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This section of the tutorial you followed shows how you enable registration.

This section shows how you add a user.

The official Prosody documentation for adding users and opening registration can be found here.

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So today I learned that #apple #ipad #stagemanager only allows you to have four apps open, and if you open a fifth, it arbitrarily (and silently) closes an app you previously "staged." (Don't get me started about not allow me to size or move my apps they way I want to.)

Things like this tell me that the programmers and designers don't use their tools for real world work. 😂 Real problem when trying to do real work on a supposedly Pro version of a device.

#programming #coding #programmerg #UI #UX #user

kubikpixel, to ai avatar

#Hacker's can read private #AI assistant chats even though they’re #encrypted.
All non-Google chat #GPT's affected by side channel that #leak's responses sent to #user's.


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Die ursprünglichen #Forum'e im #Internet gelten schon länger als #veraltet und die scheinbare alternative Lösung #Reddit hat nun #KI integriert und schnuppern die #User aus. Die wahre #Alternative finden wir wieder im Fediverse und sind ua #kbin / #Mbin so wie #Lemmy. Ja das #Fediverse ist viel mehr als nur #Mastodon und Co und kommuniziert nicht nur auf einem Server, sondern in der #Community (ihr kennt es evt schon)


ptz, to div0 in Image uploads currently busted avatar

Maybe as a stopgap, you can try cleaning up the auto-generated variants (alternate-size thumbnails) that pict-rs has stored? Might get you under whatever threshold was tripped while supports works out the main issue.

DELETE /internal/variants : Queue a cleanup for generated variants of uploaded images.`

If any of the cleaned variants are fetched again, they will be re-generated.

My instance is fairly conservative with media uploads and cached thumbnails, but it shaved off a few gigs that had accumulated over 6-7 months. Heads up that the call to that endpoint will return immediately as it just queues the job in pictrs.

kubikpixel, to Bulgaria German avatar

in den 'en der und ist vorhanden, doch bringen diese wirklich einen für die und nicht nur dem ? Ich gehe mal davon aus, dass viele -Dienste dies nicht wirklich einhalten oder nur knapp an deren Grenze. Ich habe mich damit noch zu oberflächlich befasst da die ihr eigenes hat. Wie siehst du es?


nono2357, to iPhone
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Who is to blame for on Facebook? EVERYONE and he self!

« – Each Facebook User is Monitored by Thousands of Companies:
A new looks at who is sending about your activity to »
— by @jonkeegan on @themarkup


kubikpixel, avatar

🧵 …und doch sammelt und verteilt Facebook die einzelne (siehe oben) an bis zu 48'000 Unternehmen! Danke @mauri für den Hinweis zu diesem Artikel auf @mimikama:

«Der von : bis zu 48.000 Unternehmen pro Nutzer»


Enrique, to random German

So, jetzt habe ich allen :innen entfolgt, die 2024 noch nicht aktiv waren

kubikpixel, (edited ) to internet German avatar

»Cross-Site-Scripting in Monitoringsoftware PRTG erlaubt Sessionklau«

So viel zum Thema Sicherheit bei -Nutzing. Es ist nicht pauschal aber öfters wird die der und vernachlässogt. Es wird je nach Unternehmen dies leider nicht an erster Position gehandhabt, bei um so wichtiger/schlimmer.


tuxedocomputers, (edited ) to random German avatar

🐧 𝗛𝗮𝗽𝗽𝘆 𝗧𝗨𝗫𝗘𝗗𝗢 𝗖𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗿 🐧

of a 5-year TUXEDO - Oliver from Sky360

You will certainly like your own as much as Oliver likes his one. Buy it here:

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Hey it's time to lend me your wisdom and tell me how you think should behave.

The problem is in the new Path > Flatten feature which currently removes any incomplete shape entirely. This is obviously a bug.

But how it's fixed is important and dependant on what you think should happen.

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    @kubikpixel Und genau das kotzt mich so sehr an dass ich kein #Windows auch nur anfasse...

    Dritthersteller #Antivirus ist bestenfalls #Scareware bzw. #DigitalSnakeoil wenn nicht sogar #Malware weil's nen #BinaryBlob - #KernelHack in Windows ist...

    Fundamentale Sicherheit muss ab Werk rein und vorallem müssen #User*innen die 99,9% aller Probleme verursachen geschult werden...

    nixCraft, to random avatar

    Are you using Dropbox cloud storage? You do not want 3rd party AI technology partners to have access to your Dropbox files? Flip this switch, which is on by default. Go to web->account-> settings- 3rd party AI. Please turn it off. Please boost so everyone know how bad this move is … 😡

    kkarhan, avatar

    @olives @nixCraft OFC #Dropbox is gonna lie about that.

    Why else would solutions like #BoxCryptor [have] exist[ed]?

    It's only #E2EE when the #User has #SelfCustody of all the keys!

    If ut were properly encrypted, their !#AI" would not be able to see anything but random noise.

    The sad part us that Dropbox didn't get fined for this breach of trust by @EU_Commission or anyone else - or at least not in a way that it would be considered a penalty for them...

    Flipboard has begun testing ActivityPub federation of user accounts (

    Mike McCue - Hello Fediverse. I'm posting this tonight from my federated Flipboard profile! We're now testing our #ActivityPub integration starting with my account. You can follow me here to see all the stories I'm curating about things like startups, photography and of course, the #Fediverse. Curious to hear your thoughts on...

    ContentConsumer9999, to fediverse in Flipboard has begun testing ActivityPub federation of user accounts

    Well, after messing around a little, Kbin seems to be able to do both. I can #follow your PeerTube #user or #subscribe to your #channel. Interestingly, PeerTube seems to allow you to create multiple channels under a username which is kinda similar to Kbin's #collections or Mastodon's #lists.

    nix, to fediverse in Flipboard has begun testing ActivityPub federation of user accounts avatar

    Who’s going to search for or though? Seems like it would make much more sense to only # keywords relevant to the topic of the thread?

    mrfoxh, to linux
    lemmy, to selfhosted in How can I reduce the amount of storage used by my Lemmy instance?

    I ran into the same problem and ended up switching to an S3 with Vultr. It’s been a while since I did it but here are the links that I used to figure it out. I’m deployed using Lemmy-Easy-Deploy.

    I used a combination of:…/…

    Good luck!

    bsm, to fediverse German avatar

    Ich finde ja diese -Statistik besser/aussagekräftiger als die Statistiken zu allein:

    yatil, to random avatar

    Who do I have to talk to to stop this from shipping? If users have no way to overwrite the user-hostile behavior, this feature should not ship. Users should always be able to show all content on the page.


    yatil, avatar

    Even the person proposing exclusive accordion through details/summary did not come up with one single user need, just with developer needs. No user needs exclusive accordions. They need a way to get rid of exclusive accordions, and giving developers an easy native way to implement them can be a way to do it, if the browsers ship with settings to overwrite the behavior. But they currently don’t.

    kkarhan, to windows avatar

    /me wanting to shame into using be like:

    omeraltundal, to Cybersecurity

    Never set your username as your password.

    kubikpixel, to IT German avatar


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  • MicMun,

    Ich finde die Auswahl gut, bin da aber auch eher passiver Leser.
    Überrumpelung ist es nicht.

    kubikpixel, (edited ) to internet German avatar

    Jetzt wo ihr alle auf eine und offene Plattform für gewechselt seid, das , könnt ihr z.B. bei den weiter machen.

    🔎 @MetaGer
    🔎 @Mojeek
    🔎 @monocles

    Ne du, so was wie , & liefern Daten ihrer Crawler wie (M$) und/oder . Pseudonymisiert ist nicht anonym, denn die sind vertraglich dazu verpflichtet.

    kubikpixel, (edited ) avatar

    🧵 …achtet doch mal an die vielen Alternativen von , die ich oben erwähnte und nicht nur eine. Ich beschrieb auch, wie ich diese empfinde und dies dann auch Alternativen sind.
    P.S. Die im Artikel aufgeführte empfehle ich (fast) nicht.

    « – Google muss wählen lassen: Suchmaschinen im Vergleich.
    Wegen einer -Regelung muss Google Userinnen und 'n andere 'n als Alternativen anbieten. Doch was taugen diese?»


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