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Add a dose of humor to your space with this digitally painted photograph of two guys goofing around at an improv event. It was a blast to photograph and even more fun to paint digitally. Ideal wall art for home, office, hotel, and hospitality interiors.

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New blog post! I wrote about making art as emotion regulation. I connect it to expressive suppression and cognitive reappraisal, from James Gross's work.

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- sonic youth & jim o'rourke are heroes for so many reasons. the SYR series dropped me into expansive new worlds of when i got #1-3 not long after they came out in 1998. the changing silverscapes of "radio-amatoroj" still bring me to that place. also heroes because they were unafraid to put nearly 30 minutes of per side. @vinylrecords

inset track label on LP with track timings

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immersive sonic magick with a flowing 1-hour set by setting on last night's frow show, like an appalachian version of the necks (as someone else put it), plus many other strains of wonderment, via the @WFMU archive.

Room full of gear, including keyboards, drums, harmonium
harmonium and synth set up
keyboard with cassette deck on top

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I am predisposed to negativity; a problem that seems very common to people in . It's as if we are all constantly looking for mistakes and inconsistencies.

In they have a game called "Yes, And". It's a great way to practice riffing off other people. You build off each other, and work together.

It seems that people here on the do the opposite; they play "But, No" or "Well, Actually". We pick each other apart and it sucks.

imprhorizon, to random

Petite vu que ce compte vient d'être créé.

Nous sommes une troupe d'improvisation amateur créée en Septembre dernier à . En 2024 on a commencé à faire des spectacles, notamment au , un bar dans le 6ème arrondissement, mais plus récemment aussi au

On va annoncer nos spectacles ici mais toutes les informations (ainsi que les affiches de no précédents spectacles) sont disponibles sur notre site

musicman5464, to drums

What happens when I'm inspired by my drum kit's tuning? This, apparently.

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📯 Opening Night Klaxon 📯

Tonight at 8:00pm, I’m guesting with the BATS Improv main company in The Bechdel Test at the Bayfront Theatre at Fort Mason. This original improv format created and directed by Lisa Rowland centers complicated female characters, examining their depths and dimensions both fascinating and mundane.
Shows are pay what you will; tickets here: Let me know if you’re coming!

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yay, rescheduled tour dates for setting, the most excellent folk/space/electroacoustic trio feat. jamie fenally (of mind over mirrors), nathan bowles (of pelt), & joe westerlund (of megafaun). go! and tape!
their studio album:
their live release:

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Second City instructors are going on strike in 7 days. The Second City has refused to make a contract for over 700 days with and they must, ZMC (Second City’s private equity owners) must make a fair deal.


SrRochardBunson, to random

2023 sucked. Try this on for 2024...

Yes and 24.

When plausible, go into interactions with people seeking to play. See what happens.

This is probably easier online than IRL because normies are weird. I'm curious what other people may experience.

PlayersPatchwork, to DoctorWho

With the 60th anniversary, what a wonderful year for "Doctor Who" 2023 has been! So on this December 26 we wish you a most superior Boxing Day from our own parody "Mad Man With a Box"!

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A fun look at a truly annoying [and revealing] aspect of LLMs: they are more like improv actors than experts.

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There is a gulf between playing games and the gamification of events. Playing games is deeply human. Gamification is a way to make money.

allthelaughs, to sketch

Will anyone see this? New to Mastodon, but not to comedy, who are the funny accounts to follow on this platform?

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Has the passing of a friend ever hit you in a way that made you say, "I must help make a better world"?

In Memory Of Tom

from -

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There was still too much light in that spot unfortunately!

Me juggling with multicolored LED poi

s1m0n4, avatar

A second video. Definitely too much light and I wasn't dressed accordingly but it was too cold to remove my trench coat

A second recording of my poi juggling performance yesterday

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nddentico, to RadioControl
drbekken, to Norway

Last night, - - came visiting …here’s a photo taken outside the building where we live, around 8pm, with some added .

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