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The beach stretched on for miles, and she strolled through the surf all afternoon, into the evening.

Smiling, she felt the breeze ruffle through her hair -- a light kiss from the goddess of the sea. The sun was warm, the water cool, and she felt quietly elated, her soul basking in the glow of light that surrounded and embraced her.

Catching the Breeze framed print --

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Spirited discussion about the (now illegal) poor doors of NYC and hidden chambres-de-bonne of Paris in class today. Aesthetics and equity are a challenge to balance in land use regulations

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Spring has begun and magnolias have bloomed beautifully. I just mounted an old $20 Soviet lens to my Sony camera and took some photos. Check out the spring dreamy look! 🌸 Thank you for being there!

• Sony α6400
• Jupiter-8 50 mm f/2 (KMZ, 1967)
• L39 to Sony E-Mount Adapter

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I had to chuckle because the stuff we have now is still pretty much still toxic waste, with microplastics, harmful preservatives, endocrine disruptors and all kinds of icky stuff.

"...There were two dominant makeup styles in the 1800s: “natural” and “painted.” The ideals of “natural” skin care conjured images of the “English Rose”; a wholesomely beautiful woman with good morals, but Karl notes “it was understood that there was a lot of artifice going on.” The “painted” beauty regime was seen as a bit risqué; these women were not hiding their artifice nor their desire to be beautiful.

Similar to the “no-makeup makeup” trend that exists today, the natural look was often achieved through unnatural preparations, many of them homemade. Modern beauty practices belie the roots of current ideals: a chemical called Taraxacum is suggested as a sort of 1800s chemical peel...“the compress acts like a mild but imperceptible blister...”

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There are times, she mused, when shoes were vastly overrated, such as when one was splashing through the surf.

It wasn't an earthshaking, life-changing thought, but those weren't what was ambling through her head right now.

Gathering Thoughts art print --

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Pay attention to the beauty that puts itself in your path today.


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She looked like she was thinking deeply, and she was. And what she was pondering was this:

"How is it that a small but definitive segment of people can make a thoughtless or disparaging comment in a post or text, and then feel that they are absolved of the offense of insulting another by adding LOL at the end?"

One of modern life's unanswered questions . . .

Girl in a Copper Dress 1 framed print --

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Looking for some mathematical tools and visualizations?

Check this:

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For "my" exhibition on the Tūhura Otago Museum staircase, the team have shot some new high-resolution shots of the featured collection items. Including the camera which Sir Edmund Hillary took to the top of Everest in 1953....

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Begin Again - the lovely Magnolia tree is back and filled with buds. So happy to see this. A favorite flowering tree.

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One from the archives. The night I tracked the Andromeda Galaxy which is the most distant object you can see with the naked eye as it moved low over the Southern Alps in New Zealand from where it never gets higher than five degrees. A bit of Ken Burns thrown in. #timelapse #beauty #andromeda


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She had barely taken a sip of tea before the knock came at the kitchen door.

Did she recognize that knock? Friend, foe, salesperson?

It was worth taking another long sip before making a decision. Friend, she'd answer and invite them to join her. Salesperson, politico, proselytizer or foe, no.

Midday Tea framed print --

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Hey Mastodon fam, it's time for a special thank you!

Your support has meant the world to me, and I’m thrilled to be giving away 16x16" Tote Bag of "Memory of a Path"!

👉TO ENTER (takes 5 seconds):

Ends Friday!

#memoryofapath #sun #sky #alaska #swamp #ruts #timboese #boesegalleries #homedecor #beauty #MastodonArt #MastoArt

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Fiesta of Petals 🍂🌷🌿🌱🪶🌷🍀 💦🌼🌺🌼🥀🪷🪻🌹🌷🍁🍂🎋🍀🌿🌱
Vibrant and dynamic artwork titled "Fiesta of Petals" featuring a lively field of flowers capturing the essence of growth and beauty.
#vibrantart #dynamicenergy #flowers #growth #nature #beauty #sunlitmeadow #expressivestyle #joyfulabandon #bloom #thrive #artisticvitality #colorfulcreations #flourishingbeauty #paintinginspiration #olenaart #lenaowens

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