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playing on ephinea if anyone is interested

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@buru5 I think I started a character on here a while back, possibly years ago. I will have to look when I have some time


Question for any If you take a game off of your mini, will all its related data be lost too. I ask because i want to play a few RPGs on it, but i also use it to run a gaming event at my local library. I usually edit the games on the system to only include the ones that i want the patrons to play for that day. Would i lose data if i keep installing and uninstalling star ocean or something long?

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FLOSS-Game Highlight: OpenTTD, ein Meisterwerk der Wirtschaftssimulation

In der Welt der Wirtschaftssimulationen gibt es eine Perle, die sowohl Veteranen als auch Neueinsteiger gleichermaßen in ihren Bann zieht: OpenTTD.

#FLOSS_Games #GamingOnLinux #LinuxGames #OpenTTD #Linux

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Notice/reminder to that the eagerly awaited v.1.6 of drops tomorrow. It's 20% off on through March 21 (but would be worth every penny even at double the full price).


Ok Ok! This wallop Wednesday, we take leave of our senses ...or well of them. We look at the results of's jam 3, an initiative where people essentially hackathon a bunch of games together in a short amouunt of time. We'll be looking at this year's entries and see what innovations we encounter. Join me in an hour over at

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Collaborating with my boyfriend who recently became a gaming TikTok influencer (!) and created some funny unisex merchandise for him, American space jokes and gaming jokes relating to his America Wizard DbD character that's gone very viral over there. It's all 40% off with the code MADMANFENRIR (which is also his TikTok handle). Check it out here ☺️⬇️

Exciting stuff 💜🎮

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Macintosh PowerBook 100, totally normal edition.

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Okay and , this young woman spent 10 years working on her game for EA to drop 11 games the same week and knocked her out of the top 10. If you get a chance, check her game out!

A game dev’a tiktock

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Promoting Fox News is a curious and ironic choice.

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Maybe somebody out there could lend their assistance to some PC in need?

My partner and I really like hidden object games. They are a fun couple activity to do from the couch on the big screen. It's great communication pointing out something on screen without getting up and manually doing so.

The issue is that there aren't too many dedicated hidden object games. The 100 Hidden Cats / Turtles are fine in and of themselves, but they don't have the same spirit as the classics.

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@PatrickoftheG Following because I also like hidden object games a lot.

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Hey !
With the weekend approaching, what games will you play?!

Unfortunately I'll have so little time this weekend to play, I'll spend every little moment playing !

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@thegamerstavern Inevitably, I’ll end up playing some Warzone. Will probably continue playing Tomb Raider Remastered or Portal Revolution on my Ally.

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@EighthLayer give 'em hell (on warzone)!!!

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Played #BaldursGate3 and got si engaged that I lost track of time. Whoops. Gonna have a rough day at work tomorrow....worth it. #gamingonlinux #PCGaming #CRPG

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I'm quite annoyed by all the "you don't own the games you buy" and the counter "then piracy is legal".

What's your take on this #gamers?

My take is the first sentence is usually pronounced by someone who clearly hasn't anything to do with developing a game, creating a world, its lore and everything around. He needs to push sales and that's it.

The second sentence is an exaggeration, as it would leave said developers without a just reward for their work.

#Gaming #Videogames

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@thegamerstavern my concerns with all of this are going through these subscription models to access games vs owning physically the game. I don't have anything again the digital copies but the business models of some companies behind of it forecasts a gloomy gaming future. In the same way you go to a library and you access classic books for "free", we also need a place where you can play classic titles for free and even take them home with you for a few days.

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@greenvahn I guess it will follow the whole Netflix business model.

Raise prices until you can and then some. And it's becoming a pandemic model, too.


Okay fedifriends, please give me advice on buying a game controller.

Some background: I currently play indie games with native Linux support. But I grew up with consoles, and I still think that I'd be more comfortable with a controller for some kinds of games than with a keyboard In particular, I'd like to play precision platformers with a controller. I also think a controller would be good for homebrew made for old consoles.

I have a strong preference for wired peripherals over wireless, and a strong preference for peripherals that don't require their own batteries.

When I sit down to game, I generally want to be able to start playing right away without much set-up. If a game won't launch, I might spend a few minutes adjusting drivers or settings, or I might immediately give up on that game and pick a different game.

Hence, I'd prefer if possible to find a controller that works "out of the box" with a large number of games. I don't want to spend a lot of time configuring button mappings.

So with that in mind, what controller would y'all recommend I buy?

#GameController #GameControllers #GamingOnLinux #PCGaming #Platformer #PrecisionPlatformers

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@183231bcb usually games do have proper support for xbox layout controllers so i recommend you looking into those


@183231bcb Dualshock 3. Readily available, can be had very cheap used in good condition, can be used both wirelessly and with wires, works out of the box. It's the controller that I use.

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@Natanox Herzlichen Glückwunsch ❗️🩷

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Streaming live: iPod Classic repair | Shure 215 |Planning for AWS IAM, Windows 11, and some Homelab config overhauls | TES 3: Morrowind . Tune in at:

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Ok #gamers let's get this out of our system and let's create this thread, boosting it to hell and beyond to spread some #Palworld love.

The topic? Hah!
The topic is "most beautiful puns and nicknames for Fuack from #Palworld "

I'm going to start with:

  • motherFuacker

:boost_love: :boost_ok:

#Gaming #Videogames

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Howdy lovely #gamers!
Today I'll be heading to my parents for Xmas.
Unfortunately their internet isn't the best (we'll it's good enough for them but I'm used to faster and all that). I'll try to log in and boost your toots when I can. 😊
Have a wonderful holidays everyone 🎄 🎅🤶🏻☃️

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@britt thank you. Hope you'll have a great time as well. 😊

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@matt thank you! 😁 Merry Xmas! 😁

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This is fresh, this is new, this is absolutely true, regular streaming schedule will go on vacation starting next week and will be back on January!

Worry not, this doesn't mean you'll be alone, in the dark and cold during these fact, we want to celebrate with you this jolly period with different activities!
We're , let's play together!!

Join our server:

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@Natanox 😎👍

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18,47€ well spent. 😽

The game is still on sale for about two days, for anyone who still needs* it.

*You're playing a cat, therefore you have to buy it.

A short clip from the game Stray. A robot with an improvised guitar is playing a song while the cat is laying down next to it, purring.

Omega, avatar

@Natanox Stray ist so wundervoll ❗️ hoffe sehr auf einen Nachfolger 🥰


Hey !

If anyone would still like to get all my games at a discount, you can get them here!

We FUNDED, but extra money is always useful, so, please consider it.

The sale runs for three more days.

Feel free to like and spread the word!


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