tmocarski, to unity avatar

"The peoples of this world must unite or they will perish."

  • J. Robert Oppenheimer

supernovafiles, to gamedev avatar

Ok, I'll start checking some games from now. If you have a game that you submitted to LD Jam and want me to play it, let me know! I will record the play session and post it on my YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to submit a rating because I don't have an accounting Ludum Dare, but I can give my feedback about the game!

khalidabuhakmeh, to unity avatar

Reading the docs only to find out they, too, are team . Let's Goooooooooooo!

ciaxeres, to blender Portuguese avatar

@jan the man behind Blender Secrets Chanel on YouTube is here on Mastodon!

Follow him for tips and improve your skills!

#Blender #B3D #unity #gamedev #tips #unreal #godot

henke, to unity avatar

Added a new level type to POGOPPL: "No Pogo" levels! Can you get to the end WITHOUT a pogostick? #indiedev #unity #gamedev


SenseException, to gamedev German avatar

#gamedev story

  • JavaScript
    Language wasn't powerful enough (back then)

  • Macromedia Flash
    Nice tool for web and local games. Did some fun mini games & animations with it. Used Action Script

  • RPG Maker XP
    It was great for RPGs and was my first step into Ruby

  • XNA
    Made by Microsoft. Uses C#. I did some promising initial work, but MS decided to stop XNA

  • Pause

  • #Unity
    I did some promising initial work, but well... Unity happened

  • #Godot
    I installed it. Now give me time and motivation

bitinn, to gamedev avatar

#gamedev question: has anyone developed a custom vertices sorting plugin for #Unity, using asset post processor hook for example?

I could really use one right now, as I find a case where the Optimize Mesh polygon ordering isn’t what we want.

(Yes we want certain polygons to come first in a single drawcall for some depth test reasons and we cannot afford to split the drawcall.)

peterdrake, to unity avatar

Something weird is going on in the Unity scene view: the bottom of the view is black, obscuring everything (including the grid). The region gets larger if I zoom in. There are no GameObjects to click on in the void region.

What's going on? A web search finds many forum posts with people having the same problem, and suggestions that it is a bug which has gone unfixed for at least ten years.


khalidabuhakmeh, to dotnet avatar

I’ve been preparing for today’s release party, and I think I've learned everything I can. I mean, look at my enormous brain!

Join us today on YouTube.

Boosts appreciated.

fla, to unity avatar

Just found an old screenshot on my computer...

#unity #firefox #12yearsAgo

eloquence, to godot avatar

"Slay the Spire 2" being developed with #GodotEngine is a huge milestone for #IndieGaming and #OpenSource.

"Slay the Spire" was an indie mega-hit -- it currently has 130,000 "overwhelmingly positive" reviews on Steam. I've put some 180 hours into it -- that's how good it is.

The devs switched away from the proprietary #Unity engine due to enshittification. They, and other indie devs who have switched to open source engines, won't be coming back. This is how we win.

Ki3_Games, to art avatar
khalidabuhakmeh, to godot avatar

The “randomize on a path” trick in the #godotengine tutorial of “dodge the creeps" is a genius way to randomize elements around a particular area.

I showed @maartenballiauw this trick this morning, and we tried doing it in #Unity but could not find something analogous. Anyone know? #gamedev

peterdrake, to unity avatar

One of the Unity GameObjects has a checkbox labeled "force assignation", and that don't seem right.

#unity #unity3d #GameDev #romance #consent

Ki3_Games, to art avatar
maartenballiauw, to unity avatar

I’m a #gamedeveloper now! 😅

An asteroids game with #Unity, #csharp, #JetBrainsRider and some nice asset store graphics.

Pretty fun stuff!

ciro, to unity avatar
arzi, to unity avatar

I'm (substitute) teaching game programming at a school (teen to adult, C# with #Unity) rn and have noticed the students struggle doing even quite simple assignments, like adding a public field and using replacing a literal with that field. Any tips on good ways to train the very basics?

In addition to my teaching, they've been following Unity tutos and CodeAcademy C# lessons.

#gamedev #gameprogramming #programming #csharp

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Ki3_Games, to art avatar
Ki3_Games, to art avatar
starfiend, to gamedev German avatar

After a few years of silence, I want to share two current screenshots of my long time work-in-progress C64-styled RPG "Albareth".
It's going to be a party-based roguelike skirmish battler, in which you free procedurally generated islands from evil. I use Unity for development, because I'm not skilled enough to program on a real C64. Please expect not release in the near future. :)

Screenshot of a partly explored world map. The yellow arrow denotes the position of the party (currently in the village). On the edge of the explored area you can spot two dungeons waiting to be explored.

Ciantic, to unity avatar

I've been modding Cities Skylines 2, and learning Unity at the same time. Boy Unity documentation is lacking! Lot of enums etc, has no descriptions etc. When to manually clean memory is still mysterious to me. I've discovered I can use Texture2D.Destroy, but not sure do I have to e.g. after calling GetPixelData because it says the memory is temporary, but not sure how temporary it is!


Ki3_Games, to art avatar
Nonilex, to Israel avatar

During the historic gathering of 3 #UnitedStates presidents last night, pro- #Palestinian protesters interrupted the event. Again, instead of ignoring their protestations, the presidents addressed the concerns.

All 3 men remarked on the #Israel #Hamas #war in #Gaza, reflecting on the difficulty of trying to solve intractable challenges such as #MiddleEast #peace as #POTUS. #Biden said there have been “too many innocent victims, Israeli & Palestinian,” in the conflict.


Nonilex, avatar

The show of among , & stands in stark contrast to , who faces oppo from members of his own admin, incl’g fmr VP .

Fmr Pres George W. — the only other fmr president — declined to support Trump in 2020.

A March poll has Biden & Trump tied, w/46% of respondents supporting Trump & 45% supporting Biden.

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