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zum heutigen gibt es von mir die Sicht aus dem Baumhaus im . in 15 Metern Höhe in einer Baumkrone gelegen war es bis zur Fällung der Eiche durch und ein echtes Juwel

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Hanalei Valley

This beautiful valley lies inland, just a short distance from Princeville and Hanalei Bay. This area serves as a wildlife refuge for the birds and animals on the island of Kauai.
The mountains nearby are one of the wettest spots on earth, receiving an average rainfall of almost 400 inches annually. See the full image here:

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Pointers - Found a bit of peace at this forest pond along Hyannis Trail.

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I've been experimenting with and since the 1990s, since QuickTime VR was a thing, trying desperately to capture the beauty of the world.

This is one of my first attempts from 1997 or so. I was on a / trip in National Park and had gotten out of the kayak to scramble to the top of Bowknot Bend. Once at the top, I took out my trusty digital camera that recorded 640x480 images onto 2.5" floppy disks and snapped a whole bunch of photos as I pretended to be a human tripod.

Weeks later, at home, I hand stitched the photos in 3, or whatever version was current at the time. This was the beginning of a long journey.

A zoomable and pannable version is here:

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Santa Comba Dão

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The #MastoPrompt for Saturday 18th November is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

@penprompts (please remove link from any replies)

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His universe has shrunk.
To the inside of a room.
To the space within.
It used to be panoramic infinity.
Now it is monotony.
The same every day.
Seconds, weeks, years.
His chair is static.
His mind.
The sun doesn't rise nor spin.
Light hides.
Corners have no edges.

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Ardeaglais (2010); Cashel Rock castle and cathedral from the inside. This is probably a 3rd rendition of the same panorama.

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Jour 19 : bruyant et/ou figé dans le temps

À , le Dôme de Genbaku est comme figé dans le temps. C’est l’un des rares bâtiments à ne pas avoir été totalement détruit le 6 août 1945 quand la bombe a explosé au dessus de la ville. Il est intégré, depuis, au mémorial pour la paix d’Hiroshima.

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Do you like videos of window views?
It's nice and quiet today.
Maybe at night I can upload a video of the Barolo's Palace with the red/pink filter that they had being adding to the lighthouse.

A video of the city from above, clear skies shiny day. All the way to the horizon you can see white buildings, some normal office ones and others more like churches. Far away you can see the "Palacio Barolo" a big white building that looks like a palace.

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St Peter’s Square
Piazza Pio XII
Vatican City, Rome, Italy

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On the way up the mountain to Fort Yellowstone.

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