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Baltimore bridge collapse has dockworkers in fear for their future

Shutdown of the Port of Baltimore has resulted in the loss of around 8,000 jobs.

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'Governor Wes Moore today launched the Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse Response Website, which serves as a central hub for Marylanders in search of federal, state, and local resources and programs related to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge.'

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Oh yeah! Got a run in this morning!

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Maryland lawmakers say coming bill will clarify that feds fully pay for replacing Baltimore bridge

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YAY a bill my organization sponsored, to prevent further budget cuts to city & county transit systems, has passed the state house and is awaiting the governor's signature. A good day for public transit in Maryland!

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Maryland lawmakers OK plan to rebuild Pimlico Race Course, home of the Preakness

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"Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks is seeking a talented and creative Part-Time Graphic Designer with a flair for copywriting to join our special events team.

"This role will be responsible for producing visually compelling and on-brand design assets across various mediums, while also contributing to the development of engaging written content."

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Maryland Gov Confirms 'Aggressive Timeline' For Full Reopening Of Baltimore Port

#joebiden #maryland

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Passes 2 Major Bills, Despite Tech Industry Pushback

“We are making a statement to the tech industry, and to Marylanders, that we need to rein in some of this data gathering,” said Delegate Sara Love, a Democratic member of the Maryland House of Delegates.

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Last night my wife and I headed to Idiom Brewing Company in , for dinner. I grabbed a pint of Blind Luck, a 5.5% ABV dry Irish stout. We also grabbed a pepperoni pizza, which was delicious. @beersofmastodon

A pepperoni pizza in a pizza box. Black beer in a glass behind it.

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Christ Church on the Eastern shore of . building located in the Stevensville Historic District. The parish occupied from 1880 to 1995. Christ Church Parish was one of the original 30 Anglican parishes in the Province of Maryland. It’s now a Lutheran church


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The family and I headed to Frey's Brewing Company in , for drinks and games. I started with the Frey's Winter Devil Rave, an 8.5% ABV imperial stout. My wife enjoyed a sugar free caramel vanilla iced coffee. I followed it up with Smoochin' Roy Rogers, a 7% ABV Irish stout. The kid enjoyed a chocolate muffin. We played Tell Me Without Telling Me for a bit followed by a couple rounds of Shut the Box. We always love stops at Frey's! @beersofmastodon

Black beer in a glass snifter with a wooden Shut the Box game beside.

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7 Apr 1623: George Calvert Lord Baltimore granted charter for Avalon (NPG) - it was no Avalon, but thanks to his son & heir the Baltimore name did come to be an important placename in

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Watch: Gov. Wes Moore decries 'foolish' DEI criticism over Baltimore bridge collapse

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Facebook posts - 'Los Simpson' no predijeron la caida del puente Francis Scott Key de Baltimore

#facebook #maryland

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An Eastern bluebird on a sunnier day in .

📷 + Nikkor 180-600mm (ISO 900, f8, 1/1000s)

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Voters out in the "fly over" states who want to buy trucks and tractors that they depend on to do their jobs should be hounding their Congressional Representatives to support opening the port of Baltimore.

Anyone who buys anything from Europe, should also realize that closing the largest port on the east coast of the nation is not going to help their family budget.

Maryland workers support your life!

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'Foolishness!' Maryland Gov. Blows Off Republican 'DEI' Griping Over Bridge Collapse: 'Frankly Do Not Have Time' For It

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A bit of a slog 5 mile run today, but it was beautiful out so I can’t complain.


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Salvage crews worked to lift the first piece of Baltimore's collapsed Key Bridge on Saturday, the first step in a complex effort to reopen the city's blocked port.

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