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"Here’s a Clever Way to Uncover America’s Voting Deserts:
Mathematicians are using topological abstractions to find places poorly served by polling stations."

Sure, this is clever. But you know what's even more clever? Eliminating polling places entirely and switching to 100% vote-by-mail like in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Vermont, and Hawaii.

(With some in-person polling places as needed for accessibilty reasons)

#elections #VoteByMail

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I love Oregon's Vote At Home system (aka, Vote By Mail) ❤️

I love getting the voter's pamphlet ahead of time so I can read about the candidates/issues and take my time doing research.

Lastly, I love not having to stand in line. I can't do that due to disability from a chronic illness.

Not to mention the higher risk of infection (COVID, flu, etc) in crowded, indoor settings!

#USPol #Elections #Voting #VoteByMail #VoteAtHome #VotingRights

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Katie Phang & State Sen. Eva Burch on 's 1864 law >>>

"We are pro-choice in November. Watch it happen."

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"In a modern democracy... You have to have responsiveness and you have to have public involvement in the decisions all the time, not just the time of elections.

What happens in NZ is we tend to go to sleep between the elections and there isn't enough public involvement in the decision-making system. We need in this country much more deliberative democracy if we are not to go the way they've gone in the US or Britain ..."

, 2017

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"I think that as politicians we also have to look in the mirror and say; are we engaging the public? Because actually when the issues are put in front of people, and it seems like it's going to be a very important decision and there are real alternatives, turnout does go up."

, 2017

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The Trump campaign’s managers sent a letter asking Republican candidates that use Trump’s name and image in their fundraising ads to give a 5% cut to the Republican nominee’s presidential committee. The letter comes as the former president seeks to close a fundraising gap with President Biden, but campaign officials insist the move is not meant to raise money but to discourage scammers from using his brand and diluting its fundraising reach. Read more from Politico.

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Dear voters 🗳️

Absentee ballot in my mail box today for special May 7 .

In my county and precinct, it’s for a school levy that are often voted on in spring “special elections.”

Go find out if there’s in your county and precinct here:

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Want to see how someone in the US is likely to vote based on their demographics? Check this out:

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“‘Although race is often cited as the central cleavage in America, the single most powerful predictor of #voting intention is #religion,’ the Economist noted. ‘A model that knows nothing save for respondents’ religious affiliations can correctly identify which of the two leading candidates they prefer 62% of the time.’”

Good article from #Seattle’s own Danny Westneat (all that code makes it free to read from the Seattle Times):

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YusufToropov, avatar

In 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court gutted essential parts of the Voting Rights Act, allowing GOP legislatures to enact some of the most racially discriminatory district maps in state history.

@uspolitics @blackvoices @DemocracyMattersALot


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Last year, a federal judge in Georgia ruled that GOP-drawn maps were discriminatory and unlawful because they diluted Black voting power and ignored the state’s growing Black population.

[#BidenHarris2024 #Democrats #DemocratsAbroad #DemsAbroad #voting #votingrights #civilrights #NorthCarolina #Georgia #BlackMastodon #democracy #Alabama #Louisiana #Black #GA #NC #AL #LA #VotingRightsAct #ElectDemocrats #SaveTheBallot

@uspolitics @blackvoices @DemocracyMattersALot


YusufToropov, avatar
YusufToropov, avatar

In North Carolina, voting rights advocates filed suit charging GOP legislators with racially gerrymandering the state House and Senate maps by deliberately diluting the voting power of majority-Black areas.

@uspolitics @blackvoices @DemocracyMattersALot


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And in Louisiana, a federal court determined that GOP-created maps violated the Voting Rights Act by weakening the power of Black voters. The state was ordered to finalize a new map
early this year.

@uspolitics @blackvoices @DemocracyMattersALot


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Recently in Alabama, the Republican legislature refused to comply with a federal judge’s order to create fair voting maps that better represented Black voters. It had to be enforced by court order.

@uspolitics @blackvoices @DemocracyMattersALot


YusufToropov, avatar
YusufToropov, avatar
YusufToropov, avatar
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You want learn speak good about Ranked Choice Voting? 😂 The Oregon RCV Advocates are holding several “Speaker’s Bureau Training”sessions later this month. The first one is Wednesday, April 24 from 6 to 7 pm Virtually via Zoom!

#rankedchoice #voting #speaker

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Lots of changes in voting laws for 2024, especially in swing states. Don't assume voting will work the same way as last time. Find out what's changed in your state.

gift link

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As AJ McDougall reports,

"Eric Hovde, a Republican candidate for Senate in Wisconsin, floated the bizarre idea that people in nursing homes should be disenfranchised because they’re simply too close to death to be 'in a point to vote.'”

Trump endorsed Hovde last week.

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This Influential #Conservative Group Is Making it Harder for #Idaho Districts to Fix Their Schools

The Idaho Freedom Foundation has gone beyond the #education culture wars by targeting local bond and levy #elections, which districts rely on heavily to build and repair #schools.

#Students #News #voting

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"Not voting at all, voting 'uncommitted,' or voting 3rd party (RFK, Jr.) gives the election to Trump, who not only wants Gaza eliminated or Ukraine turned over to Russia, but would also end all of the rights we have now that the Republicans haven’t already tried to eliminate.

We must VOTE BLUE all up and down the ballot in every state. Period."

~ Pamela Hilliard Owens

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