a large language model for generative artificial intelligence.

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All artefacts degrade over time. What is the component of a 1980s home computer that gives out first? When did/does this happen?

#computers #1980s

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"I think that in a few years owning a computer is going to be like owning a telephone. People will see it as a necessary appliance. A lot of people haven't trusted computers up to now, but that’s changing."

-- Joe Klein, independent trucker from Waterloo, Ill., in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 8, 1982.

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"On 30 April 1993 CERN issued a public statement stating that the three components of Web software (the basic line-mode client, the basic server and the library of common code) were put in the Public Domain [...]"

Full text:

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It’s just been pointed out to me that the reason Apple runs a trade-in programme for older devices is so they can reduce the size of the used market, and has fuck all to do with recycling.

That’s blown my tiny mind.

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@DJDarren The Verge did a documentary on this a while ago. I guarantee you will be very angry by the end of it.

Basically, back in the 1980s, there was a company called Sun Remarketing that built a business buying unsold Apple computers, refurbishing then, and supporting them.

They even went so far as to create new operating systems and upgrades for them.

Lots of people couldn't afford the latest Mac, but we're happy to buy last year's model.

Using a range of underhanded legal tactics, Apple deliberately put them out of business, resulting in thousands of working computers being deliberately dumped in a landfill.

The reason was simple: It was more profitable for Apple to dump unsold computers in a landfill and force everyone to pay full price for the latest machines.

Planned obsolescence is very much Apple's business model.

#Apple #Environment #RetroComputing #Recycling #Technology #Computers

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Computers and Society: Modern Perspectives by Ronald M. Baecker, 2019

Computers and Society: Modern Perspectives is a wide-ranging and comprehensive textbook that critically assesses the global technical achievements in digital technologies and how are they are applied in media; education and learning; medicine and health; free speech, democracy, and government; and war and peace.


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I just said to my beloved, “I need a spare plug socket. I’ll have to unplug Alexa.” Alexa replied, “I’m not sure about that.” 😱

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You don't need a new computer for up-to-date software ... just the right software!

Come to 2024 in to learn about the role of independent in the sustainable use of hardware.

🗓️ Sunday 28 April, 11-19h
📍 Straße des 17. Juni (Brandenburg Gate)

together with (@fsfe) and Bits & Bäume (@bitsundbaeume_berlin) will be there! Some in the and community may be joining as well :)


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We will have old, otherwise unsupported and for visitors to try, as well as some new ones, all running .

The oldest, Dell Latitude D600, would have become in 2010. If it were human, today it could legally drink alcohol in the USA ... it is that old and, with a little patience, still quite usable!

Come by to try it out :)

@fsfe @kde @bitsundbaeume_berlin

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The ZX Spectrum was released 42 years ago.

"The importance of the ZX Spectrum and its role in the early history of personal computing and video gaming has left many to regard it as the most important and influential computer of the 1980s."

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"A radio signal takes about 22 ½ hours to reach #Voyager 1, which is over 15 billion miles (24 billion kilometers) from Earth, and another 22 ½ hours for a signal to come back to Earth."
In 1977, I saw the launch of both Voyagers on television. It felt like pure sci-fi at the time. It feels fascinating now. 🌌 🔭 ✨

And today, large companies are building planned #obsolescence into our #computers. 😭

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ARM laptops are cheap / outstanding battery life - Linux is coming to them now in full 💻 :linux:

Acer Aspire One ARM laptop is soon rated close to 100% support via Linux 6.10.

Sure this device is not the latest - but there it is; a truly kicking ARM Snapdragon laptop for Linux!

Bonus: ARM's heritage is in smartphones - it means seamless operation between smartphone / laptop.

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a couple of question for the geeks:

  1. are people really using SSDs as external drives?

  2. are they worth as a backup media or should we stick to hard drives for that?

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RIP Z80. May your opcodes live forever in our hearts.

> Z80 Product Line: Z85C00 End of Life.

(The Z80 was the second microprocessor I ever wrote Assembly to target – the 6502 being the first.)

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Traditional swapfiles are:

  • Slow
  • Old
  • Sometimes dangerous (a pre-release Linux kernel bug once turned them into filesystem destroyers for a short time)
  • A security risk if you don't use full disk encryption
  • An SSD wear-and-tear causer if you regularly exceed your RAM limits with intensive work
  • Have much better alternatives under Linux (namely zram and (if you use FDE) zswap)

I'm thinking of making an article called "Swap space considered harmful". Anyone interested?

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Anyone here have a Framework 13 laptop? I'm considering getting a Ryzen 7 base model and adding my own RAM/HD.

Right now, I have an awesome little Zepheryus g14, but it doesn't have good battery life and it's a fair few years old. I'll keep running it as my home computer but I think I need a backup on hand, as well as something I can travel with.

Be interested in hearing any current owners' thoughts.

#Framework #Repairable #RightToRepair #Laptop #Recommendations #Tech #Technology #Computer #Computers

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