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lowqualityfacts, to random
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The effects of Ecstacy are not.

kinyutaka, to random
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Okay, this has to be an thing. I get that some tenures of are short, but they can't bring back another old face every other Doctor.


golgaloth, to books
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Tech bros should not be in charge of anything.

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Tell me you have the attention span of a gnat without telling me you have the attention span of a gnat.

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I was taught from an early age to hold any object I was buying away from my body while shopping, lest I be accused of stealing. No under the arm holding of things, arms totally in front or to the side. I keep the receipt in my hand until I’m well out of the store. Any store. There are many different “talks” we have with our kids, not just the police talk.

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Meanwhile, white children are taught that it's okay to munch on the grapes before reaching the checkout stand.

flexghost, to random
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Uh oh. Looks like someone knows something about Mitch McConnell

...Leave a comment with what you think it is


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His head got stuck in his shell again?

rysiek, to random
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Gah, an account that posts photos with alt-text being just "-". 🤦‍♀️

This is why we can't have nice things.

Look, if you don't have the spoons to add alt-text, that's fine — we all run out of spoons sometimes — don't add alt-text. :blobcatcoffee:

And if you can't be arsed to add alt-text, whatever, you do you, don't add alt-text. 🙄

But adding a random character or a filename as alt-text just so that the "[ALT]" label shows up on your images is really extremely shitty. :blob0w0:

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kinyutaka, to MagicTheGathering
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CarlG, to random
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Shocking that no company will accept as collateral for an appeal bond the very assets Trump was just found to have inflated in a years-long, half-billion dollar fraud.

Despite his braggadocio, Trump is not only too poor to post the bond himself, but his assets ("Beautiful buildings - worth billions!") are so leveraged that he presumably can't even secure a regular loan against them either to post the bond.

Trump's career of ripping off everyone he deals with is coming back to haunt him.

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@skydog @CarlG

One of the largest assets, whether you believe his numbers or don't, is Trump Tower.

He told Forbes Magazine that it was worth $350M, with $100M in loans against it.

NY says it's worth $150M.

If the loan number was in any way accurate, then the whole building would only support a $50M bond.

jenniferplusplus, to random
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Do you ever get sad because the cyberpunk dystopia we're living in is so much stupider than the one we were promised?

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We were promised the ability to learn new skills by plugging it into our heads.

w7voa, to random
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Polio victim Paul Alexander, believed to be the last man in an iron lung, has died. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/man-iron-lung-dead-paul-alexander-b2511827.html

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@skyfaller @hannu_ikonen

I can't imagine living 70 years in an Iron Lung, and knowing I'll never leave it?

tylervu, to ai
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If we aren’t racist, how did our become so racist? 🤔

“Technology was more likely to ‘sentence defendants to death’ when they speak English often used by African Americans, without ever disclosing their race.

The regular way of teaching new patterns of retrieving information, by giving human feedback, doesn’t help counter covert racial bias … it could teach language models to "superficially conceal the they maintain on a deeper level."


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Why can't we make an AI whose response to "should we sentence this man to death" is "what the fuck is wrong with you?"

kinyutaka, to HashtagGames
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Doctor Who's Line Is It Anyway?

ninjacooter, to random
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I keep hearing commentators asking, "Where are we headed with this?" - about Alabama's IVF ruling.

We've been TELLING you. For YEARS now.

The people who are pushing these laws are Dominionist Evangelicals who are, Right Now, LITERALLY talking about destroying Democracy and replacing it with Theocracy (which, honestly, will really just be Autocracy spiced up with CEO Jesus).


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We've been warning about it for years, but every time we say "there's something Hitler about this speech" we're accused of cheapening the idea of the Holocaust.

dgar, to random
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Inglash bastards ken cut theer own fookin' grras.

appassionato, to Palestine
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The Hundred Years' War on Palestine
A History of Settler Colonial Conquest and Resistance, 1917-2017 by Rashid Khalidi

A landmark history of one hundred years of war waged against the Palestinians from the foremost US historian of the Middle East, told through pivotal events and family history.


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@KarunaX @ymishory @anantagd @appassionato @bookstodon @palestine

I think a key difference in Israel vs South Africa is that Israel literally thinks that land was given to them by God.

It's something that they can't just pack up and go to a different country for, which means the Jews have to learn to live with their Palestinian neighbors and vice versa.

But if the government is secular and doesn't favor one religion over another, I think most of the people would fall in line with that.

kinyutaka, to Discord
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I think I figured out the gameplan on the bots that are flooding my inbox from different accounts.

They're trying to get people like me, no matter how inconsequential, to stop engaging on

The only thing that makes sense is that they want us to throw our hands in the air and say "fuck this place"

Well, fuck you, I'm not leaving. I'm gonna keep posting stupid inanities or responding to posts and you can't stop me.

@lowqualityfacts - since I saw you get targeted, too.

paul, to random
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Users and friends, filtering hashtag 診断メーカー works to keep the current wave of spam out of your timeline, mentions, etc, as this example shows.

Over 4.4K in the last 24-hours. I know many admins have been combating it all night to keep it out of your timeline.

Might not be a bad idea to set the filter up while 's combat the problems.

If you're not curious, hide completely instead of just a warning as shown in the red circle..

timeline showing spam behind a hidden
timeline with a hidden post exposed

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@paul the problem is getting that filter set up. I'm partially responding to this so I can get back to it on my PC, where I can set the filter up. There's no easy way to do it with @megalodon

Hint, hint, Meg. We need filtering options on the app.

flexghost, to random
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Read anything good lately?

I have.

"Trump is expected to immediately appeal the decision, but doing so will be a logistical nightmare....

"[Trump] wouldn’t have enough to cover this bank fraud judgment and last month’s $83 million verdict in his rape defamation case. Both cases require him to post the money up front, squeezing him at the same time."

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For sale: Mar-a-Lago?

docpop, to random
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Wow. Billy must have really gotten drunk to be hitting on Kim.

kenthompson, to books
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#enshittification, anyone? Perfect example from publishing. A publisher is using AI to write crappy nonfiction, then assigning author names that almost match leading experts in that field (to trick search engines). No doubt other AIs will now search those texts as authoritative. This is done solely to make money and only makes the world a worse place.
#books #reading #ai #bookstodon @bookstodon @pluralistic


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@peachfront @hexbatch @diazona @OhOkKay @kenthompson @bookstodon @pluralistic

And, irony, because AI can't be copyrighted, technically you have the right to publish it. Everyone does.

So, they're only going to check it and make sure you aren't hiding a copy of Harry Potter in your AI novel.

Jyoti, to acab
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I'm gonna keep posting this as it keeps annoying bootlickers.

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That's enough for 130 people to ride the subways twice a day, every day, including holidays and weekends. For free.

Strandjunker, to random
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Trump stole documents on confidential informants in January 2021 and 9 months later CIA Counterintelligence sent a top secret cable warning an unusually high number of confidential informants had been killed, captured, or compromised. I feel like more people should mention that.

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I mean, it could be a coincidence.

Not Waynes World GIF

lowqualityfacts, to random
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I love learning behind the scenes details from filmmakers.

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rbreich, to random
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Remember: The real freeloaders in this country are the rich, not the poor. The richest 1% evade $163 billion in taxes every year. The United States literally has a yacht tax deduction. Hello?

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@gulfie @stripey @rbreich

I'll bet a lot of the filter lists are "Twitter, birdsite, Xitter..."

qurlyjoe, to random
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I don't know who needs to hear this, but throw away that box your phone came in. You don't need it. You will never need it.

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