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Let’s chat

Do you feel you have less interest posting about politics / current events lately?


Do you notice the same responses over and over again?

Do you feel headlines and events seem to go nowhere or seem to repeat?

Do you think people are more polarized or less polarized?

Are people beholden to their sides’ ideology— the kind of people where if you looked at their profile you would know exactly what they think on most issues without nuance?

I just wanna hear where you’re at…

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Awww, no change of interest posting

I see the (nice) extream "radical liberals" saying Dems in and policies will get a win

I see (nice) cool liberals pointing out above, except they label them as liberals and not "radical liberals"
(some of the best Mastodon posters)

I see (nice) pro posters who give DAMN GOOD reasons to VOTE in the election, seriously need to register esp in the key States its a event

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New York will be the first state to receive federal Inflation Reduction Act rebates for heat pumps and other climate-friendly appliances.

11 other states have filed applications to distribute IRA funding tied to energy-efficient appliances: Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington.

New York to Get First US Rebates for Energy-Efficient Appliances -

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Powerful ad from the Biden-Harris campaign...


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saw more turnover in his than any other recent president, & it’s not even close. , on the other hand, has had relatively little change in his admin’s top roles so far.

As Trump & Biden barrel toward a fall rematch, The WaPo is examining the numbers behind their time as president. In this case, we reviewed how they ran the vast of govt through the lens of the of their Cabinets.


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The Cabinet consists of the leaders of the 15 major executive depts — think , , — as well as additional snr ofcls. These can include the admin & Admin chief, ambassador to the & US rep. The VP & the WH , who are not -confirmed appointments, are also in the Cabinet.

About ¾ of ’s initial Cabinet picks were GONE by the end of his 4 yrs in office, while only a handful have left ’s almost 3½ yrs in.

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’s company went public last week only after it had been kept afloat in 2022 by emergency from a managed by a -American businessman under scrutiny in a federal & investigation.

Trump stands to gain billions… from the merger between TrumpMedia & Tech & the blank-check co [] , which took the parent company of public.


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appears to have used the trust to to help save – & – because his bank itself could not furnish the loan.

Postolnikov, the nephew of , an ally of the Russian president, Vladimir , has not been charged w/a . In response to an email to Postolnikov seeking comment, a lawyer in Dominica representing threatened legal action for reporting the contents of leaked docs.

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#RubyGarcia's Family Outraged #TrumpLied About Calling Them

#Trump continues #exploitation. Every time there is a crime, death or tragedy, Trump swoops in seeking to use it for his own political ambition.

The theme of Trump's #Michigan speech was "#MigrantCrime." The only issue he & other #Republicans talk about day after day. They spout #lies & #misinformation on a daily basis seeking to #exploit others & use them for his advantage.


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claimed today at his speech in front of enforcement officers in that he called the family of , who was killed by a friend of hers who was a migrant. Trump claimed he spoke to several of her family members….

Ruby Garcia's sister Mavi Garcia told WOOD TV8 that neither Trump nor any member of his campaign have contacted her or any of her family members, & was upset that Trump was migrants.

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And another: The White House's official account is also federated. Follow here: @whitehouse

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The more I hear about this Israeli attack on World Central Kitchen workers, the more I think it was intentional. I don't care what Israel says.

It was in a deconflicted area. WCK was coordinating with the IDF. They were so clearly marked as food relief. Israel has precision weapons.


This was intentional. Israel does not want Gazans to have food.

It's time for the world to unite and stop Israel.

They are out of control.

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was very busy on morning on frantic bender — posting & re-posting dozens & dozens of times.

Before 12 noon ET, TFG had populated his acct w/ 43 additional “Truths” & “Re-Truths.”


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The re-posts almost all came from outlets….They included stories about the WH banning religious-themed Easter egg designs, the WH honoring of on… Easter, & one about Judge Juan ’s daughter, whom he named & criticized on social media this wk.

…In keeping w/ ’s “Jesus” allegory & his sales, he retweeted a story titled aptly enough for Easter, “The Crucifixion of Donald Trump.”

Nonilex, (edited )
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did not share if he planned to spend Sunday in , w/ his family, or reading one of his newly-minted “American Bibles.” But one thing seems sure — the posting will continue.

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Covert accounts are masquerading online as supporters of , promoting , stoking domestic & attacking President ahead of the election in Nov.

The accts signal a potential tactical shift in how aims to American , w/more of a willingness to target specific candidates & parties, including Biden.


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In an echo of ’s campaign, appears to be trying to harness to undermine the admin’s policies, despite recent efforts by the 2 countries to lower the temperature in their relations.

Some of the accounts impersonate fervent fans, including one [still allowed] on #X that purported to be “a father, husband & son” who was “ all the way!!”

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Oh Don't forget to donate to the campaign through or the Official .com And yes I gave two days ago, I've been giving to the Democratic party since 2007
Oh and Donald Trump smells
Many people are saying so.😜

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For my father. For every single one of my uncles. For my cousins, and the kids who followed in their footsteps. For my nephew.

And for everyone else who has served or is serving.

#USElection2024 #Election2024 #VoteBlue #BidenHarris #SaveDemocracy #Democrats #VoteBidenHarris #USMilitary #USArmy #USAirForce #USNavy #USMarines

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The 20-second video, which #Trump indicated was taken Thursday in Long Island, New York, shows a truck emblazoned with "Trump 2024" and a large picture depicting Biden tied up and lying on his side.

Trump was in Long Island Thursday for the wake of fallen NYPD officer Jonathan Diller.

#law #PoliticalViolence #extremism #MAGA #DomesticTerrorism #MobTactics #MafiaState #StochasticTerrorism #democracy #BidenHarris #VoteBlue

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Statement on the Alabama Special Election HD-10 where the Democrat flipped a GOP Nazi seat.

Pass it on. :clapping: 😜

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@flexghost been waiting for this for the Dems for years.

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Thom Hartmann shared this on his show today. Thread 🧵via Marty Taylor, Executive Director NewBlueUSA. President niteflyermedia. Pilot. Musician. Political and media consultant. 1/...

A personal story about Donald Trump, Marla Maples. The “Carpet King” Bob Shaw, Adolph Hitler and my wife Martha.

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@GottaLaff TY for sharing this thread with us. It's still important. must never be president again. Democracy and the future of America depend on it.

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2024 () report on the Admin

“By putting at the center of his admin, President committed that it would shape the , , federal , & agency actions his admin championed. As explained in detail below, that commitment has resulted in meaningful policy changes for across , , , , , the , & protections.”

National Urban League Biden Harris 2024 progress report p1

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EXCERPT 2 from the latest THE POLITICRAT episode

This clip: Just a few of POTUS Joe Biden’s accomplishments so far

Full episode: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-politicrat/id1503246845?i=1000647262665


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