Astronomy student, #wobbly, storyteller. Wants a free and fulfilling life for all beings, at home together in the universe. 🍐

Privileges: white, Global North, upper-middle class, cis-male-appearing, able-bodied

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mcnees, to random avatar

Enrico Fermi, one of the foremost physicists of the 20th century, was born in 1901. While most physicists focus on either experiment or theory, Fermi excelled at both.

Now, estimate how many new physicists will be born today.

Image: New York Public Library


Say a year in a physics department has 50 students, there are 100 departments per state in 50 US states, and the US has an equal share of physicists in the world per population, with 1/20th of the world's population. Also say that half of physics students become physicists, all physicists born in the same year are in the same year throughout undergrad, and there are 350 days in a year, and the same number of babies are born each day.

501005020(1/2)*(1/350) ~ 700 baby physicists/day

Andres4NY, to Parenting avatar

In retrospect, we really should've put more days between our return from Hawai'i and the start of school.

Our kids right now are like "fuck you HAHAHA we're NEVER sLEEEPING!" 🫤


What brought you to Hawai'i?

connersjackson, to Florida

Found this on :

from , in need of funds. Only two contributions so far, over a two-month time period.

Status: 1% of goal.

HeavenlyPossum, (edited ) to random avatar

When I was a kid in the 80s and 90s, I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation. I soaked up the vibes of a high-tech, utopian future. I internalized the trajectory we were on was good, that we had reached the End of History. There might be a few bumps on the road, but the direction was inevitable and the destination was inexorable.

It turns out that the fastest a human being has ever traveled was 39,897 kilometers per hour. That was the crew of the Apollo 10 mission returning to earth. That happened on 26 May, 1969.

Fifty-four years ago. We peaked more than half a century ago.

1/of several


In southeatern Greenland, there was a Norse settlement that slowly suffered and starved for centuries on end, until the last person in it died. It's rare that a collapse of that sort--everyone in the society dies--happens, but it's common for societies to fragment, dissipate, get absorbed into other societies, etc. Sometimes the people in that society willingly abandon it. And there's rarely a singular event marking the collapse.

skinnylatte, to random avatar

Talking to a friend yesterday: I’ve personally had the privilege to live in and potentially emigrate to many countries, including the ones Americans say they want to move to (considered Aus, Finland, UK, France and Germany previously) but still landed on this one because: despite all of America’s warts (and there are many) it is still by far a place one can aspire to build a life without being an immigrant forever.

That was important to me. I try to remember this whenever I am mad at it.


Of course Western countries would be racist, though. Has that been your experience in non-Western, non-US-aligned, and Global South countries as well? /gen

theconversationau, to random

Prigozhin’s apparent death in a plane shot down over Russia tells us much about the fragility surrounding Russian politics.

However, the "least significant impact" of his death might be on Russia’s war in Ukraine, writes @matthew_sussex (@ANUmedia).


The Wagner Group was involved across the Sahel, including in Niger, where Russia has widespread support as an alternative to France. Considering the situation in Niger now, with the military coup and the ECOWAS countries preparing to intervene, I wonder how Prigozhin dying changes things.

There are definitely global impacts of Wagner's adventures, that don't get as much attention in the US as Ukraine gets (not that Ukraine doesn't deserve the attention it's getting, but so does West Africa). Prigozhin and Putin have done many horrible things to many people, and ingrained their influence deep into places it never belonged, not so different from Western colonial powers. When imperialists fight each other, they use the Global South as pawns in their wicked game. It's not always clear how the "game" (I feel wrong just calling it that, but that's how imperialists think) will evolve after a major shift.

levampyre, (edited ) to random German avatar

Is there a good book, essay, podcast or video you can recommend for me to learn more about restorative justice and transformative justice?


We Do This Till We Free Us, by Mariame Kaba

connersjackson, to random

@/randahl@/ calls for use of the atomic bomb

JulianOliver, to random avatar

Huge. Was going to write a summary but the first paragraph does it just fine.

"Ecuadorians have voted in a historic referendum to halt the development of all new oilwells in the Yasuní national park in the Amazon, one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet."


Yes! This is very relevant for the movement in as well, and a massive victory. There is hope yet for the .

connersjackson, to free

When I (someday) finish my :

I want it to be available for , digitally, to anyone, with no barriers.

I want anyone to be able to do anything they want with it, except limit others' access to it, or use it to make money or hurt people.

This isn't necessarily going to be the case for everything I write, but it's important to me that it happens for the novel I'm working on now.

connersjackson, to random

only works if the opposition is also committed to pacifism.

It doesn't work against , or the , or , or , or in general. They are all committed to .

esther, to random

“What’s your solution then?” Is one of those lazy rhetorical tricks to discredit any criticism of a complex problem.

Like, no, I will not come up with an easy solution to capitalism over a couple of social media posts. But expecting that any anti-capitalist must have a ready-to-use solution to everything they criticize is just a convenient method to shut down that criticism and cement capitalism and “inevitable” or even “natural”, to make even the idea of a different system seem impossible and not worth thinking about.


It's also a refusal to engage in good faith. There are centuries worth of anti-capitalist solutions in writing and history, all readily available to anyone who actually wants to learn about them and engage with leftists in good faith.

TheConversationUS, to blackmastodon avatar

in biblical and ancient societies had many variations. But it’s clear that slavery during those eras was as horrific, just like the 19th-century transatlantic slave trade, according to the historical and archeological evidence.

@histodons @blackmastodon


What makes the transatlantic slave trade particularly relevant and painful today is deep extent of the lasting, ongoing impacts it has on present-day society, including the continuation of slavery in other ways, in prisons and the Global South, under the same transnational economic system. This is not the case for ancient forms of slavery, at least not nearly to the same extent or as directly. This is why comparisons of how bad they were aren't necessarily relevant, except as dogwhistles and obfuscatory tactics. But yes, slavery is awful and intolerable no matter the time and place, and that should be acknowledged as well.
@histodons @blackmastodon

connersjackson, to Discord

I'd like to announce not one, but TWO new servers for people in the area! Both have been in the works for a while, but have now actually launched. If they apply to you and you're interested, I would be overjoyed if you joined either or both. If the links have expired by the time you're reading this, feel free to message me.

The first is a general server for people with any connections to anywhere in Upstate NY. Open-minded seeking to listen to autistics and become better allies are also welcome. It's a for building , making , chatting, and possibly hanging out together IRL or planning . This server is pro , pro , , and not for parents or service providers (unless you're autistic yourself).

The second is for the Neurodivergent Community Space. This is a very long-term project for a brick-and-mortar community space in the area. The hope is that, when the place can actually be built, it will be a site for , , , , and all sorts of other projects of, by, and for the community, with the overarching goal of building and supporting neurodivergent solarpunk anarchist community at a local level. This cooperative also embodies the hope of bringing genuine , , and to the world as a whole.

thejapantimes, to worldnews avatar

How safe are cars for teens?

Ruth_Mottram, to BBC avatar

So, the got here. And they're hosting their own server it seems...


Suggesting. Not demanding. They can't force anyone to block the BBC.

It's reasonable, though. The BBC is committed to institutionalized transphobia. That's not up for debate. And the Fediverse has a longstanding practice of not tolerating transphobia, no matter how big the source. They want to play on the Fediverse, they can drop the transphobia, or else reasonably expect to be blocked.

Radical_EgoCom, to random

Anti-Communist @awkravchuk Blocked!


Let's go further: awkravchuk for anti-communism.

connersjackson, to climate

could, and should, be free.

The panels themselves need to be installed, and that requires labor, and there are resources consumed in their construction. But after the panel has been installed, it produces all on its own whenever the Sun shines on it. What's being consumed is hydrogen atoms in the core of the Sun, and that would happen whether or not there was a panel harvesting the light. The panel, of course, isn't going to spend the money you pay for solar energy.

"It's getting cheaper" just means that capitalists are exploiting us less. They're still forcing us to pay for something that exists for free. solutions are already here, the technology already exists and is being rolled out, and still gets in the way for profit.

connersjackson, to random

True doesn't have as an option. Democracies don't let some people exploit other people or the .

connersjackson, to free

I just finished a game on called New Roots. It's a 2D game with a lot of message and atmosphere. It's very short, a little under an hour or so long. I recommend it.

connersjackson, to internet

wants to make the their own backyard. We're going to make them fight dearly for every inch. They'll lose. Look how many instances are blocking , just like they would any other instance that did what it's doing.

Threads will end up like Gab or Truth Social; an isolated social media platform that happens to be using . It will cost Meta some money, and then it will go under. And everyone will make fun of it until the world forgets it ever existed. This will happen because the Fediverse is not going to tolerate capitalists ruining years and years of hard, passionate, ongoing work for a safe and open social media.

connersjackson, to vexillology

Happy !

For those flying the , make sure to use the new one with straight lines and muted colors. It was created because the old one was visually overstimulating for many people, and triggering seizures and migraines when viewed on a computer screen.

The flag is rich with symbolism. Designed in 2019, and updated in 2021, by Ann Magill, the flag has five colored stripes running diagonally across a black background. The five stripes represent unity of different subcommunities of disability:

Red: physical disabilities
Gold: cognitive and intellectual disabilities
White: nonvisible and undiagnosed disabilities
Blue: psychiatric disabilities
Green: sensory disabilities

The black background represents mourning disabled people who have died due to negligence, suicide, rebellion, illness, and eugenics. In the original design, the zigzag represented the creativity of disabled people in navigating barriers. While this isn't represented explicitly in the new design, I believe that the very fact of a creative redesign to meet the accessibility needs of disabled community members is an expression of what the zigzags stood for.

connersjackson, to actuallyautistic

If you're interested in a particular topic, you can follow the hashtag and see posts tagged with that hashtag. There might also be a group bot in the instance that you can follow to see posts which tag the bot. The bot automatically boosts every post it's tagged in.

Some groups I'm following:

connersjackson, to philosophy

If you are not an or a , then why would you be interested in the , built by anarchists and communists on anarchist and communist foundations? You already have a platform, .


You don't have to write code with ActivityPub to use it. You can use it just like any other social media.

The point is, each server (instance) exists independently of the others, and can be for Mastodon, Pixelfed, or PeerTube, etc. They share content with each other. The admins for each instance decide the rules, and can defederate (stop sharing content) with other instances if they have to.

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