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Possibility Space, an indie game studio that launched in 2021 with the goal of creating a AAA title, has been shut down abruptly. In an email to staff, CEO Jeff Strain blamed an employee leak about the studio's major title to a Kotaku reporter. This, Strain said, led to an unnamed publisher expressing "low confidence" about funding the studio, and the cancelation of the title by mutual agreement. Engadget attempts to make sense of the sequence of events here.

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"Mattel is to launch a new version of Scrabble which is designed to be more collaborative and accessible for those who find word games intimidating."

  • Helper cards, simpler scoring
  • Quicker to play
  • Original game on the flip side of the board

I like the concept. Wonder if the Monopoly folks might do the same.

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@davemark most of the major classic family board games have simplified or easier versions to appeal to younger kids, preschool.

Scrabble, maybe more tiles? Can’t limit vocabulary much. Bananagrams has dug into that market as more casual, less scoring intensive.

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Finished just now... I'm so melancholic right now. Loved the characters, the pace and the story. One of the I liked more, maybe just a little less than .
Worth every single penny.

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Mattel is launching a new version of Scrabble that is designed to be more collaborative than the original. The original board will still be sold, but on its flip side will be a new game, which is designed to be shorter and includes helper cards and a simpler scoring system. The BBC has this breakdown. What do you think?

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Launching a charity for Palestine on April 12th! All proceeds go the PCRF.

Bundle de más de 370 juegos y cómics muy guapos, todo lo que se saque irá para el fondo de ayuda a niñes de , apuntaoslo:

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@CortoMunchausen @Ransil Esperad, que he encontrado el Twitter de explicación. La página está caída y están esperando a ver si lo solucionan, pero puede que no sea hoy.

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@alilali @CortoMunchausen ay, menos mal... Un ataque o qué?

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Tales from Candleforth é um jogo de aventura de terror que será lançado em abril para uma variedade de plataformas. Saiba mais!
#TalesFromCandleforth #HorrorGame #PointAndClick #Games #Xbox #PC #Gamerscore

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The Plucky Squire wird hier Der Kühne Knappe. Ich habe auch schon richtig bock drauf, das Spiel sieht super schön aus :ablobcatbongo:

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FTC denies rating board's suggestion for age verification system

The Federal Trade Commission has denied a petition to allow companies to use facial age estimation (FAE) technology to obtain parental consent when collecting data from children under 13, a requirement for the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

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@UP8 Let's hope so.

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Whoever suggested me Balatro, two things:

  1. Thanks, it’s an incredible poker game
  2. I think I haven’t slept in two days straight

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@soheb it’s so good isn’t it! Had my first ‘flush house’ this week… crazy stuff. Not a huge drain on the battery either.

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@murbs it is so much fun, and yes it’s great on the steam deck. Almost like it was made for it!

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#NES Mysteries: How Do These Limit Pushing #Games Do What They Do?

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So the Dragonsplague mechanic in Dragons Dogma 2 is invisible, (I think) progressive, transmissible between pawns, and can only be cured by killing the pawn

Which leads to a logical conclusion: at the first sign of disobedience, I throw my entire party off the tallest bridge into the ocean #Games #GameDev

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@RethinkJeff HUH! that's neat!

glassbottommeg, avatar

@brazmogu yep!

Which honestly isn't wrong, it gives the game texture. It's just also a really good teachable moment, heh.

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It should now be possible to follow the game services hosted on

I plan to announce changes to games via these services eventually.

#games #fediverse #fedigames

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Das sieht ganz nett aus, habe ich bock drauf :ablobcatbongo:

REYNATIS: Das Spiel der Final-Fantasy-Veteranen zeigt sich mit 45 Minuten Gameplay • JPGAMES.DE


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Kurdę, po tym jak Cities 2 okazało się niezoptymalizowanym gruzem chciałem spróbować, z racji że i tak było za darmo na Epicu Surviving the Aftermath. Szkoda tylko że po przygotowaniu gry i rozpoczęciu się wczytywania ono się nigdy nie kończy. Sugerują reinstall gry żeby zadziałało, ale czy mi się chce?

#gry #games #giereczkowo #gaming #SurvivingtheAftermath

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So recently I was having some with my collection. Those I own, those I wanted to play, those I haven't finished yet, and missing trophies too. It was like 3 or 4 days stuck like that 😭

Watching a video about it on YouTube of Healthy Gamer GG gave me some insight about the issue and ways of reducing that kind of symptoms.

Mainly I reduced my options, lowered my attachment to my and gave myself a longer time limit for completing my objectives, to reduce the anxiety

matias_hettich, avatar

I ended up installing on my and that's the game I'm gonna play now on (Emulation on Series S is something really amazing 😍) and suddenly I began to enjoy gaming again. For me, modern games don't do it, and I discovered that there are some games specially from and era that are the ones that I like to replay from time to time.

matias_hettich, avatar

I came to the realization that gaming has always been an important part of my life. As I grew up, I didn't have many friends or social environments, and games were always there to be at my side. That's why it's hard for me to let go of my old consoles. But now I'm learning new things about myself, and having new experiences in life and it's amazing ☺️

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EXCLUSIVE: Square Enix stole a fan's work in 2019, and they're going to get away with it.

Haste, avatar

I won't lie, I figured it'd be a couple years before I was breaking stories about companies this size.

justafrog, avatar

@Haste Copyright for me, not for thee.

What a cynical way to treat fans.

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Morning Folks! I've been playing a lot of since the PC release last week and talk about some of my experiences. This is a gorgeous game but not one without a few slowdown issues in a single area of the game. That seems to have been resolved in a patch but talk through those issues nonetheless.

Horizon Forbidden West on PC

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Wczoraj do Cities: Skylines 2 wpadł patch 1.1 i w sumie nie zmienił chyba nic. Słyszałem że poprawia wydajność zwłaszcza na słabszych sprzętach, ale jakoś tego nie widzę, może 2-3 fps ale to może by błąd pomiaru tak naprawdę. Wsparcie modów przez Paradox mods nie pomaga, zwłaszcza że większości przydatnych modów nie ma, ponieważ autorzy ich jeszcze nie przeportowali. Ciekawy jestem jak to się wszystko rozwinie, bo na chwilę obecną grania w to nie polecam.

Kwestię dlc pominę, bo to kpina że za takie rzeczy chcą pieniędzy...

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@wonziu niestety problem polega na tym, że to nic nie zmieni a przykładem idealnym dla tego jest sytuacja z dodatkami do The Sims. Wszyscy klną na to że za 5 ubrań i dwie szafki płacisz 69zl ale i tak mnóstwo ludzi to kupi

wonziu, avatar

@aarchangl dodatki nie są problemem imho - jak ludzie lubią grę to zapłacą, by ją wspierać.

Problemem jest to, że w obecnym stanie nikt nie ma ochoty jej wspierać ;]

8petros, Polish

Czy ktoś zna jakieś (, czy inne) w duchu ?

Anyone knows any (, or other) in the NoBorders spirit?

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Holly hell !!! The patch notes for Stardew Valley is gigantic.

I'm buying my third copy of the game (one on GoG one on Android) on Steam, just to reward ConcernedApe for his amazing dedication to this beautiful game.

#games #stardewvalley #concernedape #indiegame

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@nerdeiro free update even though he knows fully well we’ll be more than willing to pay for it. CA, we love you

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