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So I'm reading Blood in the machine and actually think being called a Luddite is the highest complement you can give someone today. I encourage everyone to read Blood in the Machine. Luddites weren't technophobes. #Tech #Technology #Books @bookstodon

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@weirdwriter @bookstodon Great perspective! For the longest I thought I knew the term Luddite from a novel so I looked it up. I’m pleased that wasn’t the case. I came across this article on literary works and the Luddite movement, though. Interesting!

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Imagine you had the opportunity to play chess against the elite's best player knowing full well you could best them but at the last minute they took all your major pieces and generously gave you their pawns.


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Has anyone come across a Google doc/list of all the #vc firms that are buying single family homes in the US and ruining the current and future #housing market for literally everyone? Asking for a friend...

#realestate #activism #venturecapital #latestagecapitalism #resist #altgov #housingcrisis

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one way to convince me never to listen to your podcast is informing me that you will "help me hashtag " 🤦‍♂️

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Dopo aver resistito eroicamente per quasi un anno e fino all'ultimo uomo, cioè io, all'installazione di Uozzappe (merdassoluta) sul mio smartphone, mi hanno rifilato un device aziendale con il merdone preinstallato e già settato.
Pregandomi di usarlo.

Mi sono presentato così con il primo messaggio:

-- Carissimi,
da sempre, NON considero mex vocali più lunghi di 29 secondi. (il tempo di uno spot in TV)

E anche quelli li considero molto poco...

Buona giornata e buon lavoro a tutti. --

Non ho idea se sia stato apprezzato o meno ma questo è quanto.

#Resist #SwitchToJami #DeleteMeta #DeleteFacebook #DeleteInstagram #DeleteWhatsApp

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Grifters gonna grift.

Esther McVey claims expenses to rent flat while husband lets out nearby home.

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BREAKING: Federal judge dismisses a conservative lawsuit challenging a Washington, D.C. law that allows noncitizen residents to vote in local elections. Republican voters argued the law "discriminates against U.S. citizens living in D.C."

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...nationals of that country.

This is in Article 22 of the EU treaty and Articles 39 and 40 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights."

Local voting is a "constitutional right" of each adult EU citizen.

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." Only this time, with being a full member, the state where something, and rights in particular, is rotten, are the .

Poor America!

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It's not extremism to want you and yours to flourish and not just survive by scraping by.

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"Who decides what is and what is not an acceptable opinion? Undoubtedly, Michael Gove would count among his British values support for the Union under the crown. I support neither – does that make my values less respectable than his?"

"Any functioning democracy must have a way to register and adjust to public opinion and desire, a dynamic relationship which allows for policy change. This one only has denial."

Tommy Sheppard MP

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Do you see it yet? I do hope so.

Sniffy Michael Gove

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ok, so my sons bought a heavily discounted "smart" last xmas. a TCL with Roku plastered all over the box.

is there a way to root these tvs and wipe their OS?

rooting and changing the OS of smart anything, especially phones, need to be at the center of the right to repair movement, not just getting access to software drivers or hardware.

PS: i have avoided activating the Roku nonsense exactly for what the article describes.

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@blogdiva This all #marketing and #profit bullshit. These huge “smart” TVs are so cheap, but that’s only because they’re burdened with #malware and #spyware. Try pricing a “dumb” display at that size.

Then you realize this is like an ISP renting you their hardware at a discount or charging you four times more every month to bring your own. There’s a reason they want their device in your home and it’s not a benefit to you. So they create financial #incentive give to make you do it. #RESIST!

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Are you, or do you know, a high school student with some artistic skills in Oregon's 5th Congressional district? Our representative, Lori Chavez-Deremer, is encouraging them to submit entries to a Congressional art competition.

Me, I encourage them to submit art about an important event in Congressional history: January 6, 2021, when a mob of domestic terrorists, spurred on by the outgoing President, attacked the Capitol in an attempt to overturn a democratic election and murder Congresspeople.

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In 2020 the Indian Parliament passed three farm bills described as “anti-farmer laws.” For a couple of years, many Indians protested in the streets and halted industry flow. The protesters eventually won, and the laws were repealed. ✊🏻

Source (CC Ravan Khosa):

More on the protest:

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    Here is an anti- reading list from December 2016 👇🏽 @bookstodon

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    “There is no shame in doing little.
    There is shame in doing nothing.”
    Alexei Navalny 1976-2024

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    So then they disabled the internet...

    How we laughed...

    Then they disrupted transport and food distribution...

    How we...laughed?

    Then they started banging on doors and quoting security breaches while they took us away...

    Not so funny it?

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    published an open tribute letter to , r.i.p.

    & with

    You can sign here 👇🏽

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    Essential viewing. The State vs the People. More relevant than ever.

    Miners’ Strike 1984: The Battle For Britain review – the sadness and resentment still simmer | Television | The Guardian

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