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Marktbericht: DAX weiter auf Berg- und Talfahrt

Der DAX hat anfänglich höhere Gewinne wieder abgegeben und fällt unter 18.000 Punkte. Der Handel bleibt damit nervös. US-Bankberichte fielen gemischt aus und konnten keine positiven Impulse setzen.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/wirtschaft/finanzen/marktberichte/marktbericht-dax-dow-jones-gold-rekordhoch-oel-zinsen-ki-aktien-boerse-100.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

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ChatGPT. Using the same prompt from a few months ago. Before and after. It has gotten so much worse.


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Marktbericht: Alle Augen auf die US-Banken

Anleger greifen bei Aktien beherzt zu, sie nutzen die jüngsten Kursrückgänge zum Einstieg. Ob der DAX seine frühen Kursgewinne mit ins Wochenende nehmen kann, hängt nun aber maßgeblich vom Start der US-Berichtssaison ab.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/wirtschaft/finanzen/marktberichte/marktbericht-dax-dow-jones-gold-rekordhoch-oel-zinsen-ki-aktien-boerse-100.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

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Von KI erstellte Bewerbungen: Chance oder Risiko für Jobsuchende?

Schon ein paar Infos zum Job genügen KI-Programmen wie ChatGPT, um binnen Sekunden ein ansprechendes Bewerbungsschreiben zu erstellen. Wie gehen Unternehmen damit um?
👉 👀

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Mal wieder 30 Minten Lebenszeit verschenkt, weil #ChatGPT nicht hilfreich war...

Daher die Frage an euch: Kann ich mit #LogQL eine Query bauen, die zwei einzelne LogQL Qieries joint?

Ich will konkret aus einem #Apache #Log alle IPs sehen, die eine URL1 aufruft, eine URL2 aber NICHT aufruft.

Der Gedanke ist herauszufinden, wie hoch der Anteil der Nutzer ist, die einen AdBlocker verwenden.

seawall, to ChatGPT
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Lost capacity to brain hours ago, now just thinking about what sounds like en français.

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Marktbericht: Nur eine Zwischenerholung im DAX?

Der DAX verbucht am letzten Handelstag der Woche starke Kursgewinne. Experten zufolge handelt es sich dabei jedoch nur um eine Zwischenrally - während weiterhin ein allgemeiner Abwärtstrend zu befürchten sei.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/wirtschaft/finanzen/marktberichte/marktbericht-dax-dow-jones-gold-rekordhoch-oel-zinsen-ki-aktien-boerse-100.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

#Marktbericht #DAX #Kurse #DowJones #Gold #Rekordhoch #Öl #Aktien #Börse #KI #ChatGPT

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Marktbericht: DAX bleibt angezählt

Der DAX dürfte zum Wochenschluss auf Erholungskurs gehen. Doch dahinter steckt wohl kaum mehr als eine Gegenreaktion auf die jüngsten Kursverluste. Das deutsche Börsenbarometer ist angeschlagen.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/wirtschaft/finanzen/marktberichte/marktbericht-dax-dow-jones-gold-rekordhoch-oel-zinsen-ki-aktien-boerse-100.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

renwillis, to VideoGames
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Okay. I know I poopooed AI and all that, BUT I just discovered an end use that’s actually helpful! — Asking it how to win boss fights in video games!

Finally. All those billions and billions invested by tech venture capitalists paying off.

Though… I do worry how this will affect Big Videogame Guides. But maybe it’s time to knock those hoity toity guide makers down a peg, eh?

ppatel, to ai
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Researchers are using generative and other techniques to teach new skills—including tasks they could perform in homes.

Is robotics about to have its own moment?


nurkiewicz, to ChatGPT
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The animations produced by 3Blue1Brown channel are always stunning. This one is about how #ChatGPT is implemented: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjZofJX0v4M

futurebird, (edited ) to random
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People trying to train AIs are now complaining that all of the AI data on the internet are making it hard for them to get quality training sets of natural language and images.

bitter snickering

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@futurebird The main players have a big advantage, can already detect because they have been training for so long the small players don't have that advantage. I would suggest using data from before became popular with end-consumers. The good thing for small AI companies is, they don't get Robot.txt & blocked (i think >15% of major sites are blocking main AI scrapers) so they still have access to those data pools which are also guaranteed not to be AI

weddige, to ai
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The big problem with the ubiquitous push for #AIAssistants is the idea that I would want to talk to them if they just were a bit better.

Sometimes I don't even want to talk to real humans, so why would I ever want a fake human to be my interface to things that I can perfectly read myself?

#AI #LLM #Copilot #Bard #ChatGPT

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Antiwokisme, manifestations interdites, logos, Twitter Blue : les perles du rapport du déontologue de l’Assemblée nationale https://projetarcadie.com/content/perles-deontologue-2023

TWSheppard, to ChatGPT
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ChatGPT or its successors are going to kill Google search.

I was searching for what I thought was a reasonably easy thing and the first 5 results were Google pushing YouTube videos. No—NO!—I do not want to watch some dumb video to find a simple answer. After the first result were 4 alternate searches. There were no solutions on the 1st page of results. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Using the exact query with ChatGPT and it returned a conversational reply telling me exactly what I needed to do.

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renwillis, to ai
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Truly an amazing time to be alive. The future job market is just humans verifying AI content, fun.

#ai #artificialintelligence #chatgpt #llmai

qbi, to ChatGPT German
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Im Rahmen meines Experiments von
hat dann noch das Wort "Sasse" mit neuer Bedeutung erfunden.

br00t4c, to ai
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ChatGPT Security Issues Raise Ethical Questions about Artificial Intelligence

#ai #chatgpt


cgruenloh, to academia
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Root problem: Demand in research funding is much bigger than supply. Introducing: complicated grant application system to distribute funding.

20xx: Grant proposals are getting very complicated; writing bureaus are increasingly used to support researchers putting their ideas on paper in a way that increases their chances in winning the funding lottery. 1/x

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2023: ChatGPT is getting used to write grants.

2025: Many many more research grant applications are submitted. So many that this is not feasible any more. Introducing: using AI to filter through all the submitted proposals.


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This is inspired by a conversation I had today with someone working at a University grant office. This is not a joke. I learned that for a national grant it’s estimated that 30% are written using AI. And that funding bodies currently discuss whether to use AI to deal with possible exponentially increased submissions?? Besides the “to disclose” or “not to disclose” debate… 3/x

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SERIOUSLY: What are we doing? 😱
“Solving” a problem (too many submissions) with the very same technology that caused it? And probably making it even worse, because what type of proposals are likely to get through? The human-written or the AI-written ones?

We should look closely at the process; not throwing AI at everything. Only silver lining: closer interaction between applicant & funding body is also discussed. Not sure if that is AFTER the AI filter tho… 4/x

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In the context of writing and reviewing a letter of reference, this cycle of “writing by AI” - “reviewing b AI” was exactly what @pluralistic predicted:

… and which is what I thought immediately about when I read this nature article:

What a world we live in 😱


jalcine, to ChatGPT
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Why learn CSS when you can just slap some Tailwind on things? Why learn HTML when you can just chuck a few (hundred) React components into your app? Hell, why learn to code at all when you can just ask or and copy/paste the result?

Because the result looks and works like shit. That’s why.


@cferdinandi is onto something here

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