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Hey #Gamers and #twitchstreamer folks. What are you playing / streaming at the moment, and should I check it out?

My current playlist includes Crow Country and Manor Lords for review, and Tenchu and Horizon Zero Dawn for fun.

#VideoGames #Gaming #RetroGaming



@PixelBandits I've been playing Vampire Survivors again recently because of the DLC and updates. Symphony of War is quite a good tactical RPG with an interesting story; I'm about a third of the way through at the moment.
Prodeus is a great old-school 'boomer shooter' with good level and monster design. Recommended.

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looking for a decent Windows11 PC for my soon to be 9 year old son who likes gaming...

sadly his dad, me, is a Linux fanatic that does not know much about gaming and/or its hardware requirements...

any good recommendations for a decent setup that would offer a nice gameplay (should be in Europe) ?

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refurbished or second hand would be perfectly fine

renatafernandes, Portuguese avatar

Atenção, e povo que se interessa por e localização de games,

algumes de vocês já devem ter ouvido falar num movimento de tradutores de que começou no :twitter: por meio da , há alguns anos.

Profissionais do setor cobram que seus nomes sejam divulgados nos créditos quando o jogo é lançado, pois assim poderiam falar sobre seus projetos, ganhar prestígio dentro do setor. Logo, mais projetos, mais clientes.

Várias empresas que produzem games e empresas de localização de games deixaram de fora os nomes de quem integrou as equipes de localização. Isso acontece até hoje!

Uma vez, por exemplo, o nome do project manager foi citado, mas o dos tradutores não foi.

Há uma matéria antigazinha sobre o tema, mas é legal:

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So & fans... I'm struggling with Octopath Traveler 2. I can handle random battles, but that combined with super disjointed stories & very restrictive party management is making the game less fun and more burdensome and/or disruptive.

I'm thinking of switching (pun intended) to Terra Memoria for a fun, cozy experience.

Anyone else struggle with OT2?


Rakun, avatar

That was my issues with OT1 already, and many people I talked to took the same issues.

That they didn't fix it between 1 and 2 feels super strange tbh

renwillis, avatar

@Rakun It’s supposed to be “better” than OT1 in these regards, but definitely not fixed!

buru5, avatar
buru5, avatar

playing on ephinea if anyone is interested

rootcompute, avatar

@buru5 I think I started a character on here a while back, possibly years ago. I will have to look when I have some time


Question for any If you take a game off of your mini, will all its related data be lost too. I ask because i want to play a few RPGs on it, but i also use it to run a gaming event at my local library. I usually edit the games on the system to only include the ones that i want the patrons to play for that day. Would i lose data if i keep installing and uninstalling star ocean or something long?

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FLOSS-Game Highlight: OpenTTD, ein Meisterwerk der Wirtschaftssimulation

In der Welt der Wirtschaftssimulationen gibt es eine Perle, die sowohl Veteranen als auch Neueinsteiger gleichermaßen in ihren Bann zieht: OpenTTD.

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Notice/reminder to that the eagerly awaited v.1.6 of drops tomorrow. It's 20% off on through March 21 (but would be worth every penny even at double the full price).


Ok Ok! This wallop Wednesday, we take leave of our senses ...or well of them. We look at the results of's jam 3, an initiative where people essentially hackathon a bunch of games together in a short amouunt of time. We'll be looking at this year's entries and see what innovations we encounter. Join me in an hour over at

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Collaborating with my boyfriend who recently became a gaming TikTok influencer (!) and created some funny unisex merchandise for him, American space jokes and gaming jokes relating to his America Wizard DbD character that's gone very viral over there. It's all 40% off with the code MADMANFENRIR (which is also his TikTok handle). Check it out here ☺️⬇️

Exciting stuff 💜🎮

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Macintosh PowerBook 100, totally normal edition.

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Okay and , this young woman spent 10 years working on her game for EA to drop 11 games the same week and knocked her out of the top 10. If you get a chance, check her game out!

A game dev’a tiktock

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Promoting Fox News is a curious and ironic choice.

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Maybe somebody out there could lend their assistance to some PC in need?

My partner and I really like hidden object games. They are a fun couple activity to do from the couch on the big screen. It's great communication pointing out something on screen without getting up and manually doing so.

The issue is that there aren't too many dedicated hidden object games. The 100 Hidden Cats / Turtles are fine in and of themselves, but they don't have the same spirit as the classics.

msquebanh, avatar

@PatrickoftheG Following because I also like hidden object games a lot.

thegamerstavern, avatar

Hey !
With the weekend approaching, what games will you play?!

Unfortunately I'll have so little time this weekend to play, I'll spend every little moment playing !

EighthLayer, avatar

@thegamerstavern Inevitably, I’ll end up playing some Warzone. Will probably continue playing Tomb Raider Remastered or Portal Revolution on my Ally.

thegamerstavern, avatar

@EighthLayer give 'em hell (on warzone)!!!

casey, avatar

Played and got si engaged that I lost track of time. Whoops. Gonna have a rough day at work tomorrow....worth it.

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