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As much as I like the idea of self-driving vehicles, I'm still not convinced they are compatible with vulnerable road users.

'UK’s autonomous vehicle legislation becomes law, paving the way for first driverless cars by 2026'

Liability: 'new legislation will make corporations responsible for any mishaps, “meaning a human driver would not be liable for incidents related to driving while the vehicle is in control of driving.”'

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Self-driving vehicles could be on U.K. roads within two years, after the Automated Vehicles (AV) Act received royal assent to become law.

A core part of the new legislation, which has been in the works since 2022, confirms that corporations will be the ones held responsible in the event of a crash, “meaning a human driver would not be liable for incidents related to driving while the vehicle is in control.”

@TechCrunch has more.

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The Department of Justice is looking into whether Tesla committed securities and wire fraud around its self-driving vehicle claims.

The investigation into whether Tesla executives misled consumers, investors, and regulators by making unsupported claims about its autonomous capabilities has been going on since late 2021, reports @theverge, but it has now zoned in on specific charges related to statements made by Elon Musk himself. Here’s more on the filing.

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Tractor-trailers with no one aboard? The future is near for self-driving trucks on US roads

I know I’m not the only one thinking this is the ideal setup for a remake of the Steven Spielberg/Richard Matheson classic “Duel.”

@bookstodon @religion #bookstodon #amwritingscifi #secretscifinetwork #ProfessorK #ChristianSciFi #Duel #autonomousvehicles

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Waymo vehicle crosses double yellow lines and drives down wrong side of street for, "nearly two blocks". (archive link)

Love how Waymo attributes agency to the autonomous car.

"Waymo told the Chronicle in a statement that the robotaxi 'detected that there may be a risk of a person within that crowd who had fallen down, and decided to carefully initiate a passing maneuver when the opposing lane was clear to move around what could be an obstacle and a safety concern.'

"'After starting that maneuver, out of an abundance of caution around these vulnerable road users, and to avoid getting too close or cutting them off, the Waymo remained in the oncoming lane for longer than necessary before returning to its original lane of travel,' the company said. 'The safety of all road users is a top priority for Waymo, and we look forward to learning from this unique event.'"

#Waymo #AutonomousVehicles

redork, to internet

Consider how long it took society to realize the net negative that #SocialMedia is. How long before we saw the scam of the#gigeconomy for what it was? After a decade of breathless promises, people are no longer seriously waiting on #AutonomousVehicles and #Cryptocurrency is finally seen by the wider public as the toxic libertarian fraud it always was.

Consider all this and that #GenerativeAI has only been in the public consciousness for about a year and ALREADY non-tech-oriented outlets are lampooning it for the bald-faced nonsense that it is as well as the #techbros who shill it as the robber barons they are. I am not going to say that we have yet learned our lesson, but this is to me a very promising sign. #aiisascam #goodnews

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Long tail is long


“7 Waymo robotaxis block traffic to San Francisco freeway on-ramp”

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Do you trust driverless cars? Following a number of high-profile incidents, the industry's main lobbying group says autonomous vehicle (AV) operators need to win back the trust of the public for the industry to survive. But @theverge asks, is it all too late?

#AutonomousVehicles #AVs #Driverless #Cars #Tech

schotanus, to random Dutch

What are the implications of robotaxis?

@CernBasher did write a thorough analysis that I recommend in your attention. I want to take a critical look at his predictions and discuss the nuanced realities of such a transformative technology.


Basher, as an investment analyst, suggests that robotaxis might revolutionize the auto industry's business model, with Tesla positioned to gain significantly. He anchors his forecast on a detailed cost comparison.

#robotaxis #autonomousvehicles


Interested in the robotaxi vision? Check out @herbertong's engaging interview with Basher for an in-depth discussion on the future of transport. Well worth the watch for anyone curious about what's on the horizon. 🚗💡

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Tesla goes on trial for Apple engineer’s fatal 2018 Autopilot crash

Plaintiffs allege wrongful death, but Tesla says the driver was playing on his phone.

marcusjenkins, (edited ) avatar

@arstechnica The whole selling point of the TWELVE THOUSAND dollar "FULL self-driving" option is that the car is fully self-driving.

You should be able play on your phone while the Tesla is in FSD mode otherwise I would suggest that you are being conned out of $12,000.

And surely wouldn't be talking bollocks now would he? I mean, we have & everywhere today, right?

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“If autonomous, self-driving vehicles make you uncomfortable, it’s so much worse than you think it is”

marcprecipice, to random avatar

Unless I'm completely misreading/misunderstanding these reports, it looks like Waymo only reported 13 driverless, autonomous vehicle disengagements in California during 2023 (note one line is a 2022 report). Cruise reported …. none? I must be misunderstanding. #AutonomousVehicles

itnewsbot, to Cruise

Cruise failed to disclose disturbing details of self-driving car crash - Enlarge / A Cruise robotaxi test vehicle in San Francisco. (credit: Cru... - -driving

brad262run, to ai avatar

by @hiltzikm
“If you’re a fan of techno-hype, 2023 was the year for you”
“if you believe anything Musk says on any topic, that’s your problem”
“There may be yet another winter, and perhaps even a full scale winter, just around the corner. And it is going to be cold”

kegill, to tesla avatar

Holy 💩

of nearly all vehicles sold in US — 2,000,000+. The system that is supposed to monitor drivers using Autopilot is “defective.”

“Documents posted Wednesday by U.S. safety regulators say the update will increase warnings and alerts to drivers and even limit the areas where basic versions of can operate.”

Stock fell only 3% then recovered. 🤦🏼‍♀️

: “best feature”


itnewsbot, to medical

Elon Musk and Tesla ignored Autopilot’s fatal flaws, judge says evidence shows - Enlarge (credit: NurPhoto / Contributor | NurPhoto)

A Florida ... - #autonomousvehiclesystems #teslafullself-driving #autonomousvehicles #fullself-driving #productliability #teslaautopilot #elonmusk #policy #tesla

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I pine for a renewed emboldening of mass public transit. I wish most folks could get most places they go, on public transit. Then, the remaining unusual destinations could be handled by a reasonably sized & well regulated fleet of robo-cars, which are held well accountable to their operators.

We need to get T. F. away from filling streets with “personal” vehicles. Streets need not be more wide. Streets need to be more efficient at conveying people and things.

#PublicTransit #AutonomousVehicles

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: "In an internal address on Slack to his employees about the suspension, Vogt stuck to his message: “Safety is at the core of everything we do here at Cruise.” Days later, the company said it would voluntarily pause fully driverless rides in Phoenix and Austin, meaning its fleet will be operating only with human supervision: a flesh-and-blood backup to the artificial intelligence.

Even before its public relations crisis of recent weeks, though, previously unreported internal materials such as chat logs show Cruise has known internally about two pressing safety issues: Driverless Cruise cars struggled to detect large holes in the road and have so much trouble recognizing children in certain scenarios that they risked hitting them. Yet, until it came under fire this month, Cruise kept its fleet of driverless taxis active, maintaining its regular reassurances of superhuman safety.

“This strikes me as deeply irresponsible at the management level to be authorizing and pursuing deployment or driverless testing, and to be publicly representing that the systems are reasonably safe,” said Bryant Walker Smith, a University of South Carolina law professor and engineer who studies automated driving."

remixtures, to SelfDrivingCars Portuguese avatar

: "Superficial accounts of self-driving cars suggest a ‘race’ to ‘solve’ a singular ‘autonomy’. Behind the scenes, AV developers have different aims, emphasizing different attachments and targeting different niches. Alongside the possibility of consolidation to a few dominant players, there will also be differentiation as AV companies jostle to attach themselves to the world for competitive advantage. Optimistically, we might conclude that the social constitution of the autonomous vehicle is not yet set. But it remains to be seen whether the technology’s developers will break free from the narrative of autonomy or further entangle society within its effects."

slashdot, to random avatar

@slashdot in the mean time #Cruise #autonomousvehicles are still being driven around #SanFrancisco presumably by Cruise employees but with no riders, and you can’t request a vehicle in their app. I still say meat in the seat or get off the road. #sfba

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“Accurately detecting and responding to traffic officers and other road users such as and is a basic requirement for safe deployment. Unrestricted deployment before operators demonstrate this basic ability … present a serious risk to
“We need actual regulations on , and we should not be putting lives at risk by allowing our city to be a test subject for the industry”

docpop, (edited ) to SanFrancisco avatar

Last night, a group of pranksters (from the Raining Chainsaws collective) dressed up as traffic witches and cast holding spells on autonomous vehicles.

"Omyaw Itaxobor! Omyaw Itaxobor!"

Here is a link to the source video #SanFrancisco #Halloween #ValenciaStreet #AutonomousVehicles

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brad262run, avatar

via @kvnweb
“capital needs of #robotaxis —whether or not people ever actually want them—are almost unimaginably huge”
“big issues with #selfdriving cars is that they won't fail in the same ways that human driven cars fail”
“effort to move out of the testing phase, and effort to focus on growing revenue, and you end up with #Cruise's problems”
“Did they risk angering regulators with their lack of transparency? They did” #autonomousvehicles #GeneralMotors

marcprecipice, to Cruise avatar

I’m interested to see the 2023 reports when they get released. These are all (for and , at least) from before they were driverless. I have a suspicion disengagements happen pretty often for the “driverless” cars, and I’d love to see how often.

marcprecipice, avatar

Holy crap! That is way more than I expected. If an autonomous vehicle requires 1.5 drivers, is that ... better somehow? Anyway, called it, add one point to my score, which no one likes when I bring up. (🎁⛓️)

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