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Early-retired #Church of #Scotland #minister. Graduate of #Glasgow University and #Princeton Seminary- #Fulbright alumnus. Registered same-sex marriage celebrant. Occasional reposts or links in #German.
I won't follow you, or let you follow me, if you don't have a description.
#theology #Christianity #liturgy #politics #preaching #religion #ChurchOfScotland #Presbyterian #Reformed #faith #NoBridge

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Peternimmo, to Russia
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NormanDunbar, (edited ) to random
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I was stopped by the police a while back because I was driving at speed along the middle of the road.

I told them I was able to do so because I was instructed by my licence to drive. They asked to see it and I showed them where it said "tear along the dotted line"! 😁

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@NormanDunbar an oldie, but a good one!

thisismyglasgow, to glasgow
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A question to start today: Why is constructing the building on the left be VAT-free, while renovating the historic building on the right and converting it to a new purpose is not? To me, this is completely the wrong way round and such tax rules are undoubtedly contributing to what seems to be the rapidly-accelerating loss of our built heritage.


#glasgow #architecture #glasgowbuildings #builtheritage #historicbuildings #vat #hillhead

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@thisismyglasgow a bugbear of mine for years. If you have a historic church, you have to pay VAT and then claim it back. If we were really interested in our historic buildings- and, for that matter, if public policy was serious about the environmental crisis- we would abolish VAT for repairs

RickiTarr, to random
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Alright, lots of heavy discussions today, so let's talk about something silly!

What is a movie that always makes you laugh?

Personal pick:

Anything Mel Brooks, but Robin Hood: Men in Tights, it's just funny every time I watch it.

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@RickiTarr I once saw Mel Brooks's Young Frankenstein in the cinema, complete with his introduction to it. You could tell half the audience knew the jokes before they arrived- but it was a lovely experience

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@RickiTarr my 2 children watched Blazing Saddles recently. The theatre studies student was mildly amused until the Hollywood song and dance sequence, which knocked them flat

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@RickiTarr Carry On Up the Kyber

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@TLB73 @RickiTarr gosh, yes. I always enjoy a rewatch of A Shot in the Dark! The pre titles sequence doesn't even have Sellers in it, but it's ingenious https://youtu.be/NC_s4gyIqag?feature=shared

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@RickiTarr two of Bill Forsyth's gentle comedies. I watched Gregory's Girl with my wife recently. She hadn't seen it and loved it. I also rewatched, for the first time in years, Local Hero- I'd forgotten how good the young Peter Capaldi was in that

Peternimmo, to BBC
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#BBC's Steve Rosenberg on the #GeorgeOrwell library in Russia. Its founder has fled #Russia. The 68 year old #librarian says “We helped destroy the #SovietUnion but failed to build #democracy. We didn’t have the experience to know when to stand firm and say ‘You mustn’t do this.’ Perhaps if my generation had read Ninety Eighty-Four, it would have acted differently.”
I read #Orwell at #school in #Scotland, but I'm not sure he's on the #curriculum now. He should be

br00t4c, to random
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Trump Issues Urgent Warning to Others Paying Hush Money to Porn Stars



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@br00t4c @jstatepost who among us hadn't paid hush money to a porn star?

kravietz, to Ukraine
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Last nights rocket attack on Port Kavkaz is interesting, because most media describe it as simply located “in Krasnodar krai”, which is technically correct - but Port Kavkaz is literally located in the Kerch strait, not far (around 15 km) from the Kerch Bridge (the orange dot on the map).

If Ukraine “Neptun” rockets were able to reach fuel depots in Port Kavkaz, they were also able to reach the bridge - yet, they decided the port is a higher value target. And it also indicates the Russian air defense in the area is severely depleted, because only a few days ago Ukraine was able to hit Russian ships and ferries in the same area.

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@kravietz I was wondering yesterday why the ferries were still in use, and not merely kept in reserve in case the bridge is damaged. I wonder if the Russians are sending all their fuel via the train ferries in case of sabotage? Certainly, the entire route now seems vulnerable

Peternimmo, to random
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I'm being a bit parochial, but... Does Liz still think that Donald should be US President again?

Peternimmo, to america
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In , you can now legally describe Donald as a crook

Peternimmo, to random
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I'm sure the artists will be delighted...
TechCrunch@mstdn.social - Exactly.ai secures $4M to help artists use AI to scale up their output https://tcrn.ch/4bBiU9a

Peternimmo, to tech
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Terrific example of pointlessness here from @jon. Not everything in life needs an app!
jon@gruene.social - All over Tallinn there are these app controlled bike racks. But I don’t want to have to download an app to park a bike. And I don’t think it even fits a Birdy, let alone a cargo bike. And the regular racks are poor…

Peternimmo, to philosophy
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I've always been sceptical about using #microblogging for discussion of complex issues such as topics in #theology. But a #toot of mine yesterday led to intelligent and thought provoking replies. Is this another way in which #Mastodon beats what came before?

Peternimmo, to edinburgh
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Council moves from emergency accommodation to make way for coming to a . Shelter Scotland: "it is obviously shameful that a major event in the ‘festival city’ should have such a significant knock-on effect for people experiencing homelessness". Imho it says something about our priorities as a society that we will just push people out of the way so we can be entertained

Peternimmo, to philosophy
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nerds here: where would you suggest someone with little or no knowledge of should start if they wanted to read the ?

Peternimmo, to random
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Good grief- we're on to Day 2 of . Looks like the really don't have any other ideas

Peternimmo, to random
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I'd heard The Internet Archive [https://archive.org/] might have to close. I can't connect to it today. Anything know anything?

Peternimmo, to uk
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Sometimes it's hard to distinguish from the Private Eye parodies...

Peternimmo, to Ukraine
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has no fear of a Russian nuclear attack. And as bombs a shopping centre, will ignore red lines to defend itself- Phillips P O'Brien

Peternimmo, to Army
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An 71 year old ex officer is standing against Liz in her constituency of South West . James Bagge decided to stand as an independent to try and unseat Truss “When her ‘monthly’ newsletter was 18 months out of date”


Peternimmo, to DoctorWho
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This made me laugh!
Via @danjel


Peternimmo, to random
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Scottish Parliament goes into recess on 29 June, less than a week before the UK General Election

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