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Judge to Consider Holding in for Verbal

Prosecutors in Trump’s trial say he has violated a barring him from attacking , & others close to the case. Testimony is set to resume later Tuesday morning.

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@timo21 @Nonilex

It's known that George Pecker had a safe with stories about a lot of people.

If the contents of that safe are ever found, it'll be like Jeffrey Epstein's little black books that vanished under Bill Barr's supervision.

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It really looks like the Supreme Court is going to OK outlawing homelessness.

To punish people for not being housed, we're going them…but In jail? And under what circumstances would they be released? If they agree to leave town so they can be locked up in another city's jail for the crime of homelessness? Maybe just straight-up house them, non-punitively, and skip the whole arrest thing?

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Republicans have been trying to expand the system of slave labor born of prisons for a century

The for-profit child migrant detention centers planned by Trump's ghoul, Steven Miller, were thwarted.

Incarcerating & enslaving the unpropertied or unhoused is their next try at Uigher-style slave labor camps like the Chinese or Siberian gulags of Russia.

$7 billion worth of goods come from the slave labor of the US penal system.

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"Chief Justice John Roberts displayed a alarming lack of humanity throughout the arguments on Monday, strongly fighting the idea that being homeless could ever be a status because a person can get a home at any point."

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John Roberts is out of touch with the lives of real Americans.

A single eviction can impact your credit-worthiness so severely it's literally impossible to qualify again for a lease.

During the crisis of job cuts during covid, millions were illegally evicted and are now precluded from qualifying for a lease.

Republicans are once again penalizing Americans for the pandemic the GOP themselves prolonged for partisan gain.

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may have just set himself up for a First Amendment fight from hell.

DeSantis says Satanism is ‘not real’ and ‘not qualifying’ for new Florida school chaplain program

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Republicans fought hard to bring prayer into public education....

They aren't allowed to pick the specific religion.

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From the trenches in Ukraine to all Americans that made new aid for Ukraine possible.

Thank you❤️


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Go get your country back, & kick Putin off your land.

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Via Angry Staffer:

She thinks you should be forced to have your rapist’s baby.

Republicans in a nutshell, folks.

Bash: You think there should be exceptions for rape and incest?

#Noem: I don’t think a tragedy should perpetuate another tragedy


Tommy Vietor:

Kristi Noem is considered a leading contender to be Trump VP pick. Here she says that women who are victims of rape or incest should be denied access to abortion services.

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Here is a list of the 112 Republicans who voted against Ukraine aid

Or as we say in my country: “traitors”

How many did you guess right?

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I'm just wondering... do we even kind of vet the financial ties of people in Congress? Because a lot of the things certain politicians do would make more sense they were being paid by foreign adversaries.

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A decade later, Barre Seid's 1.6 billion trust fund donation would eradicate the civil rights of 167 million American women.

Attacks on reproductive medical care was funded to eradicate voting rights.

Barre Seid, Tim Dunn, Farris Wilks, & Jeffrey Yass don't think women should have the right to vote.

  1. Think Tanks are tax-free vehicles for influence peddling & coup plotting


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Here are the 112 PUTIN REPUBLICANS that voted against aid for our ally Ukraine in their war against Russia:

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Time to do a deep dive into the megadonors behind each of these traitorous Republicans.

Which ones are working with China, Russia, or Saudi Arabia to end American democracy?

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⚡️BREAKING: US HOUSE ADOPTED THE BILL ON AID TO UKRAINE (H.R. 8035). With little votes left to count, a majority is reached.

Thank you USA 🇺🇸🤝🇺🇦

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  1. Ukraine will regain every inch of its territory, including Donbas, Crimea and Sevastopol.

  2. Russian oligarchs' assets will be forfeited to rebuild Ukraine.

  3. Putin will stand trial for crimes against humanity

  4. Putin's enablers will be investigated and prosecuted.

  5. Democracy will prevail.

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