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We really need to educate people on statistical reasoning and mixed methods research...A RANT THREAD (1/?)

Okay, so, cards on the table, I am published as a mixed methods, social science researcher and have helped co-author multiple reports on LGBTQIA+ public mental health and community experiences. Let's just say, I ain't no amateur on this topic.

So, something that drives me nuts in conversations about trans healthcare and especially trans youth gender-affirming care is that people don't understand basic statistical reasoning.

One of the parts of this that clicked for me today on why so many arguments frustrate me is that people don't actually understand how sampling works and how we reason from a specific sample in a study....

#Trans #Transgender #SocialScience #GenderAffirmingCare #TransKids #TransYouth

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Landmark Systematic Review Of Trans Surgery: Regret Rate "Remarkably Low"

A landmark systematic review has concluded that regret rate for transgender surgeries is "remarkably low," comparing it to many other surgeries and major life decisions.

#transgender #transgenderhealthcare #genderaffirmingcare #transsurgery #trans #lgbtq

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Attending the Trans Youth Care Symposium ( and really excited about where gender-affirming care for youth is going!

Two different practitioners have emphasized how gender dysphoria and parental resistance and lack of support is a form of chronic trauma. One even discussed how it produces PTSD!

Not to mention they are calling out the centering of cisnormativity and other gender studies, dang, there are providers that are getting there! Also, a huge emphasis on support beyond the binary.

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The Associated Press summarizes: Things to know as courts and legislatures act on transgender kids’ rights #Gender #GenderAffirmingCare #Transgender #Trans #legal

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"For some people, it comes from the inside: meditation; prayer; mantras of acceptance and empowerment; hormone replacement therapy. Others start on the outside: armoring themselves with a contour brush, biker boots, a navy blue hanky in the back pocket signaling they’re a bottom," writes Tommy Dorfman in her guest editor letter for Elle magazine. "No matter the avenue, the practice of affirmation — for ourselves and for others in the LBGTQ+ community — is a necessity, especially in a world where our existence and self-expression is too often violently and systemically oppressed." Here's a @Flipboard Storyboard with the collection she edited for Elle, including stories from Jake DuPree on the beauty of burlesque, Dua Saleh and Liv Hewson on being nonbinary in Hollywood, and ALOK on the power of queer comedy.

#LGBTQ #TransLivesAreHumanLives #Pride #Gender #GenderAffirmingCare #Trans #Nonbinary

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From 06 Mar: Gender-affirming treatment in Maryland would be protected from criminal and civil actions brought by other states under a measure approved that has been approved by the state Senate. - #uspol #genderaffirmingcare #maryland #goodnews

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Texas AG seeks transgender records in Georgia as part of his wider probe

AG (& POS) has requested medical records from a Georgia telehealth clinic that provides , a newly discovered move that shows the ofcl is looking in multiple states for info about youths.

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banned for minors Wednesday, overriding Republican Gov Mike ’s December of the in an intraparty schism & joining more than 20 states that have levied similar restrictions in recent years.

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The Ohio voted to override 65-28 earlier this month, followed by the state ’s 23-9 vote on Wed after nearly an hour of debate across the aisle. Both chambers are led by supermajorities.
argued the bill protects above all else. “We tell parents what to do all the time,” said state Sen Stephen Huffman (R). “So this isn’t any different.”


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#Democrats contended it infringes on #TransgenderRights. “This #legislation is the exact opposite of the American dream,” said state Sen Kent Smith (D). “Instead of providing comfort it will inflict great #pain.”

Families of #trans youths will not be able to access treatments in #Ohio to support #GenderAffirmingCare…. The #law also blocks #transgender #girls from playing on school #sports teams designated for girls & #women. The law goes into effect in 90 days.
#health #LGBTQ+

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Ohio governor vetoes bill to ban gender-affirming care

The veto is expected to be overridden by GOP supermajority. The bill passed with all 62 House Republicans & 24 out of 25 Senate Republicans voting in favor.

The bill would have prohibited gender-affirming care for #trans & #nonbinary youth, including hormone blockers, hormone replacement therapy, medical or surgical procedures and some mental health services & care providers could have lost their licenses & be sued

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2/ Follow-up

Ohio House plans to override Gov. DeWine’s veto of bill banning gender-affirming care for trans youth

The Ohio House is returning from their winter vacation early to attempt to override Gov. Mike DeWine's veto of anti-transgender legislation. .

christinegrothe, to psychology

Iowa Senate File 538- gender transition procedures related to minors strips providers of Medicaid funding from Sept 18 forward and doesn't allow Medicaid to be used by clients for gender affirming treatment. If a counselor has a transgender client, and has used the gender dysphoria code and many others (7 pages of ICD codes) then they will be retroactively stripped of funding. I am so angry for clients and for providers. As a clinician, I feel so mad that states are telling transgender youth in lower SES that they can't be who they truly are, and now they can't even talk to a counselor. I just can't. @socialwork @Email2TootBot #SocialWork #psych #psychology #iowa #lgbtqia #transgender #transgenderrights #counseling #counselor #therapist #therapy


At extremely high speed, I don't see USA-based national associations mentioning this Iowa issue. I could be wrong. I don't see it when I Google: Iowa Senate File 538 Iowa Senate File 538 Iowa Senate File 538 Iowa child protection hormones gender Iowa child protection hormones gender Iowa child protection hormones gender

To their credit I do see:

Debunking the Myths About Gender-Affirming Care

Criminalizing Gender Affirmative Care with Minors
Which mentions that 23 states introduced similar legislation in 2023.

Human Rights Position Statement: Restrooms
A Basic Human Right: Access To Public Restrooms That Match An Individual’s Gender Identity

@christinegrothe @psychotherapist @psychotherapists @psychology @socialpsych @socialwork @psychiatry
#gender #genderaffirmingcare #LGBTQ #transgender #transgenderrights

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"But Grey’s happy existence ended seemingly overnight when he testified in the Texas Legislature against a 2021 bill seeking to ban #GenderAffirmingCare for minors. Anti-#trans activists showed up at the family’s door after their home address was shared online, and Lauren said men with assault rifles tailed her when she was driving and tried to follow her to work." #ProtectTransKids #TransRightsAreHumanRights h/t @nedhamson1

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My boyfriend's health insurance plan covers, in their words "pretty much everything except gender affirming care". We're trying to get them investigated for discrimination. Does anyone have any resources for being affective with this?

#trans #genderaffirmingcare #healthcare #legaladvice #legal #advice

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It's been a few weeks since I launched it so we're bumping my GoFundMe again! I'm looking to raise funds to help cover costs for my gender affirming surgery. If you're able to donate it's greatly appreciated. If you can't, even just sharing it around is a huge help 🧡

#trans #enby #nonbinary #genderaffirmingcare

Some providers are dropping gender-affirming care for kids even in cases where it's legal (

ST. LOUIS (AP) — As Republican-led states have rushed to ban gender-affirming for minors, some families with transgender children found a bit of solace: At least they lived in states that would allow those already receiving puberty blockers or hormone therapy to continue.

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With two bills that passed through our city council unanimously, #Pittsburgh, PA has positioned itself as a #SanctuaryCity for #TransPeople. One bill prevents any city resources for being used to provide information or evidence to prosecute a trans person for seeking #GenderAffirmingCare here in the city. The second, largely symbolic but important, declares that gender affirming care will always be protected here, regardless of state or federal law.

I’m really proud of my home for this.

GenderMeowster, to transmasc

Are you, or someone close to you, in the preparation process for transmasculine chest reconstruction (top surgery)? Look over this handy list for items you may not know you’ll need/want after the operation.

#topsurgery #transmasc #transmasculine #genderaffirmingcare #transman #transmen

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Fox News this morning has a story exposing the HORRIFYING fact that many trans people know they are trans at the young age of 3 or 4.

Huh, that doesn't really seem so horrifying.

Ever get the feeling they don't know how normal people think anymore? #trans #journalism #news #transgender #GenderAffirmingCare

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Ummm... Medical #gender transitioning for #minors isn't a thing. #Children are not receiving gender modification #surgery. #GenderAffirmingCare for minors is limited to #therapy, and #hormone #treatment for some individuals. Again, if the #facts were on the right's side, why would they have to #lie?

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Texas high court allows law banning gender-affirming care for transgender minors to take effect

The Texas Supreme Court allowed a new state law banning gender-affirming care for minors to take effect on Friday, setting up Texas to be the most populous state with such restrictions on transgender children.

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In case anyone needs it: BMI requirements for gender-affirming care lack an empirical basis, do not predict outcomes, increase the likelihood of eating disorders among trans people, fail to result in trans patients losing and maintaining weightloss, and basically just serves as a way to deny trans people healthcare.

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Okay, second most viral toot after queer joy about my chunky shork bois appears to be my post about BMI and gender-affirming care! In case anyone is curious why it keeps getting randomly reboosted, read above! ☝🏻

TLDR: BMI is not a predictor of gender affirming surgery results and its use as a criteria for eligibility just blocks trans people from getting care

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Here's the thing about BMI - I lost nearly 2 inches of height on HRT. This means that to hit the same arbitrary BMI I have to lose an additional 10lbs of weight.

BMI is a lousy, arbitrary metric, and shouldn't be used to gatekeep care for ANYONE.

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