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The ignores a critical concern for privacy: the rise of biometrics.

It leaves surveillance tech like facial recognition and CCTV open for police and local authorities to use unhindered by effective oversight or data rights.

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👁️ Britain is an 'omni-surveillance society' 👁️

The words of the Biometrics and Surveillance Commissioner – a post that’ll be abolished by the #DataGrabBill.

Advances in #facialrecognition tech without proper oversight and a political will to double its use in policing means innocent people will be subjected to authoritarian biometric #surveillance and discredited predictive #policing.

#HandsOffOurData #DataGrab #GDPR #DPDIBill #dataprotection #privacy #ukpolitics

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Soon, users of OpenAI services will be subject only to the Irish Personal Data Protection Authority (DPC). My complaint was filed in August so it will still be processed outside Ireland. Very well.

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Meta banned from using personal data for behavioral advertising in EU/EEA

Go, EU, go! Continue the fight till Meta is complete banned! I believe in you ❤️

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The (CJEU) today issued two landmark judgments in proceedings against the German credit reference agency SCHUFA, which previously enjoyed considerable freedom in Germany. The confirmed that national courts have extensive powers to scrutinize data protection authorities, strengthening the rights of data subjects. Furthermore, the court ruled that the assignment of automatically calculated credit scores is not in line with the

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@Curia ruling on multi-stage profiling

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“The UK government’s determination to deregulate data protection is putting the adequacy agreement with the EU in jeopardy, which is a risk that the UK economy cannot afford.”

🗣️ @marianods – ORG Legal and Policy Officer.

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Any or EU folks attending events out there that might know this answer to this question.

We have an exhibit hall where attendees can share their contact data with a company. It is a physical, in-person, optional transaction.

At no other point do we share contact data.

To adhere to GDPR, we need to explicitly identify the data points that we would share if they did this.

But do we need to require opt out at registration? Not sure.

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’s New Ad-Free Subscriptions Are Already Under Legal Attack from Activists - they said they'd do it; they've done it...

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In a global race to the bottom, we lose our data rights at home and abroad.

The CPTPP lets Big Tech force the removal of that prevents them from laundering or selling data illegally.

The UK Data Bridge enables data transfers to the US, despite claims it lacks basic rule of law guarantees.

The joins the dots where data can be transferred overseas through Ministerial decree without safeguards.

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The will let the UK government authorise international data transfers with reduced oversight, even if the country lacks enforceable rights or effective remedies.

It risks the UK-EU adequacy agreement for the free flow of data.

This deregulatory law is not only seriously damaging to our data rights, it'll have major economic consequences. Legal fees alone may be up to £1.6 billion.

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By @EDPS ‘TechSonar report 2023-2024 explores five emerging technologies: Large language models (LLMs), Digital identity wallet, Internet of behaviours, Extended reality, Deepfake detection.’

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EU court lowers requirements for imposing fines for data protection breaches

The European Court of Justice issued a landmark ruling on Tuesday (5 December) that is set to facilitate the imposition of fines for infringements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Retrieving raw, training data from GPT is now marked as a potential violation of terms of service. But what was a personal data protection breach, remains so.

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W. Wiewiórowski @EDPS_supervisor: "Lesson learned from the is that first, there were calls not to overregulate. Then, to give templates & checklists. can not invent solutions to all the problems of various business models." 3/3

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Health data is already being siphoned away for commercial profiling.

UK Biobank passed medical data provided for medial research to insurance companies without patient consent.

This is a sign of what will happen with weaker data protection, where health data can be reused for loosely defined 'research purposes' under the for profiling to increase insurance premiums.

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Action was taken using against Google DeepMind for collecting health records of 1.6 million NHS patients without their knowledge or consent.

They failed to consult with the ICO or implement contractual safeguards and patients brought a class action case.

The creates a new legal basis for research and undermines purpose limitation, so NHS patients data can be shared with private corporations.

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🚨 Health data will be opened up to exploitation by multi-national firms like Palantir 🚨

Contracts such as the NHS DataStore and Federated Data Platform give predatory private companies a stake in sensitive health data for profit over care.

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The NHS Federated Data Platform will centralise health data of patients in England.

This creates a huge repository that Peter Thiel (Palantir co-founder) admits will make the exploitation of our data more possible.

The greases the wheels.

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The will mean medical data can be reused in different ways for ‘research purposes’.

Ministers will also have powers to authorise international data transfers, even if patients don't have enforceable rights or remedies in the other country.

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“The plans for an enforced opt-in to the [NHS Federated Data Platform] mean that basic issues of informed consent are being ignored."

The warning from 149 doctors in an open letter by @The_DAUK against the Palantir-NHS contract.

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Palantir embedded itself in the NHS with little transparency during the pandemic via the NHS Data Store.

Its grip tightened with hospitals being ordered to upload patient data to a central database using Palantir's Foundry software.

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NHS England is facing a judicial review over the Federated Data Platform.

Foxglove, @The_DAUK, National Pensioners’ Convention and Just Treatment argue the Platform and the rules governing how health data is shared need Parliamentary approval.

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Palantir has links to the CIA and its Trumpian co-founder, Peter Thiel, has contempt for the NHS.

Giving our health data to such a company injects a venture capitalist poison into a health system created for the public good, not private gain.

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The involvement of multi-national companies like Palantir in the NHS means our most sensitive information is primed for a at home and abroad.

Data that'll be used for the surveillance economy at our expense.

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