MissingThePt, to random
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Sex is good but have tried recreational sex?

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#Pedophiles very much have a vested interest in keeping the supply of unwanted #children high.

That is likely the reason I'm getting strong pedo vibes from this #christofascist #Rufo.

slcw, to church
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Commander #MikeJohnson is treating the #HouseOfRepresentatives like his own private #church. He calls meetings to address legitimate government business, and spends 2/3rds of the time preaching from his #Bible, and butchering history to craft Biblical rationalizations for his predetermined agenda. The People's House is not a goddamned church, or a venue for #Christofascist pigs to inject #Christianity into our secular government.

#ChristianNationalism #religionOfHate


slcw, to random
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This #Christofascist #traitor and disgrace to the uniform is displaying his #patriotism by threatening to assassinate the #President. So, of course he's running for office as a #Republican. The #GQP is a party of traitors and #bigots, and no longer a legitimate governing body. It's a #terrorist organization specializing in #stochasticViolence, and this proud #ChristianNationalist is just the latest bomber.


qotca, to Michigan
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"Racism is dark, dangerous, and disgraceful. Rep. Schriver’s pedaling of the racist ‘replacement theory’ is a deplorable demonstration of his fear of a dynamic and diverse Michigan future where all of our people in every community can succeed,” he said. “What is equally as abhorrent is the fact that this rhetoric has not been condemned in any serious way by Rep. Schriver’s Repub Party counterparts. The silence is deafening.”

#Michigan #Christofascist #Racist


slcw, to mentalhealth
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#Christofascist #FloridaRepublicans want to replace #mentalHealth counselors in schools with untrained, unqualified "#chaplains". It's just the latest effort to inject #Christianity into our #publicSchools, and advance the Republican #ChristianNationalist agenda to turn America into a Christian #theocracy.


protecttruth, to random
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This is #FashInsurrection2.
This is #Treason.

This is where the 25 state #Fascist trifectas test how far Biden is willing to go to defend US democracy if it comes to TX-incited violence.

Will the rest of the nation support him in this?

The #ChristoFascist Texans have been supported by Putin. (Medvedev's X account was used to post a long entry supporting TX succession / treason while chiding Biden for not doing anything about the "border crisis.")

slcw, to random
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Oregon Republican #EWernerReschke is a #ChristianNationalist who is openly advocating for turning the #UnitedStates into a #Christofascist theocracy. He doesn't believe #atheists, #Muslims, or adherents of any other religion should be allowed to participate in government. This guy is obviously a pair of mismatched clown shoes, but the #Christian desire for domination is no joke. We could lose our republic if we don't stay vigilant.

#religionOfHate #ChristianIdiocy


18+ cosmicallyf, to random
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What caused the Civil War?


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@cosmicallyf @theogrin @paninid
Assembly of God boarding school sounds horrendous. Luckily I was public school the whole way through.

Locking kids in #Christofascist training centers while getting public funding to do it is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Bananas.


skykiss, to random
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According to congressional record: GymJordan was issued a subpoena by the House Select Committee investigating the #Jan6 2021 attack at the U.S. Capitol on May 12, 2022. The current date is January 12, 2024. Therefore, the number of days since Jim Jordan was issued a subpoena by the Congress is 609.

So, it has been 609 days since Jim Jordan was issued a subpoena by the Congress.

#Insurrectionist Jordan has been in contemp of Congress for 609 days.

#fascist #fascism #christofascist

(1) Jan. 6 panel gives Jim Jordan deadline to comply with subpoena https://spectrumnews1.com/oh/columbus/news/2022/06/01/jan--6-committee-says-jim-jordan-must-comply-with-subpoena.
(2) House investigators subpoena Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, 4 other Republicans. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/politics/2022/05/12/house-investigators-subpoena-ohio-rep-jim-jordan-4-other-republicans/9748299002/.

alexwild, to random
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I have seen two news stories in the past 6 months about Jackson, Mississippi.

  1. The white state government is removing the locally-elected judiciary of the majority black city and replacing it with unelected, white-appointed courts.

  2. Hundreds of bodies have been found buried behind the jail, many of people never charged with a crime who were reported by families as “missing”.

These are fundamentally the same story.

@shansterable@c.im avatar

Meet Mississippi's governor, Tate Reeves, narrowly reelected in 2023.

"In early 2020, he closed schools, declared a state of emergency, and told people to trust in the "power of prayer", but did little to combat COVID-19 transmission."

"In August 2021, Reeves argued that Mississippi Christians were 'less scared' because 'when you believe in eternal life—when you believe that living on this earth is but a blip on the screen, then you don't have to be so scared of things.' That month, Mississippi had the nation's highest rate of COVID-19 cases and deaths per capita."

#Tater #ChristianNationalist #Christofascist #GQP #USPol #USPolitics

Jaysyn, to religiouscringe in Beware of Taylor Swift
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Brainwashed #christofascist women are trying to remove their own right to vote.

skykiss, (edited ) to random
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"Our democracy is now at war against far-right goons who want to establish a white-supremacist, dictatorship in America.

You understand—that an orchestrated plot against higher education is one front in the ongoing insurrection these traitors are waging, and that that insurrection dwarfs everything else in significance.

The have put themselves permanently outside civil discourse in the United States, as they want nothing but the destruction of this country. They are not waiting to be preached to and converted; they are dangerous cultists who support the terrorism of .

The men (they’re almost all men) orchestrating this assault on our values—from Flynn to Stone, Patel to Kirk, Rufo to Trump, Posobiec to Jones—aren’t stupid. Many of them have comms capabilities significantly beyond those of 99.9% of Americans—or intelligence backgrounds. They’re fighting an information war against us in a dastardly way they’ve planned in advance" S.A.

KawaTora, to random
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Normal People: What was the civil war fought over?

White Supremacists: It was about states' rights.

Normal People: States' rights to do what exactly?

White Supremacists: To make and enforce their own laws.

Normal People: Laws regarding what?

White Supremacists: Property and theft.

Normal People: What kind of property? Theft of what?

White Supremacists: Well, people were stealing slaves and taking them to free states.

Normal People: Who was stealing slaves?

White Supremacists: The slaves were stealing themselves by running to the North and those damn Yankees didn't want to send them back.

Normal People: So what did the South do about it?

White Supremacists: They got a federal law passed in 1851, that forced the Northern states to ignore their own laws against slavery and recognize the South's right to have escaped slaves sent back. It was called the Fugitive Slave Act.

Normal People: So you pushed for a new federal law to force states to ignore their own state laws and constitutions in the name of "states' rights", is that correct?

White Supremacists: Yep,

Normal People: Then what happened?

White Supremacists: Those damn Yankees got control of the house and the senate and the presidency and tried to ban slavery nationwide.

Normal People: So they wanted to use a federal law to force Southern states to change their laws, kind of like with the Fugitive Slave Act you pushed for a decade earlier, right?

White Supremacists: No, this was different because this time it effected the South.

Normal People: So what happened as a result?

White Supremacists: We decided to commit treason against the USA and start our own country to keep slaves.

Normal People: So you admit the Civil War was about slavery.

White Supremacists: No it was about states' rights. States have rights to own slaves but no rights to refuse to recognize slavery.

#NikkiHaley #CivilWar #Slavery #Christofascist #GOP

sb, to NewBrunswick
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This is the #electoralDistrict in which #ChristoFascist #nazi #FayteneGrasseschi is running.

This area includes the beautiful river community of #Hampton - a wooded and slow-paced community.

#StMartins is home to one of our summer tourist attractions - tall caves carved into towering cliffs from the force of The #BayOfFundy - the fastest and highest tides in the world!

Beginning in St. Martins and ending in #Alma is the #FundyTrailParkway and #FundyNationalPark, featuring one of the 50 Hardest hikes in the World!

The beauty of this region is overwhelming.

Aside from Faytene, St. Martins has another adversary: #KathrynMcCain of #McCainFrozenFoods has been buying large swaths of property to build a private golf course - the antithesis of all the publicly accessible parks in the area.

Folks, if we don't protect this stuff, it will be gone forever.

#StandUpNB #newBrunswick #fuckoffFaytene #vote #resist

Nigel_Purchase, to random
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I hadn’t broken Poland’s abortion laws – so why did the police raid my flat?


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As to why .... misogyny .... sexism ....#ChrisTaliban .... #ChristoFascist

Jaysyn, to atheism in Catholic legal expert says Iowa Satanic Temple display not protected by First Amendment
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rather about making a mockery of religion.

That's Freedom of Religion & Freedom of Speech you stupid #christofascist bag of hair.

realTuckFrumper, to random
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Mike Johnson in 2019: 'You can’t impeach a president because you don’t like him' https://www.alternet.org/mike-johnson-impeach-president/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

@Bandersnatch@mastodon.social avatar

@realTuckFrumper Pointing out hypocrisy to a #GOP #christofascist does nothing.

Reminder, #Jesus supposedly said #hypocrites get fast-tracked to Hell.

This is how you know they don't really believe in the #God they claim to worship.

br00t4c, to politicus
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Jaysyn, to nottheonion in Speaker Johnson Explains Holdup In Releasing Jan 6 Tapes: ‘We Have To Blur Some Of The Faces’ To Protect Them From The DOJ
Jaysyn avatar

Yeah, but the Insurrection Hunters didn't have access to these videos & now, thanks to #christofascist Mike Johnson, they still won't.

SrRochardBunson, to news
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7 minute listen about the movement to ban books. It's from NPR, so maybe a good one to share with people not aware of this threat.


#NPR #ChristoFascist #BookBanning #News

slcw, to Christianity
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Rep. (R-WI) is the latest hypocritical who doesn't understand that isn't special, and doesn't own the public square. I hope he spends his , and suffering from acid reflux caused by his ignorance of the .

SrRochardBunson, to Christianity
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Today's #Christofascist phrase of the day is...

"Lions not sheep"

IMO, it's the distillation of their perverted view of Christianity and Jesus. So much so that the bimper sticker I saw was probably from the brand of the same name.

#Exvangelical #Christianity #Jesus

slcw, to Stoicism
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Pack your shit, folks. The author of those terrible "" books has declared that all the have been fulfilled, and the should be happening any day now. Personally, I'm looking forward to the that will surely descend upon the Earth once all the have been teleported to La-La Land, or wherever it is they think they're going.


slcw, to bible
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The anti-LGBTQ hate group #OneMillionMoms is big angry that the annual Macy's #Thanksgiving Day #Parade is including two Broadway musicals that feature #trans and non-binary characters. They demand that the parade represent lilly-white, #Christofascist values to the exclusion of everyone else. And they're going to get their way by staging a #boycott! In their mind, all the good, white #Christians are going to stay home and read the #Bible instead of watching the parade!


realTuckFrumper, to random
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Termed-out DeSantis faces bleak future after presidential bid flop: report https://www.rawstory.com/desantis-political-future/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

@Bandersnatch@mastodon.social avatar

@realTuckFrumper For the rest of my life I will boycott & badmouth any company or organization that hires that #fascist piece of shit or his #Stepford #christofascist wife.

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