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Here's this week's new video!

Get FREE GAMES in Home Assistant!

👉 https://youtu.be/fwpdi-Ua46A

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"We need to get things done."

12 years into his political career and 6 months before he retires.

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Well, I was dead sure this band was an English one! But alas: they're from the U.S.! Huh 😗... anyway...

... the weekend's gone and a new has arrived, so that sucks, right? Luckily 's here for the rescue, delivering , and heroic (they do sound like they're from ye olde Engalonde, don't they???) to save us all! Have a , cvties 🌞🌳🌈💐 ->

Bandcamp link to the Wandering Oak album "Resilience" -> https://wanderingoakband.bandcamp.com/album/resilience

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It's Plain Reading's season finale! Join us for a discussion with and educator L. S. McKee—we're talking personas, relics, interdisciplinary , , and so much more!


@bookstodon @poetry @PodcastsLive

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I’m most of the way through Midnight Tides, but I have two lingering questions from House of Chains.

First, does the random Forkrul Assail that Karsa Orlong freed ever show up again?

Second, who is the random (immortal?) guy in a tower Karsa Orlong met and does he become important?

There are sometimes threads in this epic that are abandoned, and other times ones that are long dormant.

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Nach einigen Stunden des Aufstiegs, Kraxelns und Kletterns kam ich an diesem wunderschönen Ort an. Es fühlte sich an wie auf dem Dach der Erde, auch wenn es lange nicht der höchste Berg der Erde ist. Doch die restliche Wärme der Sonne, die Menschen um mich herum und dieser grandiose Ausblick machten das zu einem einmaligen Erlebnis 😍

#fotografie #natur #landschaft #sonnenuntergang #sonnenball #gipfel #alpen #schweiz #bern #sonne #berge #sommer #wandern #träumerisch #episch #stimmung #bergsteigen #abend #schnee

#photography #nature #summer #landscape #outdoor #mountains #hiking #mood #moody #epic #dreamy #fairy #sunset #sun #sunny #evening #sunball #adobe #photoshop #lightroom #postprocessing #alps #switzerland #peak #snow

#art #fineart #mastoart #fediart

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The Outer Worlds: Spacers Choice Edition is FREE on Epic Games Store right now!

It's Fallout New Vegas in space, and that's all you need to know! I've already finished it twice and I think I'll go back for a third run.


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4/1: What's your favourite easter egg in your own work and/or another work of fiction?

I really believe it's something I mentioned at the end of Sky Falls.

You see, Sky's West knows the same trick with air as East does - making it hard and using it as steps.

And while they discovered it independently, there IS a connection between them. I will reveal that in the final book, Spirit Sings.

Winds and Pillars series


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I have a book coming out on 1 May. Available as epub, kindle, paperback and hardback.

If you fancy some with a and a then you might like Fierce.

If you are a and would like an then hit me up.


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Trying to set up two users on a single to play (at different times). Each Switch user has its own Nintendo acct and each has its own acct. The first user I've played for years. The second (which I added to online family membership I might not have needed?) I linked the user acct to Nintendo, linked Epic to Nintendo, tried to play but Fortnite says Epic "account already registered". Are two even poss on a single device?! Why is this so awkward?! 😿

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Album Review: VLTIMAS Epic
"Overall, a very solid sophomore effort for Vltimas."


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j'ai installé Heroic Games Launcher pour tester et windows me met en quarantaine un des éléments de l'installation : gogdl.exe, qu'il considère comme Trojan Win32/Znyonm

est ce que je dois m'inquiéter ou c'est juste un blocage qui sert à rien ? :((((


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“Epic Games says Apple has reinstated their App Store developer account. The move clears the way for Epic to bring its Epic Games Store to the EU, avoiding the App Store structure altogether.”

What a turnaround, and quick, too.


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The presentation "National , : Problematics and Difficult Cases" by Prof. David Wallace (University of Pennsylvania), which has been organized by the EXC 2020 "Temporal Communities" (), will take place at the Freie Universität Berlin on March 4, 2024.

📌Further Information:
https://avldigital.de/de/vernetzen/details/event/national-epic-nationalepos-problematics-and-difficult-cases/ @litstudies @germanistik @italianstudies

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:linux: LINUX MAINSTREAM GAMING | Fruity co-op on the rise 🍉

Steam Deck used with other game stores (such as GOG or Prime Gaming and Epic) takes a leap forward 🛸

These developers sure are in on advancing Linux gaming & showing the way - Unified Linux Wine Game Launcher (ULWGL).

The acronym for ULWGL? "You’ll Wiggle" (?) - easier to remember right :thinkhappy:


Prime @lutris @gloriouseggroll @heroiclauncher

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