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Allarme Oversharing: Un Ragazzo su Cinque Si Pente di Cosa Ha Pubblicato Online

La ricerca di #Kaspersky Lab sulla sicurezza online dei #bambini ha rivelato tendenze allarmanti. Quasi un bambino su cinque intervistato si è pentito dei contenuti precedentemente pubblicati #online. Queste pubblicazioni riguardavano #informazioni #personali sia sui #bambini stessi che su altre #persone.

#redhotcyber #online #it #ai #hacking #innovation #privacy #cybersecurity #technology #engineering #cybercrime #intelligence #intelligenzaartificiale #informationsecurity #ethicalhacking #dataprotection #cybersecurityawareness #cybersecuritytraining #cybersecuritynews #infosecurity

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Do people ( & )) still care about the country assignment of their & networks used on their servers? Or don’t you mind about it anymore…?

Example: Coming from .de and using a French IP is ok for you?

puppygirlhornypost, avatar

@gyptazy Yes. If you have IPs that are assigned under RIPE and you are announcing them under ARIN's jurisdiction it's a sort of red flag. At least to my net admin friends that I know since there's a lot of prop up VPS companies that buy cheap blocks on RIPE and don't bother "porting" (I don't remember the right term for transferring allocations between RIRs...).

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Koniec Eldoradow w IT nie wiąże się z finansami czy AI. To dużo poważniejszy problem


other fedi admins: Here's my unhinged alt, it has its own name so you can tell us apart.

me: make accounts everywhere using the same name, good luck figuring out which one of us is hinged

's-like-wheel-of-fortune -the-fortune-is-unhinged

puppygirlhornypost, avatar

@dracoling im hinged on unhinged

raumfahrttutnot, German avatar

"Microsoft 365: Big Brother nach Programm?"

"Clara Fritsch..: „Ein derart komplexes und umfassend zur Überwachung der Beschäftigten geeignetes System wie Microsoft 365 muss natürlich mit einer Betriebsvereinbarung geregelt werden. Das ist im Arbeitsverfassungsgesetz festgeschrieben.“"


#AG #AN #Arbeitnehmer #Bedrohung #BigBrother #Copilot #DSGVO #EDV #FORBA #IT #KI #Microsoft #Microsoft365 #Office365 #Sicherheitslücke #Überwachung

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the amount of default wifi networks in this neighborhood is too damn high

JohnJBurnsIII, avatar


I get a lot of different ones - via folks that drive by in their fancy cars.

I don't check often - but if I'm on the porch and traffic is heavy, such that a line of cars backs up (e.g. a train goes by as school lets out) --- I open wi-fi and see what pops up.

So much...


a reply to the first tumblr post by blank0s, which is a screenshot of a series of hashtags from another user named transfem-juice, which read: makes me kinda sad when people hate on the uwu catgirl stuff so much let people be cringe firstly cause they arent harming anyone secondly its often people who are just discovering something huge about themselves and are going through a lot what if a bunch of newly discovered transfems are clinging to the uwu anime catgirl thigh highs stereotype they not have fun are they harming rolling your eyes at them isnt reason to bully them for it they genuinely like it then so what let them have their fun knows we need more trams joy in this horrible fucking age we stop policing fun and enjoyment and escapism about the rant(?) i guess i wish i held on to the uwu catgirl headpats stuff for longer i think about how i grew out of my 'headpat and skirt go spinny phase' before actually like getting either one of them
another reply from mitzo, which contains a screenshot of un-cited hashtags which read: are really Really mean towards young trans people. like unbelievably mean trans people Need to be allowed to be 'cringe'. cis people are allowed to be 'cringe' when they're young all the time have their skirt go spinny or eating sticks and rocks and mud or whatever phases. it's normal #i think it's a given that this kind of thing will be 'unrelatable' to a lot of other trans people especially 'older' trans people you've kinda been 'in your gender' so to speak for a while the novelty of that stuff can kinda wear off god is 'unrelatable to me personally' the worst thing someone can do? out you're trans is like. a huge fucking deal sometimes! and if some people express that with anime catgirl memes then who cares #(for reference i'm kind of using 'younger' and 'older' to mean 'out for a shorter amount of time' and 'out for a longer amount of time' it has something to do with age but not always)
another reply by sapphic-scylla which reads: "And to add to all of this, have you ever actually worn thigh high socks and a skirt? Peak comfort. That and it's worthnoting that a lot, and i mean a LOT, of transfems (and transmascs for the matter) never had the childhood they wanted. I know I especially was brought up in a strict and restrictive household where anything outside the norm eas considered a joke and we were ridiculed for it by family. A lot of trans people don't get to experience the younger ages of gender expression or the carefree existence of not being burdened with the nagging thoughts of wanting to fit in, so telling them they can't is disrespectful especially when they're trying to be their authentic selves. 't kill the part of you that is cringe. Kill the part of you that cringes.

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Big Saturday stuff at the Ferrell house today.

beardedtechguy, avatar

@developerjustin Sounds like a fun day! What you going back to school for?

developerjustin, avatar

@beardedtechguy I started an IT degree about 15 years ago and then dropped out when I took my current job. I’ve had a few false starts over the years but during the pandemic I decided I’m actually going to finish it for good. It’s funny, having worked in marketing and web development for all this time but not actual IT. I was way too confident going into this program because I am learning how little I actually know about hardware and networking 😅

kemotep, avatar

What’s a good appreciation gift for a team member who cracks the case? Today a network admin in our IT team caught an ancient sftp server being abused and shut it down. I’m thinking a 6 pack of craft beer.

What has your team done for people who go above and beyond in finding and stopping incidents?

kemotep, avatar

@Legit_Spaghetti oh man only if I wasn’t also just some random schmuck on the IT team.

I’m the security guy so I want to let my fellow team member know I appreciate him saving our asses by catching an anomaly on the network. Makes a bunch of paperwork and follow up remediation work for me but it was a great catch.

Neblib, avatar

@kemotep @Legit_Spaghetti some organizations have a "this guy did great" cash rewards (with a certain amount usable per employee per year), might be worth asking HR if your org has similar. Also sending a note to their supervisor selling their praise is always awesome too and can help if your org does annual review/performance bonuses/etc . Gift cards sometimes work better than booze unless you know they partake + know their preference, but a six pack is a good idea if they'd like it.

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Netzpolitischer Abend zum Thema «KI im Journalismus: Wohin geht die Reise?»

📅 Do. 16. Mai 2024
🕖 19:00 Uhr
📍 Karl der Grosse in Zürich / Schweiz

Ich werde heute Abend wieder dort sein und neben dem spannenden Vortrag vom Timo Grossenbacher auch nette Menschen treffen. Wer nicht vor Ort sein kann, kann den Vortrag auch über einen freien Video-Stream auf @c3voc über das Internet verfolgen.

#ki #it #netzpolitik #journalismus #presse #internet #vortrag #zurich @digiges

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Sektor und

Digitales Scheitern: am Ende

"Die sollte 5000 errichten und den 'n in Deutschland ein Ende bereiten. Vier Jahre später ist das Projekt selbst am Ende – und kein einziger Mast in Betrieb."

kubikpixel, (edited ) German avatar

Leider wird gerne "Der Westen" noch als die -Übermacht gesehen.

»Nordkorea – Wie Kims Elite- zum globalen 'sproblem werden:
ist international isoliert und seine Ressourcen sind begrenzt – doch im 'bereich gehört das Land zur . Dass selbst westliche Großkonzerne nicht sicher vor Kims Cybersoldaten sind, beweist das Regime immer wieder. Experten warnen, dass die kritische westlicher Länder gefährdet ist«


kubikpixel, avatar

🧵…und weshalb bin ich nicht erstaunt, dass die "stabile" Kryptawährung Tornado Cash dabei eine Rolle spielt?!

»Uno-Bericht – Kryptodiebstahl in Milliardenhöhe durch nordkoreanische Hacker vermutet:
Nordkorea ist bettelarm – und leistet sich dennoch ein teures Atomprogramm. Das Geld dafür stammt auch aus digitalen Raubzügen staatlicher Hacker. Die Vereinten Nationen beziffern nun den Schaden.«


kubikpixel, (edited ) German avatar

»Software aus der Schweiz statt Amerika:
Software von Big Tech ist alternativlos? Stimmt nicht, sagt Swiss Made Software und zeigt auf seiner Website mögliche Schweizer Lösungen.«

Abgesehen davon @inside_It, wäre ua Open-Source auch eine Alternative. Obwohl sehr viele dieser Software Kostenlos ist, lässt sich damit durchaus gut Geld verdienen ohne bei 0 anzufangen, wie zB die IT-Konzerne aus der USA.


Toasterson, avatar

@kubikpixel @inside_It Nein das ganze dotnet framework hat nun mehr und mehr azure only services und langsam aber sicher schiebt leute richtung azure fuer das beste und groesste.

kubikpixel, avatar

@Toasterson @inside_It diesbezüglich ist M$ nicht alleine und gewisse OSS Lizenzen sind alles andere als FLOSS / FOSS und deswegen eine vorgetäuschte Offenheit, egal von wem.

stefano, avatar

Putting today's events on the scale, it seems balanced:

Client 1: "The setup you provided on FreeBSD and dedicated hosting outperforms an expensive public Cloud. I'm very satisfied!"

Client 2: "To simplify DevOps, I want to use low-cost, low-quality external service and decommission our servers. Infrastructure costs are too high." (Four physical servers on a low-cost provider with consultancy for management).

And it's only Monday.

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You win some, you lose some. 😉

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Follow @itnewsbot for the latest IT ne… Wait, what…?

#IT #news #screenshot #fun #funny #humor #humour #LOL

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Weshalb lügt mich die Presse an wenn es um die KI geht und helfen mir nicht, haben die darüber nachgedacht?!?? ;)

»Studie – Künstliche Intelligenz kann lügen und betrügen:
Die Macher von KI-Systemen preisen die Technik als große Hilfe an. Was passiert, wenn die KI sich nicht an die Regeln hält, sondern täuscht und manipuliert?«


#ki #luge #lugen #kunstlicheintelligenz #manipuliert #manipulation #it #studie

katharina_buholzer, avatar

@kubikpixel lügen und betrügen setzte Absicht voraus. Eine KI, da ohne bewusstsein, hat diese Voraussetzung nicht. Eine KI kann auch nicht zwischen wahr und unwahr unterscheiden.

kubikpixel, avatar

@katharina_buholzer absolut ja doch wie weit ist dies von (teils) Entwicklern gefördert, durch die KI Erstellung? 🤔

kubikpixel, German avatar

Nun ja, das KI von der Polizei und BKA den Datenschutz umgeht ist nun keine Überraschung, nicht nur in Deutschland:

»[…] Das BKA nutzte nach Informationen des BR Millionen Bilder aus einer Polizeidatenbank, um Gesichtserkennungssoftware zu testen. Ob das legal war, ist fraglich. Der Fall zeigt, wie Sicherheitsbehörden beim Umgang mit Daten in rechtlichen Grauzonen operieren. […]«


kubikpixel, (edited ) avatar

@der_manu es ist sogar @besendorf betroffen und in der Sendung, wenn dies nicht die Freiheit eigen intepriert wird von der Regierung um evt. Einfluss aufzuzeigen? 🤷‍♂️


kubikpixel, avatar

🧵 …ach ja wirklich, echtzeit erkennung ist keine Überwachung, was denn sonst? Wir dabei zufälligerweise Menschen als Täter erkannt, egal ob sie es sind oder nicht?

»Echtzeit-Gesichtserkennung: Wachsende Sorgen wegen biometrischer Überwachung:
Anwälte und Oppositionspolitiker fordern Aufklärung über die Einsätze eines heimlichen Kamerasystems in Sachsen und Berlin sowie den BKA-Test mit Echtdaten.«


metin, avatar

From the ar(t)chive…

Stylized 3D illustration for a 2006 business report, about combining separate company divisions for more efficiency.

daniel, avatar

@metin This reminds me of the container city I saw yesterday at our infamous local mega-project Stuttgart 21. But they were missing the studs 😁

metin, avatar

@daniel 🙂 Amsterdam, or maybe some other city, also has, or had, a stacked container home project.

jela, German avatar

Die Stadt beschloss im Juli 2023 das der an Dataport. Im November 2023 wurde kompromittiert. Bis März 2024 war das Outsourcing abgeschlossen. Im April 2024 informierte man über den .

eliashaeussler, German avatar

As some of you have already noticed, I recently started my Master's degree in & . I've been thinking about how to combine this with my passion for – so here's the deal: I'll try to publish all my written exam papers here:

emill1984, Polish avatar

Kiedys bylo "kazdy moze byc programista i zarabiac 15k miesiecznie"

Dzisiaj "kazdy moze byc prompt engineerem" xD Ciekawe kiedy to ebnie ;)


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Nah, the quarterly earnings are the money NOT spent on highly needed maintenance and upgrades.

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