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Feels like the first proper cold day so far which gets me thinking...

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My other half is an anti pea freak too but she's totes into this. They're not peas in that sense. They're more like lentils really. Call it lentil and ham soup and she'll love it.

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"All of the predictions about the consequences of an operation in Rafah are coming true.

There is almost no food left and humanitarian efforts are stuck.

The world has lost its way and needs to return to the norms we created."

Martin Griffiths, the UN’s undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs


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@appassionato @palestine
Quote from article:
"Israel says U.N. agencies are to blame for not distributing aid more efficiently within the enclave, creating backlogs of supplies."

I cannot comprehend the amount of brass it would take to blame someone else for failing to efficiently remedy a famine that you yourself caused.

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@floatybirb @palestine

"There are 100s of trucks of aid NOW still waiting at the border for Israel to allow them in."

Alexandra Saieh, head of humanitarian policy and advocacy at Save the Children International


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The problem with these $200 pp ramen restaurants in SF is (1) I'm glad people are going, I know why restauranteurs in this city feel they need to focus on the top end (2) most of the time, ramen and Japanese spots in SF that charge $200 are not 5x better than things that cost $40 or less in almost every global food city that isn't SF. Or even in San Mateo (which has markedly better Japanese food).

#Food #SanFrancisco

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@skinnylatte I'm curious what you think of Sushi Ran in Sausalito if you've tried it. It's in this weird middle zone of "used to be Michelin star but not absurdly priced like these"

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@Catfish_Man it’s fine, those two spots I’ve named are better, and cheaper these days.

The absurd price in most global cities with a good sushi scene is usually ‘meal of a lifetime’ worth it, the ones charging that here in SF are meh

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Solution to Food Waste

.. launched by students to save groceries from the landfill. They’re helping to cut food bills & climate emissions.

"a lot of produce doesn’t make it to grocery store shelves when fruits and vegetables are considered to be misshapen, not the right size or slightly damaged.
.... the problem of oversupply, when too much of one food item is grown or distributed and doesn’t match market demand"- it is dumped!!

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People with solutions!! ⬆️



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People who have never seen a fruit tree or a vegetable fresh from the garden/field want perfect. Those of us who have been closer to production are less picky.

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Someone said the other day that preserved lemons were out of fashion. They might be, but not in my kitchen. It is harder to find really good ones, tho, so it is a boon to make your own.

Some dishes need a tangy dressing – salads appreciate it, and Brussels Sprouts really pick themselves up when they come within cooee of a tangy dressing.

We roast Brussels Sprouts and serve with a dressing with preserved lemons and spring onions. If it is the season, we toss in cumquat juice and peel. This salad is AMAZING.

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@purplepadma I know right! We'll never let them go out of fashion.

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@LifeTimeCooking If we hang on in there long enough they’ll come back in again anyway, because that’s fashion for you


The first aerial view of the floating port, which will allow the United States and others to flow ,"humanitarian aid" to via the sea route, as the United States claims. It says that the sea off the coast of complements the role of land crossings and is not a substitute for them

They block 1000s truck fully loaded with food, sanitary material, medicine and clothes from entering Gaza but pretending that this port is going to be used for sending aid to Gaza.

The disgusting hypocrisy of US and western allies participating in this project is truly sickening.

@palestine @israel


@heretical_i I blocked that IDF spokesperson propagandist. Got sick of his liberal BS to whitewash the criminal actions of Israel and Biden administration.

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@faab64 It's good to see how the enemy spins things. Sometimes valuable info shows up. Example. Bbc did an early report on the pier where it mentioned the 'advance team' for it... Fogbow. Check these guys out. Lowsec. No cloudflare etc. @palestine @israel

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Live H5N1 avian influenza can survive in meat cooked rare, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has found.

In a study conducted this week, USDA scientists discovered that hamburgers cooked at 120 degrees Fahrenheit – the temperature of a rare steak – contained live traces of a substitute bird flu virus. The agency said that no virus was present in burgers cooked to 145 degrees (medium rare) or 160 degrees (well done).

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We're mostly vegetarian at home, but I've long since given up ordering the vegetarian option on planes. Too much of a risky dice-throw.

‘One word – disgusting!’ The sad, sorry state of airline vegetarian meals

(maybe paywalled)

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@timrichards Last couple of Jetstar flights I ordered the vegetarian quiche instead of the meat pie option because it is better (and probably better than all the other hot options based on our limited testing).

What would concern me most is if the wellness and vegan options had any joy added to them, because the passengers definitely don't want that.

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@allrite Especially not on a budget airline!

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One of my fisherman friends brought me some wild & free 🙂
Cooked up for family. I'm having just a wee bit as my friend is taking me out in 2 hours.

4 corn on the cob, cooked

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@msquebanh Kentucky here. We are not getting wild. I'll steer clear for a bit.

Just so you know, I still look sideways at grapes since Cesar Chavez called for their boycott before color was invented....

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@Jon_Kramer Thank you. I'd really like for more folks to .

The open net salmon farms here have killed multiple marine mammals. It's killed land mammals & birds too because they do illegal toxic shallow pit dumps in pure wilderness. I've seen countless wildlife die at these dump sites via drones because they block access to all public. They don't want ppl to see their environmental crimes.

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I took a photo of my mum's cousin at work. Turns out she runs Singapore's best rated wanton noodles shop! Very proud of her family for what they've built

(Yashica Mat 124G, Portra 400, self developed and scanned)

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@jeromechoo outside SE Asia you only get HK style, whereas Malaysian and Singaporean Cantonese wanton mee is totally different (northern Malaysian cantonese wanton mee is also different from southern Malaysian / SG Cantonese style)... both of which are so, so different from HK style

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@jeromechoo we definitely use more seafood and chilli


From the article: "The paper, published on Monday, said these areas are expected to decline by between 14% and 41% by 2050, depending on how fast global emissions are reduced. The world’s biggest producer Mexico could see its potential growing area reduced by 31% by 2050 even if the global average temperature rise is limited to under 2C, and as much as 43% if it increases towards 5C, it said."


**comment: Uhhh... if/when we get to 5C, the price/availability of avocados is going to be the last thing you are worried about.

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How puts on and in processing plants at higher , PBS:

workers face disproportionate risk, compared to general population. According to Amy Liebman, chief program officer Migrant Clinicians Network, these workers make up the bulk of the agricultural and food processing industries. They also are more likely to lack affordable access to health care, and may hesitate to report symptoms if it means not working.

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In this week's The Tastiest newsletter, we invited Michelle, the creator of @SiftandSimmer, to share her tips and recipes for making dim sum. Here's her @Flipboard Storyboard, which has recipes for all your brunch favorites, from siu mai and spring rolls to silky mango pudding. There's even a method for how to cook chicken feet, if that's what floats your culinary boat. Sadly, the Storyboard won't make you magically acquire the skills to fold and wrap dumplings, but there are plenty of tips and diagrams so you can start practising.

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