tayarndt, to LLMs
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davidbisset, to programming
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OH: "What's the difference between a light bulb and a ?

A light bulb stops working when it burns out."

paul, to devops
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There are several #MastoDev 'Help Wanted' requests from the Mastodon #developers if you are a #coder #Programmer

*Use /search for search (/search?query=something)
*Move account secrets to a dedicated table (and encrypt it?)
*Add a way for the user to select which languages they understand
*Allow admins to configure instance favicon and logo
*Allow searching for hashtags in admin UI
*Convert Redux state to Typescript #MastoAdmin #devops #Programmers #dev.


metin, to programming
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The more modest a developer is, the smaller the application version increments. Some indie coders add brilliant new functionality, and change the version from 0.9 to 0.9.1, while corporations often add a few minor improvements once a year, and jump from 1.0 to 2.0.

ashed, to Humor
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I finally gave in and bought my first Apple device. I have to say I'm impressed, even if it only has a single-core processor.

unidentified_mustelid, to aiart
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is like stock image gallery with weird randomizer. You can do with that, but you are constrained by assets available to you. Speaking of "assets", when you make a game using stuff from asset store, be it art, music or code, you are a , but not necessarily an (specifically visual artist), or .

villetakanen, to RegEx
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davidbisset, to php
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As a ( and other) i think the “rollback” work that has been done in (and looks like more coming) is very impressive given the complexities and the scope:


watzon, to golang
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Ok peeps, we're 4 months into 2024 and I've been without work this whole time so we're going to try this again. If you know of any senior software engineering positions that are actually being hired for, please drop them below.

I have 12 cumulative years of experience, so that shouldn't be an issue, and I know most of the languages in use nowadays well enough to be dangerous, but I am extremely proficient in TypeScript, Python, and Ruby. What I'd rather do more than anything though is have an opportunity to use Go professionally.

hannah, to random
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Why dont you omplete writing this button

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[OMPLETE button]

As a former , I can think of a ton of reasons this /isn't/ a typo—especially since other large buttons are missing a first letter. It's probably a layout ( or DOM) or programming bug. It's also a Q/A failure, but points to a customer who likely didn't care enough to ensure the final product was what they paid for. /The whole thing makes me want to hit my head on the desk.../

But then I think, "I'm retired," and start laughing maniacally.

modev, to programming
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The spirit of :clang: :

  • Trust the . Generally speaking, the #C language assumes you know what you’re doing and lets you. This isn’t always a good thing (for example, if you don’t know what you’re doing).
  • Don’t prevent the programmer from doing what needs to be done. Because C is a system language, it has to be able to handle a variety of low-level tasks.
  • Keep the language small and simple. The language is designed to be fairly close to the hardware and to have a small footprint.
  • Provide only one way to do an operation. Also known as conservation of mechanism, the C language tries to limit the introduction of duplicate mechanisms.
  • Make it fast, even if it isn’t guaranteed to be portable. Allowing you to write optimally efficient code is the top priority. The responsibility of ensuring that code is portable, safe, and secure is delegated to you, the programmer.
davidbisset, to webdev
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"Painting yourself into a corner" is something every experienced can relate to.

SergKoren, to writing
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“He lived by the code. He died by the code. He was a COBOL programmer.”

sfwrtr, (edited )
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"“He lived by the code. He died by the code. He was a

And ironically suddenly highly in demand, despite being undead. Lots of code rot these days.

modev, to programming
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Personally, I have nothing against the emergence of new #programming languages. This is cool:

  • the industry does not stand still;
  • competition allows existing languages to develop and borrow features from new ones;
  • developers have the opportunity to learn new things while avoiding #burnout;
  • there is a choice for beginners;
  • there is a choice for specific tasks.

But why do most people dislike the :clang: #clang so much? But it remains the fastest among high-level languages. Who benefits from C being suppressed and attempts being made to replace him? I think there is only one answer - companies. Not developers. Developers are already reproducing the opinion imposed on them by the market. Under the #influence of hype and the opinions of others, they form the idea that C is a useless language. And most importantly, oh my god, he's unsafe. Memory usage. But you as a #programmer are (and must be) responsible for the #code you write, not a language. And the one way not to do bugs - not doing them.

Personally, I also like the :hare_lang: #harelang. Its performance is comparable to C, but its syntax and elegance are more modern.

And in general, I’m not against new languages, it’s a matter of taste. But when you learn a language, write in it for a while, and then realize that you are burning out 10 times faster than before, you realize the cost of memory safety.

This is that cost:

andrew, to tech
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and other tech-savvy friends: I'm blanking. I have a .NET EXE that throws a run-time error that suggests it requires an old version of MS Access to run.

I don't need the program to run as much as I need to see what the program would visually look like (what buttons you're presented with, etc.).

In the past I think I did this using dotPeek by JetBrains, but I'm not seeing any such option there now. Ideas?


metin, to Cartoons
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AstraKernel, to rust

✨ Tock OS, now Compiles on Stable Rust


👉 Embedded operating system designed for running multiple concurrent, mutually distrustful applications on Cortex-M and RISC-V based embedded platforms

mikemathia, to random
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youronlyone, to webdev
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“Death To Icon Fonts” (2015)


What's your opinion as a today?

Did you find a way to address the issues presented while keeping ?


  1. When our friends with overrides your fonts, font icons turn into black boxes since the font they're using doesn't have support for those Unicode code blocks.

  2. When screenreaders, or voice assistance, reads a site with icon fonts, they read the icon fonts really weird.

For No.2, a site with properly marked aria labels, or marked as hidden for assistive tech, is the solution I can think of.

However, for No.1, I can't think of a way since once the browser forces the user font, all fonts on the site will rely on the user's custom font.

The only other way I can think of is to provide an option to switch the site's font right from the website, so they don't have to override the site's font.

What's your solution?

cincura_net, to random
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itnewsbot, to RaspberryPi
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Saving PIC Microcontrollers With DIY Programmer - When working on a project, plenty of us will reach for an Atmel microcontroller be... - https://hackaday.com/2024/01/14/saving-pic-microcontrollers-with-diy-programmer/ #microcontrollers #microcontroller #micropython #raspberrypi #programmer #pic16f72 #pipico #pic

nixCraft, to random
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No, that code is not encrypted. It is just a Perl code with lots of regexes. 🤷🏻‍♀️

@mjgardner@social.sdf.org avatar

@mina @pjakobs @nixCraft The fundamental debate is whether a language is a tool for creativity or just a tool.

And consequently, are you a creative , or just a tool?

AstraKernel, to rust

🦀 Song for Rust

👉 your first RUST programming experience

"I use clone everywhere to hide problems of my skills"

Crabs, let the dance begin


jezebelley, to programming

I'm hungry to learn . I haven't touched code since Visual Basic and HTML4 in the 90s. Any suggestions on where to start? What's a good language to begin with? Text/web recommendations?

@mkarliner@mastodon.modern-industry.com avatar


What do you want to make?

If it's web tech, Javascript, which isn't as bad as people make out.

If it's ML and data science, Python.

System programming, probably Rust, although C++ is more popular, it's really a mess and Rust is coming up fast.

Go is also very popular now.

Hope that helps

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