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Hear me out Nintendo hear me out internet well the microcosm of people smart enough to use Mastodon!! Picture Waluigi in front of a hoard of 1000 hammer bros and with a press of a button he unleashes a devastating Musu attack. I believe the world needs Mario Bros Warriors game

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Who remembers the Golden Look Look Books of yesteryear?

From to to - there was lots of editions to enjoy.

Find them all catalogued on our site 🌟

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This trilogy of "GAME BOY ESSENTIALS" books collect articles from

Ranging from seminal classics to forgotten titles; they offer in-depth analyses of the good and bad games you should play to understand the universal appeal of the .


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Super Mario Bros: Wonder might be my new favourite 2.5D platformer game.

It's so much fun!

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If you think about it, Super Brothers 2 is really just a farming simulator.

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This beautiful image by @vgcartography (twitter) highlights one of my favorite details in this level: The spikes above the water are the tips of the sunken ruin's towers.

Sunshine's sense of space in & across all levels on Isle Delfino are some of the best out there!

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What was your first Mario game!? 🎮❤️ mine was super Mario Land on gameboy pocket!

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Love not just the thinking but the awesome presentation of this blog post about and the Pareto Principle by Antoine Mayerowitz. Now to utterly dominate my 6yo bwahahahaha

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The mad man is back with a 3-hours-45-minutes-long video explaining how invisible walls work in 64 and why they aren't actually walls but most likely ceilings 😅

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If you're a fan of the original "Super Mario Allstars" for the SNES, you should also know about its famous "brick bug", which is actually super annoying once you realize it's there. Luckily, there's a simple fix!

Here's a good explanation:

Here's the fix:

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Just to add a a little controversy: While trying to decide which version is my personal favourite, I just went through the different variants of "Super Mario Bros. 3".

Oh, well... there's the original NES version and there's the SNES "Allstars" remake. The NES graphic looks super clean and the SNES remaster is just beautiful! Both are perfect in their own way!

But there's also this creepy thing they put on the GBA.... I never understood why Mario needed a voice actor! That weird egg-throwing dinosaur somehow is also talking now. Adding the annoying screen crunch to fit the GBA's screen... this will never be as good as the originals!

Super Mario Bros. 3 on the SNES. A beautiful masterpiece!
Super Mario Bros. 3 on the GBA. WTF?!

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Think back to the first time you used any type of games on a removable media, What was the first media format you started with? It was cartridges for me on my Sega Master System 2! 🎮

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Trochę szkoda, że dopiero drugie wydanie "Wielkiej Księgi Mario" jest tym, czym polskie wydanie tego albumu powinno być od samego początku.

Recenzja rozszerzonego i poprawionego wydania "Wielkiej Księgi Mario" właśnie wpadł na moją stronę 👇

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it feels like the end of a chapter today... the 3ds was a huge part of my childhood

repeatro, to retrogaming avatar the limitations of the 8-bit NES, Nintendo chose to remake them for the 16-bit SNES. 🕹️
The developers based the updated designs on those from Super Mario World (1990) and strove to retain the feel of the original games. 👌

🕹️ Trivia about the game consoles of our childhood

#RetroTrivia #retrogaming #gaming #videogames #videogaming #videogame #Mario #NES #SNES #Nintendo

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I did! I Remember playing on my Street Fighter 2 Tiger handheld as a kid! ❤️🎮🔥
#nintendo #whichone #nostalgia #n64 #gamecube #wii #snes #mario #zelda #pikmin #90skids #2000s #childhoodmemories #retro #retrogames #retrogaming #tigerhandheld #tiger

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This manages to be pretty, unsettling, epic, and hilarious all within 3 minutes.

Dire Dire Docks + One-Winged Angel by Justin Thornburgh -

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100 percent agree! We need a return to translucent plastic tech! What modern device would you love to have in this style!?

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Today’s AAA devs should take note of this instead of microtransactions! 🎮 What makes a game great to you?
#nostalgia #90skids #80s #gameboy #nintendo #NES #snes #supermario #childhoodmemories #retro #retrogames #mario #timeless #gaming #videogames

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