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Sie sind aktuell hier... 📍🤒

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for phil. let arcy have his hot water bottle!!!

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Diese Idee wollte ich eigentlich einem befreundeten Kollegen schenken, aber der wollte sie (so) nicht. Gut für mich! :)
#spinnen #gesundheit #niesen #erkältung #tiere #cartoon #comic #humor #gegendenstrich #spiders #cold

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Time for the weekly morning dip.

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Well, winter has returned...


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Would you take deep, consecutive breaths to the point of hyperventilation, then hold your breath until you felt the urge to breathe again? Experts weigh in on the Wim Hof Method, a cold-water immersion practice that claims to increase willpower and reduce fat, among other benefits. More from Live Science:

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Send in the clouds... rain, snow, and wind coming, Montana and Wyoming! I'll have your 7-day weather forecast on KTVQ and MTN at 10!

#Montana #Billings #Q2 #KTVQ #MTN #Wyoming #clouds #rain #snow #wind #cold #tree #trees #photo #photos #photography #Friday #weekend #weather #wx #mtwx #wywx #MastodonWeather #MastodonWX #weatherMastodon #wxmastodon

ai6yr, to LosAngeles

Apparently, we're not over with the rain for SoCal yet...


Also, watch out for jet-assisted rocks. On the more serious side, that kind of a temperature drop is going to throw off bloom cycles in fruit trees and catch some bee swarms unawares (too cold for them to survive unless they are large swarms!).

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When winter tricks you with false spring & you leave your gloves at home.

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A and view of the beautiful Swiss alps. ❄️❄️

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✨ This is ✨ (Tongue has been edited blue)

Painted by me on me 😁 Feeling the winter blues, anyone? 🥶

See my page for more :)


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