KatyElphinstone, to Autism
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Twenty-one Awesome Symptoms of Autism 🎉

Many things in life can be super-hard if you're autistic... but, maybe surprisingly to many people, there can actually be good things about it too!

A thread.


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Awesome symptom no. 1
Hyper-sensory experiences

Hyper-receptivity to sensory input can be difficult, as the chances of frequent sensory overload are high.

But with it, we might also be aware of ambient nuances, beauty, and subtlety. And we may notice in time if the house is burning down (autistic people are often highly sensitive to smell)!

PLOSBiology, to random
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Selective attention enables separation of overlapping speech in noisy environments. This study shows that triggers bidirectional informational flow from regions to regions associated with semantic, syntactic & executive functions during active processing of speech https://plos.io/3uZKBse

leah, to books
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I’m looking for and recs about and , especially (but not limited to) experiences with physical objects and built environments, not only digital. First-person experience or research-based, or a blend of the two. and related as well.

I'm actively adding to my reading and listening list, so any and all recommendations are appreciated! Just finishing Andrew Leland's The Country of the Blind: A Memoir at the End of Sight today.

hmm_cook, to random

When I was tired, or burnt out, or couldn't do as much as I saw other people doing, it wasn't because I wasn't good enough, it was because I was using up all my energy just to deal with my environment.

atthenius, to space
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I am doing a public outreach event today. Somehow the swag shipment didn’t get mailed, so I was told to raid the old education office to see what we have.

I found the neatest booklets https://sservi.nasa.gov/books/

They are books - with and 3D pages. If there are @edutooters here looking neat stuff for or folks — these are really cool.

I attach some images which don’t adequately show embossing.

Relief page showing the relative size of the earth and moon also w braille. NASA Apollo 50 in the background
Relief page of the lunar surface with a hand on the edge. NASA
Relief page showing North Pole stereographic view of earth with North America at the bottom and Greenland to the side w a relief arrow pointing to it. Labeled in braille. A hand holds the side.

pixeltracker, to Neuroscience
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ttpphd, to science
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Parametric Information About Eye Movements is Sent to the Ears
Groh et al PNAS 2023

PR from Duke:

A subtle, imperceptible noise is detectable in the ear when the eyes move, likely due to middle ear muscles or efferent influences on cochlear hair cells.


ttpphd, to random
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Babies as young as four months show signs of self-awareness

"Our findings indicate that even in the first few months of life, before babies have even learned to reach for objects, the multisensory brain is wired up to make links between what babies see and what they feel. This means they can sense the space around them and understand how their bodies interact with that space. This is sometimes referred to as peripersonal space."


MrBerard, to london
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Once a week, I pull a lateral move and go for a walk without notice cancelling close-back headphones, and, when taken in in small doses, the sonic assault of the urban cacophony can be almost enjoyed for its complexity, like a pinball for mindfulness.

@actuallyadhd @actuallyautistic

box464, to random
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Wal-Mart doing something good for those with sensory disabilities. I'll take it. Starts Friday at all stores nationwide.

"Walmart announced this week that it’s committed to altering the shopping experience from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. daily at stores nationwide to better meet the needs of customers with disabilities."


hmm_cook, to random

Sensory sensitivities can change over time.

What might have been innocuous or neutral before may be more of an issue now (esp. in ), and things that are a big deal now may not always be that way.

StuartDNeilson, to photography

A re-interpretation of the famous unbroken tracking shot in the film Wings (1927).

This is a dual image cleaving the left and right peripheral views as the camera passes through the Café de Paris tables, ending with the protagonist Jack centred in a tableau resembling The Last Supper.

About the shot: https://filmschoolrejects.com/how-they-shot-wings/

Wings was notable in many respects in early cinema history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wings_(1927_film)


A re-interpretation of the Copacabana entrance scene from Goodfellas (1990) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rX_vDVdmYA

Using estimation, I composited every frame in relation to camera movement from the previous frame, generating an escape map through the subterranean entrance and kitchens. The scene starts (with the car wheel) at bottom centre, and ends with Henry and Karen seated at top right.

Goodfellas continuous tracking shot: https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20200918-goodfellas-at-30-the-making-of-one-of-films-greatest-shots

hmm_cook, to random

How to Start Investigating Your Sensory Differences

Here's the recording with transcript of the workshop I did last year on this.


InCameraNet, to 3DPrinting

I usually sand my pieces to a gloss but I am so sick of that I tried finishing a set of magnet sliders with UV resin. I sanded the surface up to 600 grit and then cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol. After curing, the top coat instantly delaminated when I pulled the masking tape off the edges. Chucking these into the fail bag.

InCameraNet, to ADHD

Hexagon tile magnet slider prototype. Produced October 2022. Epoxy resin. Transparent blue. ~50mm diameter. 13.8mm thick. 25.9 grams. 4mm magnets. Polished up to 2000 grit. Not for sale. #resin #epoxy #fidget #magnets #hexagon #worrystone #desktoy #everydaycarry #edc #adhd #neurodiversity #autism #anxiety #slider #handmade #sensory #stim #stress #haptic #oddlysatisfying #blue #pocket #tchotchke


InCameraNet, to ADHD

Hexagon tile magnet slider prototype. Produced October 2022. Colorless epoxy resin. 4mm magnets. 49mm diameter. 12.4mm thick. 24.4 grams. Polished up to 800 grit. Not for sale.


EastOfTheRockies, to 13thFloor
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The imaginative mind.
External sensory input. Processed subjectively by one's particular mood, emotion and humor.
creates internal narratives that can transport the individual to places both dreamt of and unexpected....

et_alia, to mecfs

question for folks who have

do you find your sensory sensitivities are way sharper during a fatigue flare?
we've been wearing earplugs non-stop for a few weeks thanks to this

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@et_alia YES. When I’m mentally or emotionally exhausted, my ability to handle stuff is severely diminished. Sounds are my biggest . It’s further exacerbated by demands for , like on reading or writing.

It’s why I now wear over-ear headsets and entirely ignore phone and email during meetings. Why no, I didn’t see your email during that meeting. I was actually paying attention.

seeingwithsound, to random
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The vOICe for Android 2.67 released, with support for running as sideloaded app on Windows 11 in (Windows Subsystem for Android), plus some minor bug fixes https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vOICe.vOICe Get a brain implant, a retinal implant, or try ?

seeingwithsound, to random
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Understanding how to best transform speech into tactile vibrations could benefit hearing-impaired people https://gumc.georgetown.edu/news-release/understanding-how-to-best-transform-speech-into-tactile-vibrations-could-benefit-hearing-impaired-people/ "vibration-transformed speech could activate the brain’s auditory speech recognition system in the same way auditory speech does"; ,

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