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"An Army major is celebrating one year of having earned approval to wear his hair and tribe-specific regalia items in a way that honors his Native American heritage during appropriate service ceremonies."

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has released a statement a performance by the group scheduled for Thurs, May 30, at an undisclosed location in .

The group was in the news in Feb when a scheduled performance at Rick Bronson’s House Of Comedy in was due to over t-shirts belittling the victims of .

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The project, announced two years ago, will see the six-storey, 60,000-square-metre downtown building turned into an hub of housing, social services, government offices & cultural space.

transferred the building in 2022 to the Southern Chiefs’ Organization, which represents 34 groups in southern .

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The says the objects have come from former communities that are now in downtown , , , , & .

The Nation’s chief says there's big plans for all the art & once the Nation all of their pieces from & other from around the world that have Snuneymuxw artifacts.

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Members of , students from the & various other professionals are learning new techniques that will hopefully be used for ground searches of potential sites in the future.

A new company “Kā-natonahkik-tāpwēwin,” which in the language translates to “In search of the truth,” is leading the training. The company known as KNT IRS Consulting for short, is an owned, on-reserve company.

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It’s believed to be the first of its kind display on and is combining mental and physical with .

Representatives from of , and recently installed a mini at a newly-opened complex on the First Nation territory.

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Our full moon sweat lodge ceremony rounds lasted until 1:30AM. Just got home. Crashing in few minutes. I have para-dragonboating practice in the morning.

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Elder Dave Bill, from on lands, creates all the regalia for their peoples. He carved this multiple spirit animals protection necklace, especially for me & gave me healing blessings 🙌

Incredible surprise - I didn't expect to receive something so special💗🙏💗.

Elder Dave handcrafted my custom from one deer . It has cormorant, eagle, raven, otter, orca, bear represented.

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filed a $1 billion against , government & 2 municipalities located upstream of & community in Manitoba's northern Interlake.

In statement of claim filed before of King's Bench on Tues, — largest in Manitoba, seeks compensation for financial losses & other damages that occurred during a series of along the Fisher River.

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Whether it’s through her or while in conversation at home making homemade mayonnaise, Rebecca Thomas of Lennox Island has a lot of powerful insights to share.

"I Place You Into The Fire", a new by filmmaker Stephanie Joline, gives Thomas the space to share personally emotional stories about intergenerational trauma, the impacts of , performative and .

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A says in the system persists despite efforts by the & industry to combat the problem.

The National Government says in a statement that it met with officials from , the & the City of last week to address the issue.

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It started with a tip from the local of a “bump on the sea floor” where the fish liked to be & led to the of ’s only known live .

Deep sea Cherisse Du Preez worked with the & First Nations & began searching for the coral in 2021, taking a remote-controlled submersible deep into the ocean in , about 500 kms NW of Vancouver.

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Greenlandic women sue Danish state for ‘violation’

Group of 143 allege they were fitted with coils without consent or knowledge between 1966 and 1970, when some were children.

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Indigenous people in Canada are suing because they were subjected to nonconsensual MRI scans to “study their livers”.

In 2018.

“Indigenous people accuse radiologists of secretly studying their organs”

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Members of in launched alleging they were subjected to a without their consent that left them feeling “violated and humiliated”.

The lawsuit, was certified by the supreme court in early Feb, revives the painful of Canada conducting on & the persistent they continue to face within system.

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Bodnar is part of a looking to break down barriers and make trails at Brandon's more . She wants to find out how Brandonites use the city's largest to make it more and welcoming, especially for , and members of the community.

Striving for what is called where everyone feels safe using the trails regularly..

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A mother and son duo from in northeastern are collecting people's old socks, and other garments that can't be reused, to make .

Jerret Paquette, and his mom Doris Mitchell founded to give old clothes a new life.

Paquette and Mitchell have partnered with researchers to test different types of insulation with the shredded they collect.

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The has reached a two-year agreement with Mosaic Forest Management to undertake collaborative planning and timber harvesting within We Wai Kai territory.

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(CLFN) has filed for an in the Divisional Court of seeking to stop (FMG) from constructing a new access road using Permits issued by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry (). This is against the wishes of on whose the new road is being built. The road construction is underway at a fast pace and Ontario & FMG have refused to stop construction.

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The best young winter sport athletes are in the this weekend for the . The event is being co-hosted by the city of and the . Jay Durant is there, talking to Chief Clifford Lebrun about what it means for his community to welcome athletes and spectators from around the province

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reached a $59M with a in for over allowing a right-of-way to be built through its reserve 110+ yrs ago.

Crown Minister Gary Anandasangaree & First Nation Chief Alice McKay jointly announced the settlement, compensating for the federal government's taking of land in 1908 for Power Company right-of-way.

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Good news for a local boy - realizing his sport dreams 👏

Competing for is something few of us get to do, but a young star is competing for both his country & his Nation.

13 year-old Marquez Caffiero, who is a member of the in the area, was recently selected to play in a tournament with in .

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is sharing the bounty from its territory through a that's both creating a stream & strengthening ties between generations.

Through , members harvest & cultivate foods in their territory that are then used to produce & sell value-added products like flavoured carbonated water, fresh mushrooms, forest teas & mushroom soup.

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