JasonPester, to mastodon
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Don't forget, Mastodon has a columns interface too! 👀

I prefer the @phanpy Web client...


marioguzman, to macos
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I just posted a sample project to GitHub which has the code I wrote for the Brushed Metal background in QuickTunes.

It seems performant but I am probably not the best in determining if it is at its most performant. Seems good though.

This is done in Core Animation layers & good for both 1x and 2x displays.

I hope to see more Brushed Metal interfaces soon 😉


mikemccaffrey, to iPod
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Most of these tests to ensure someone is a seem like things that anyone can figure out, but I don't see any possible way for kids these days to understand the scroll wheel without seeing someone else use it first.


orhun, to rust
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Released the new version of one of my TUI projects! 🚀

🔐 gpg-tui: Manage your GnuPG keys with ease!

🚀 View, edit, export, sign your GPG keys with an easy-to-use interface.

🦀 Written in Rust & built with @ratatui_rs

⭐ GitHub: https://github.com/orhun/gpg-tui

#rustlang #ratatui #tui #gpg #gnupg #terminal #interface


Luke, (edited ) to random
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The sheer amount of mods that were available for shapeshifter is off-the-charts amazing.


dada, to GNOME French
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Ça n'a aucun intérêt mais sachez que je ne me sers plus du tout des bureaux virtuels.

Fut un temps, j'en avais toujours au moins deux d'actifs.

J'avoue que je m'en contre-fout maintenant.

aral, to random
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I can’t believe I’m having to write this but please don’t let Elon Musk anywhere near your brain.

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@aral Did anyone ever thought of possibility of infecting Neuralink chip with ransomware? Pay 1 BTC or we will keep inducing seizures in your brain...

Pepijn, to UI
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Elevator interface design. American vs. Continental. Aaaanyhow, everyone gets lost.

nono2357, to Amd
pepecyb, to fediverse


Ich habe die Gruppe "FirefishTalk" (umbenannt in "KeyTalk", wobei das leider lediglich den Titel, aber nicht das Handle änderte) geschlossen und eine neue Gruppe"MisskeyTalk" erstellt. Ich hoffe, auch hier entstehen interessante Threads, die Nutzern und Admins ggf. weiterhelfen können:

Eine Gruppe für Nutzer und Administratoren des Fediverse-Dienstes Misskey für Fragen, Diskussionen, Anleitungen, Nutzererfahrungen, Hilfsgesuche, Hilfe und mehr...

In der Gruppe sind auch Nutzer und Admins der Dienste Sharkey, Iceshrimp, Catodon, Firefish und vergleichbare willkommen.

I have closed the group "FirefishTalk" (renamed to "KeyTalk", which unfortunately only changed the title but not the handle) and created a new group "MisskeyTalk". I hope that interesting threads will also be posted here, which may help users and admins:

A group for users and administrators of the Fediverse service Misskey for questions, discussions, instructions, user experiences, help requests, help and more...

Users and admins of the services Sharkey, Iceshrimp, Catodon, Firefish and similar are also welcome in the group.

#misskey #ui #interface #server #sharkey #iceshrimp #catodon #firefish #fediverse

markwyner, (edited ) to UX
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Part 1 of 2 (aural feedback):

How do y’all feel about aural feedback in digital interfaces? Meaning blips and whatnot to confirm interactions.

Note that no sound should ever be the only method of feedback, from an accessibility perspective. I’m referring to supplemental sounds.

gs, to Worldbuidling

I'm exploring the interface design of Hush Line and would love your feedback!

A: Our current UI, viewable here: try.hushline.app
B: An alternative design that uses the full viewport for the form

As a reminder, Hush Line is an anonymous tip line or suggestion box for journalists, educators, or employers.

Any and all feedback is welcomed!

#feedback #UX #UI #design #interface #nonprofit #opensource

amadeus, to linux
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What a wonderful (true) story: Geoffrey Bennett started a to develop a "Linux Driver for Focusrite Scarlett Gen 4" , and not only was it successful, but themselves and beyond that offered extended support with devices and development assistance. 🤓🥹🥰 https://www.gofundme.com/f/linux-driver-for-focusrite-scarlett-gen-4 https://linuxmusicians.com/viewtopic.php?p=160833#p160833

@amadeus@mstdn.social avatar

@x42 Thanks for sharing! Interesting. You know, I personally love what e.g. #rme are doing. They provide all sorts of apps for #windows and #macos, but offer the option to use their interfaces solely via the #hardware and without any drivers with a #usb #classcompliant mode too. You miss a bunch of channels that way, but I even extended my #interface with 8 additional #microphone inputs via #adat and couldn't be happier with how it performs on #linux. #linuxaudio

itnewsbot, to ReverseEngineering

Keypad Interface Module Reverse Engineers Pinouts So You Don’t Have To - If you’ve scavenged some random keypads and want to reuse them in a project withou... - https://hackaday.com/2023/10/12/keypad-interface-module-reverse-engineers-pinouts-so-you-dont-have-to/

parigotmanchot, to random French
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: zuluCrypt | zuluCrypt is a simple, feature rich and powerful solution for hard drives encryption. - >zuluCrypt is a simple, feature rich and powerful solution for hard drives encryption.

Interface graphique sous Linux pour gérer des volumes chiffrés et compatible avec plusieurs moyen de chiffrement : BitLocker, TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, LUKS, etc. : https://mhogomchungu.github.io/zuluCrypt/

tuxedocomputers, to bapcsalescanada German
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#TUXEDO OS uses #KDE’s Plasma desktop to provide you with an attractive #interface for working with your TUXEDO #notebook or #PC. @kde developer Nate Graham reveals that a date has been set for the release of Plasma 6

MagicLike, (edited ) to headphones
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Has anybody experience with good cabled on ear #headphones (e.g. Beyerdynamic DT 700 Pro X), plugged into a #laptop jack? Is the sound unit good enough for this or should l think of adding a usb #interface to the list?

(I am thinking of adding the Beyerdynamic DT 700 Pro X to my christmas wishlist :blobcatgiggle: )

#Audio #FollowerPower

remixtures, to design Portuguese
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: "It’s at the interface where users can follow Amazon’s insistent prompts to see how they sound. Halo’s interface makes the product seem useful, and it is where the use of technology actually occurs. This exemplifies so much of emerging consumer tech, which relies on the interface to produce the appearance of utility that will ensure further use. It is the form of the interface that enables the function of the technology. Remember that Amazon tells us to “see how you sound.” In other words, you can’t actually know how you sound until you see it. Today, the interface becomes the thing that legitimizes any and all human experience, even emotion.

I’d argue that the interface itself is the ideological bulwark of capitalist technology writ large. The interface serves to naturalize—in Roland Barthes’s parlance—the ideologies, biases, histories, etc., that are embedded within our technologies. The interface is the place where users actually interact with those biases. It legitimizes the ideas and ideals designed into a technology and circulates them in society."

ai6yr, to UI
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itnewsbot, to programming

Bridging a Gap Between LLMs and Programming With TypeChat - By now, large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s ChatGPT are old news. While not... - https://hackaday.com/2023/07/22/bridging-a-gap-between-llms-and-programming-with-typechat/

OC A UI idea on how to merge boosting with up/downvote buttons into one unified voting system in a visual way

Artemis might use a swipe gesture to visually hint at the relation between upvoting and boosting, as shown in the main animation. Here's a static app mockup with both swipe levels displayed. I'd also imagine that there should be a setting that auto-upvotes posts when boosting.

OC Assuming boost stays as some sort of a super-upvote/share combo alongside regular up/downvote buttons, here's a UI idea on how to merge it into one unified voting system. App animation + web block mockup

I heard that votes have been changed to behave closer to how people would expect, and boost is staying here as well. So I had an idea how to bring it all together in the interface....

ricardoharvin, to llm
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If you're worried about #LLM-based #AI, you're focusing on the wrong thing and may lack imagination.

This, and related developments (I can't view them as advancements, knowing how this all will end) are what's going to end the human race as we've known ourselves.

Much good can be derived from technologies like this, but we—being as we are—will ultimately go much to far.

I don't think we're prepared for our instant evolution (and, separately, eventual mechanization).


@ricardoharvin@mstdn.social avatar

Will your get , , or be used to compel you to obey your "" or ?

Yes, to all, and worse. Bricked and hacked already exist, for example.

Though not near, this is the kind of bio- melding I believe will ultimately be forced upon most, if not everyone (but the wealthy overlords).

There will be classes and types of hybrids, as in .

The will be us so yes, they will win.


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